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Webkinz Series 1
Ganz - 2007

Note:  The series is set up as a 2-player game for youngsters. Each pack holds 
an additional card with a code or codes that can unlock features at the Webkinz 
website, with game rules on the obverse. A printable play mat is available 
online.  Further information and scans are posted at the Ganz website.

Box: 36 packs of 5 cards + 1 code card.
Common sets (80): approx. 1.94 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.      Title                               Type

B1-01/80   Arte Fact                           Character, Host
B1-02/80   Chef Gazpacho                       Character, Host
B1-03/80   Dr. Quack                           Character, Host
B1-04/80   Ms. Birdy                           Character, Host
B1-05/80   Plumpy                              Character, Host
B1-06/80   Quizzy                              Character, Host
B1-07/80   Tabby Von Meow                      Character, Host
B1-08/80   Black Lab                           Pet, Dog
B1-09/80   Cocker Spaniel                      Pet, Dog
B1-10/80   Golden Retriever                    Pet, Dog
B1-11/80   St. Bernard                         Pet, Dog
B1-12/80   Elephant                            Pet, Jungle
B1-13/80   Hippo                               Pet, Jungle
B1-14/80   Lion                                Pet, Jungle
B1-15/80   Monkey                              Pet, Jungle
B1-16/80   Alley Cat                           Pet, Cat
B1-17/80   Black and White Cat                 Pet, Cat
B1-18/80   Gold and White Cat                  Pet, Cat
B1-19/80   Persian Cat                         Pet, Cat
B1-20/80   Cow                                 Pet, Farm
B1-21/80   Frog                                Pet, Farm
B1-22/80   Pig                                 Pet, Farm
B1-23/80   Rabbit                              Pet, Farm
B1-24/80   Booger                              Character, Game
B1-25/80   Dogbeard                            Character, Game
B1-26/80   Goober                              Character, Game
B1-27/80   Poncho                              Character, Game
B1-28/80   Wacky Zingoz                        Character, Game
B1-29/80   Zacky Zingoz                        Character, Game
B1-30/80   Zangoz                              Character, Game
B1-31/80   Bananza                             Arcade, Game
B1-32/80   Candy Bash                          Arcade, Game
B1-33/80   Cash Cow                            Arcade, Game
B1-34/80   Goober's Lab                        Arcade, Game
B1-35/80   Hungry Hog                          Arcade, Game
B1-36/80   Picnic                              Arcade, Game
B1-37/80   Wacky Zingoz                        Arcade, Game
B1-38/80   Zacky's Quest                       Arcade, Game
B1-39/80   Cukoo Cat Clock                     Item, Exclusive
B1-40/80   Ice Cream Tree                      Item, Exclusive
B1-41/80   W Pond                              Item, Exclusive
B1-42/80   Webkinz Dragster                    Item, Exclusive
B1-43/80   Wishing Well                        Item, Exclusive
B1-44/80   YangYin Blossom                     Item, Exclusive
B1-45/80   Cash Cow Trophy                     Item, Prize
B1-46/80   Goober's Lab Trophy                 Item, Prize
B1-47/80   Wacky Zingoz 600 Trophy             Item, Prize
B1-48/80   Zacky's Quest Trophy                Item, Prize
B1-49/80   Zingoz Bounce Trophy                Item, Prize
B1-50/80   Zingoz Pop Gold Trophy              Item, Prize
B1-51/80   Buried Bone Fridge                  Item, Furniture
B1-52/80   Clawfoot Bathtub                    Item, Furniture
B1-53/80   Egyptian Vanity Table               Item, Furniture, Rare
B1-54/80   Fantasy Bed                         Item, Furniture
B1-55/80   Pool                                Item, Furniture, Outdoor
B1-56/80   Rock and Roll Television            Item, Furniture
B1-57/80   Ski Lodge Fireplace                 Item, Furniture
B1-58/80   Ultimate Experiment Table           Item, Furniture, Rare
B1-59/80   Beef-Flavored Gum Drops             Item, Food
B1-60/80   Buggy Jelly                         Item, Food
B1-61/80   Jungle Sandwich                     Item, Food
B1-62/80   Marzipan Bone                       Item, Food
B1-63/80   Mud Burger                          Item, Food
B1-64/80   Crunchy Shoots n' Roots             Item, Food
B1-65/80   Zebra Dog                           Item, Food
B1-66/80   Blustagush                          Item, Food, Recipe
B1-67/80   Mizzleberry Jacks                   Item, Food, Recipe
B1-68/80   Ophidian Callaloo                   Item, Food, Recipe
B1-69/80   Fried Foofaraw                      Item, Food, Recipe
B1-70/80   Zazzeloop Soup                      Item, Food, Recipe
B1-71/80   Always Be Prepared                  Action
B1-72/80   Call A Friend                       Action
B1-73/80   DiceKinz Blowback!                  Action
B1-74/80   New Job in the Employment Office!   Action
B1-75/80   Something Shiny!                    Action
B1-76/80   Sometimes Good Things Just Happen   Action
B1-77/80   Spin the Wheel of WOW               Action
B1-78/80   Spin the Wishing Well               Action
B1-79/80   Tradesies, No Return                Action
B1-80/80   Webkinz Newz Interview              Action

        Code Card (1: pack)

    --    Feature Code / Challenge Game Rules Card


Curio Shop Curiosities (1:9 packs)

A1-01/08   Knight of the Round Armor
A1-02/08   Majestic Throne
A1-03/08   Egyptian Vase
A1-04/08   King's Throne
A1-05/08   Bed of Pharaohs
A1-06/08   Golden Hippo Fridge
A1-07/08   Dream-o-Meter Bed
A1-08/08   Robotic Arm Table

Challenge Cards (1:2 packs)

C1-01/15   Adoption Drive
C1-02/15   An Air of Mystery
C1-03/15   Ghef Gazpacho's Challenge
C1-04/15   Game of the Day
C1-05/15   Hungry Lil' Kinz!
C1-06/15   Webkinz Triathlon
C1-07/15   It's Raining Cats & Dogs
C1-08/15   Kinzville Caper
C1-09/15   Kinzville Festival
C1-10/15   Quizzy's WhizKinz
C1-11/15   Spirit of Giving
C1-12/15   Super Sale at the W-Shop
C1-13/15   The Smarty Pants
C1-14/15   Wacky Zingoz Tournament
C1-15/15   Zacky's Quest!

Doodlez Cards (1:18 packs)

D1-01/08   Kinzville Homes
D1-02/08   Zingoz
D1-03/08   Ms. Birdy
D1-04/08   Dr. Quack
D1-05/08   Dragon Bed
D1-06/08   Goober
D1-07/08   Fantasy Coach Bed
D1-08/08   Arte Fact

Online Pet Card (1:36 packs)

    --     You've won a free Webkinz online pet!

Card Album (sold separately)

    --     Webkinz Trading Card Album (binder)

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