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Webkinz Series 2
Gans - 2007

Note: T he series is set up as a 2-player game for youngsters. Each pack holds 
an additional card with a code or codes that can unlock features at the Webkinz 
website, with game rules on the obverse. A printable play mat is available 
online.  Further information and scans are posted at the Ganz website.

Box: 36 packs of 5 cards + 1 online code card.
Common sets (85): approx. 1.82 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.    Suit/Card    Title                                          Type

B2-01/85   Dog A       Cash Cow, Master Milkman                       Character, Arcade
B2-02/85   Dog 2       Dex Dangerous, To The Rescue!                  Character, Arcade
B2-03/85   Dog 3       Fluffington, Kinzville Mogul                   Character, Kinsville
B2-04/85   Dog 4       Inukshuk, Polar Hero                           Character, Game
B2-05/85   Dog 5       Jerry, Super Salesman                          Character, Item
B2-06/85   Dog 6       Alyssa, Keeper of the Charms                   Character, Location
B2-07/85   Dog 7       Ms. Birdy, Kind Penguin                        Character, Kinsville
B2-08/85   Dog 8       Nafaria, Wicked Fairy                          Character
B2-09/85   Dog 9       Persephone, KinzStyle Queen                    Character, Fashion
B2-10/85   Dog 10      Quizzy, Quizmaster                             Character, Host
B2-11/85   Dog J       Salley Cat & Stoogles, Best Friends Forever!   Character, Character
B2-12/85   Dog Q       Sam McWoof, Detective                          Character, Adventure
B2-13/85   Dog K       Wacky Zingoz, Zongozman!                       Zingoz, Game
B2-14/85   Star        Wiggles, Plumpy's Best Friend                  Character, Fashion
B2-15/85   Bear A      Beagle                                         Dog, Adventure
B2-16/85   Bear 2      Bulldog                                        Pet, Dog
B2-17/85   Bear 3      Bullfrog                                       Pet, Country
B2-18/85   Bear 4      Charcoal Cat                                   Pet, Cat
B2-19/85   Bear 5      Clydsedale Horse                               Horse, Country
B2-20/85   Bear 6      Dalmatian                                      Dog, Adventure
B2-21/85   Bear 7      Googles                                        Pet, Game
B2-22/85   Bear 8      Gorilla                                        Jungle, Adventure
B2-23/85   Bear 9      Husky                                          Dog, Winter
B2-24/85   Bear 10     Koala                                          Pet
B2-25/85   Bear J      Leopard                                        Cat, Jungle
B2-26/85   Bear Q      Polar Bear                                     Pet, Winter
B2-27/85   Bear K      Raccoon                                        Pet, Country
B2-28/85   Star        Tiger                                          Pet, Jungle
B2-29/85   Star        Tree Frog                                      Jungle, Jungle
B2-30/85   Star        Love Puppy                                     Dog, Exclusive
B2-31/85   Star        Adoption Center                                Location, Kinzville
B2-32/85   Star        Arcade                                         Location, Game
B2-33/85   Star        Charm Forest                                   Location, Adventure
B2-34/85   Star        Clubhouse                                      Location, Kinzville
B2-35/85   Star        Curio Shop                                     Location, Adventure
B2-36/85   Star        KinzPost Office                                Location, Kinzville
B2-37/85   Star        Bathtub Battles                                Item, Game
B2-38/85   Star        DiceKinz                                       Game
B2-39/85   Star        Farming Frenzy                                 Item, Game
B2-40/85   Star        Go Go Googles                                  Game, Arcade
B2-41/85   Star        Lunar Lugbotz                                  Arcade, Adventure
B2-42/85   Star        Polar Plunge                                   Game, Arcade
B2-43/85   Star        SuperModelz                                    Game, Fashion
B2-44/85   Star        Wacky's Bullseye Batter                        Arcade, Zingoz
B2-45/85   Cat A       Beach                                          Furniture, Theme
B2-46/85   Cat 2       Diner                                          Furniture, Theme
B2-47/85   Cat 3       Funky Girl                                     Furniture, Theme
B2-48/85   Cat 4       Pirate                                         Furniture, Theme
B2-49/85   Cat 5       Pop Star                                       Furniture, Theme
B2-50/85   Cat 6       Sweets N' Treats                               Furniture, Theme
B2-51/85   Cat 7       Winter Wonderland                              Furniture, Theme
B2-52/85   Cat 8       Wizard                                         Furniture, Theme
B2-53/85   Cat 9       Circle of Friends Topiary                      Item, Exclusive
B2-54/85   Cat 10      Night at the Movies Bed                        Item, Exclusive
B2-55/85   Cat J       Sugary Sweet Dreams Bed                        Item, Exclusive
B2-56/85   Cat Q       Twister In A Pot                               Item, Exclusive
B2-57/85   Cat K       Geographic Globe                               Item, Rare
B2-58/85   Star        Jumpin' Jukebox                                Item, Rare
B2-59/85   Rabbit A    Rock Garden                                    Rare
B2-60/85   Rabbit 2    Epochiquox Glimmer                             Food, Recipe
B2-61/85   Rabbit 3    Farm Fresh Strawberries                        Food, Country
B2-62/85   Rabbit 4    Galactic Gumball                               Recipe, Prize
B2-63/85   Rabbit 5    Hot Chocolate Frozen Mug                       Food, Winter
B2-64/85   Rabbit 6    Sacchbingarings                                Food, Recipe
B2-65/85   Rabbit 7    Wacky Grazzdotazz                              Recipe
B2-66/85   Rabbit 8    Abracadabra Caldelabra                         Item
B2-67/85   Rabbit 9    Beach Surfboard Rack                           Item
B2-68/85   Rabbit 10   Northern Nights Bed                            Item, Furniture
B2-69/85   Rabbit J    Polar Plunge Trophy                            Prize, Game
B2-70/85   Rabbit Q    Rapid Rescue Fire Truck                        Item, Adventure
B2-71/85   Rabbit K    Sweets N' Treats Stove                         Item, Furniture
B2-72/85   Star        Winter Breeze Dresser                          Furniture, Winter
B2-73/85   Star        Get Ready for Adventure!                       Action
B2-74/85   Star        Goober's Grand Experiment                      Action
B2-75/85   Star        How About A Real Challenge?                    Action - Response
B2-76/85   Star        Let Me Help You                                Action
B2-77/85   Star        Look What's New In Webkinz World               Action
B2-78/85   Star        Mmm... I Don't Think So                        Action - Response
B2-79/85   Star        Momma's Secret Recipe                          Action
B2-80/85   Star        Nafaria's Magical Hex                          Action
B2-81/85   Star        Prepare for Voyage                             Action
B2-82/85   Star        Sharing is Fun                                 Action - Response
B2-83/05   Star        Such a Great Place to Live                     Action
B2-84/85   Star        Time to Look Gorgeous                          Action
B2-85/85   Star        Window Shopping                                Action

        Feature Code Cards (1:1 pack)

  S2/B6                Feature Code Series 2 / Challenge Game Rules


Challenge Cards (1:2 packs)

C2-01/15   Star        An Easy Chore
C2-02/15   Star        Arcade Extravaganza
C2-03/15   Star        Become an Insider
C2-04/15   Star        Charmed, I'm Sure
C2-05/15   Star        Daily KinzCare Award
C2-06/15   Star        Farm Fresh Fun!
C2-07/15   Star        It's a Jungle Out There
C2-08/15   Star        Lost Tomb Expedition
C2-09/15   Star        One Pet's Trash, Another Pet's Treasure
C2-10/15   Star        Send a KinzPost Gift
C2-11/15   Star        Underdog Vitory!
C2-12/15   Star        Shopping Spree
C2-13/15   Star        Winterfest
C2-14/15   Star        Webkinz Day Festivities
C2-15/15   Star        Webkinz Grand Tournament

W-Tales Snapshots (1:9 packs)

W1-01/08   Star        Dogbeard and Captain Patches' Treasure
W1-02/08   Star        Charmed, I'm Sure
W1-03/08   Star        Inukshuk's Gift
W1-04/08   Star        The Smarty Pants
W1-05/08   Star        Plumpy's Great Advice
W1-06/08   Star        The Best Present
W1-07/08   Star        The New Cat in Town
W1-08/08   Star        Arte and the Lost Tomb

At Paw Level Cards (1:18 packs)

P1-01/08   Star        Haunted House Theme
P1-02/08   Star        Medieval Theme
P1-03/08   Star        Pirate Theme
P1-04/08   Star        Race Car Theme
P1-05/08   Star        Salon Theme
P1-06/08   Star        Winter Wonderland Theme
P1-07/08   Star        Wizard Theme
P1-08/08   Star        Sweets N' Treats

Free Online Pet Card (1:36 packs)

  S2/B6                (redeem with online membership)

Card Album (sold separately)

     --                Webkinz Trading Card Album

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