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Weird-ohs Baseball Cards
   Fleer - 1966
   J. Lloyd International - 2007/2008

Notes:  Fleer produced these cards as a tie-in to a series of Hawk Model Kits; a re-issue 
of models spawned a reprint of the original cards by Hawk parent compaly J. Lloyd. 
The checklist is taken from the reprint cards, but as far as I can tell they were identical 
except for the credits. The Lloyd cards show a 2007 copyright date while their packaging 
is marked 2008. A common name for both series is "Baseball Weird-ohs" from the logo 
printed on the card backs; the name I use here is the one shown on packs and boxes. 
Related sticker-cards were packaged in 1960s model kits.

J. Lloyd Box: 24 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets (66): Expect 2 per box plus a handful of 'super-common' cards.

No.   Title

  1   Doug Out
  2   Texas Leaguerer
  3   Sue Veneer
  4   Sonny Sun-Field
  5   Conk Conklin
  6   Hickory Harry
  7   Tickey Ted
  8   Julius Golden Wheels
  9   Stretch Smith
 10   Dave Doubler
 11   Willie Weak Stick
 12   Ev Green
 13   Newton Nervous
 14   Waldo Walk-Em
 15   Freddie Fog Horn
 16   Rudy Rubarb
 17   Will Walker
 18   Spit Baller
 19   Sherm Shower
 20   Grand Stan
 21   Fred Fungo
 22   Joey Jinx
 23   Bones Back Back
 24   Chow Holund Charlie
 25   Sid Sack
 26   Fred Facts
 27   Hy Hawk
 28   Billy Bat Boy
 29   Jack Juggler
 30   Clem Clutch
 31   Cannon McGannon
 32   Billy Bonus Babe
 33   Ted Tan-Trum
 34   Gordon Good Field
 35   Doc Nag Rubbins
 36   Bennie The Beanie
 37   Bob Balk
 38   Swat Swenson
 39   Roadblock Jones
 40   Ricky The Rookie
 41   Audie Graff
 42   Fluke Flinger
 43   Melvin Misplay
 44   Trammel Sistor
 45   Keystone Kid
 46   Hot Corner Harry
 47   Crabbe Grass
 48   Burt Birdcage
 49   Fanny Fan
 50   Rozzie Bag
 51   Bill Bowler
 52   Specs Brown
 53   Stupid Stishus
 54   Pasture Pete
 55   Pick Off Pete
 56   Wally Wobble
 57   Shelly Shakeoff
 58   Matt Mattix
 59   Spiffy Spike
 60   Sandy Lott
 61   Buller Penn
 62   Hey Hey Harry
 63   Al Falfa
 64   Nicki Neat
 65   Cleat Clout
 66   Burt Bush

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©2009 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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