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WeirdBall (Gross Series No. 1)
   Mel Appel Enterprises - 1986

Notes: The cards were released at the same time as a series of action figures 
that featured the caricatures of mythical baseball players shown on card fronts. 
Card backs have a 16-card puzzle or one of various certificates or "wacky" ads.

Retail pack: 5 cards.
Rack pack: 3 packs of 8 cards.

No.   Title                   Card Back

  1   Doc Shrink Head         (puzzle Row 1 Column 1)
  2   Sludgehead              (puzzle Row 1 Column 2)
  3   ewer Face Sam          (puzzle Row 1 Column 3)
  4   Bonehead                (puzzle Row 1 Column 4)
  5   Spit Ball Louie         (puzzle Row 2 Column 1)
  6   Spitball Louie, Jr.     Disgusting Jokes: Wart Hog Harry
  7   Wart Hog Bundy          Checklist
  8   Wart Hog Berry          Weirdies
  9   Freddy Fling-It         Diploma: Fling-It University
 10   Kleen N. Jerk           (puzzle Row 2 Column 2)
 11   Cheapskate Charlie      Slime
 12   Izzy Gone               (puzzle Row 2 Column 3)
 13   Chuck Chopper           Disgusting Jokes: WeirdBall busy
 14   Cool Hand Duke          Diploma: Fouline University
 15   I. B. Emms              (puzzle Row 2 Column 4)
 16   runnin' Ralph           Disgusting Jokes: Snot Nose
 17   None Chuck              Peephole Weekly
 18   Karate Sid              Wad
 19   Humungusaki             Chok'a'Cola Gassic
 20   Doctor Screw Loose      Diploma: Psycho University
 21   Kid Snot Nose           Birth Certificate: Kid Snot Nose
 22   Clark Cable             (puzzle Row 3 Column 1)
 23   Rusty Badwrench         Swindle School of Auto Despair
 24   'Superfly' Dumper       School of Trash, Garbage & Sludge
 25   Paco Taco               Border Patrol Academy
 26   Eddy Spaghetti          Pig League Goo
 27   Sewer Face Sam          Mest Toothwaste
 28   'The' Slob              (puzzle Row 3 Column 2)
 29   Blambo                  Disgusting Jokes: Punch
 30   'Frog' Leggs            Shark Slop
 31   Wrong Stuff Williams    Sneakers
 32   Sergeant Pork           Pick 36 Big Lotto
 33   Pullet N. Bailout       International Liar
 34   Biff  Beamer            (puzzle Row 3 Column 3)
 35   R. V. Harvey            (puzzle Row 3 Column 4)
 36   Sleaze E. Rider         Disgusting Jokes: WeirdBall busy
 37   BMX Boger               (puzzle Row 4 Column 1)
 38   'Sting' Ray             America Undress
 39   Roto Scooter            (puzzle Row 4 Column 2)
 40   Tennesee                (puzzle Row 4 Column 3)
 41   U. R. Starr             (puzzle Row 4 Column 4)
 42   Philo Soote             WeirdBall Crayoffs

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