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Western - Series of 96 (Part 2)
   W.S. Corp. - 1940s

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-3/8" x 2-13/16" and were issued in strips, 
marked "This is one of a series of 48 cards" and ©W.S. They have color 
artwork on fronts and descriptive text on backs. Titles may be truncated on 
card fronts because of limited space, and have alternate versions of Chiefs' 
names. Similar card series were published by both W.S. Corp. and by other, 
"anonymous," printers, with different (or the same) numbering, but I have 
not seen a parallel version of this set of 48. American Card Catalog reference 
is R185. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

   No.   Back Title                         Front Title (if different)

    49   Weasel Calf
    50   Hand to Hand Fighting!             Hand Fighting!
    51   Geronimo
    52   Chief Shon-Kaki-Hega
    53   Cattle Stampede
    54   Samoset
    55   Prairie Fire
    56   Chief Ski-Scroka
    57   Black Hawk
    58   Saved by the Stockade!             Saved by Stockade!
    59   Sho-Me-Cos-Se                      Wolf
    60   Chief Nonon-Dagon
    61   Cowboy Whoopee
    62   Ogalalla Tribe                     Ogalalla
    63   Western Stage Coach                Stage Coach
    64   Chief Shome-Cosse
    65   Tis-Co-Han                         Tis Co Han
    66   On the Alert!
    67   Push-Ma-Ta-Ha                      Pushmataha
    68   Chief Te-Ton
    69   Buldogging Cattle                  "Buldogging"
    70   Custer's Scouts                    Custer Scout
    71   Mohawk Wampum
    72   Ambush!
    73   Satanta
    74   Custer's Lst Fight
    75   `Duhk-Pits-A-Ho-Shee               Red Bear
    76   Chief Mendawa-Kanton               Mendawa-Kanton
    77   Rounding Up Cattle                 Bill Hickok Lassoing
    78   Yellowstone Kelly
    79   Indian Canoes
    80   Ojibway Chief
    81   Mah-To-Toh-Pa                      Four Bears
    82   Indian Un-Horsed
    83   Ma-Ta-He-Hah                       Old Bear
    84   Kanien-Gehaga
    85   Bronco Busting
    86   Captain Fremont                    John C. Fremont
    87   Indian Beast of Burden             Indian Beast
    88   Chief Pa-Hatsi
    89   Tobacco
    90   Indian Fighters
    91   Ne-Sou-A-Quoit                     The Bear
    92   Chief Seattle
    93   Buffalo Bill - Shooting Buffalo    Buffalo Bill
    94   General Sturgis
    95   Indian Fighting
    96   Doe-Wah-Jack                       Doh Wah Jack

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©2016 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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