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Western - Series of 48 [801-848]
   Anonymous - 1930

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-5/16" x 2-3/4" and were issued in strips, as 
"This is one of a series of 48 cards". The sequence and many cards are different 
from a similar strip-card series numbered either 1-48 or 201-248, with titles on 
card fronts in a tan scroll. No manufacturer is shown, but later W.S. Corp. 
issued similar series in groups of 48 sequential numbers. American Card Catalog 
reference is R131. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Front Caption                  Back Title

801   Sitting Bull                   Sitting Bull
802   Red Jacket                     Red Jacket
803   Buffalo Bull                   Buffalo Bull
804   Sioux Tribe                    Chief Er-ah-sa-pa
805   King Phillip                   King Phillip
806   Ogallala Tribe                 Chief Ka-pes-ka-day
807   Dutchy
808   Red Tomahawk                   Dutchy
809   Massasoit                      Red Tomahawk
810   Spotted Tail                   Massasoit
811   The Prophet                    Spotted Tail
812   Pot-O-Wat-Omies Tribe          The Prophet
813   Pawnee Tribe                   Chief Le-shaw-loo-lah-le-hoo
814   American Horse                 American Horse
815   Pontiac                        Chief Pontiac
816   Tecumseh                       Tecumseh
817   Geronimo                       Geronimo
818   Red Bear                       Duhk-pits-a-ho-shee
819   Satanta                        Satanta
820   Weasel Calf                    Weasel Calf
821   Pushmataha                     Push-ma-ta-ha
822   Old Bear                       Ma-ta-he-hah
823   Samoset                        Samoset
824   Wolf                           Sho-Me-Cos-Se
825   Black Hawk                     Black Hawk
826   Ogalalla                       Ogalalla Tribe
827   Tis Co Han                     Tis-Co-Han
828   The Bear                       Ne-Sou-A-Quoit
829   Indian Beast of Burden         Indian Beast of Burden
830   Four Bears                     Man-To-Toh-Pa
831   Tobacco                        Tobacco
832   Doe Wah Jack                   Doe-Wah-Jack
833   Buffalo Bill                   Buffalo Bill
834   Joe Logston                    Joe Logston
835   Jim Bridger                    Jim Bridger
836   Yellowstone Kelly              Yellowstone Kelly
837   Custer Scout                   Custer's Scouts
838   Kit Carson                     Kit Carson
839   General Sturgis                General Sturgis
840   Captain Fremont                Captain Fremont
841   Chief Powhattan                Chief Pow-hattan
842   Indian Fighting Kit Carson     Indian Fighting Kit Carson
843   Indians Attacking Train        Indians Attacking Trains
844   Indians Attacking Stockade     Indians Attacking Stockade
845   Custer's Last Stadn            Custer's Last Fight
846   Davy Crockett                  Davy Crockett
847   Deadwood Dick                  Dead Wood Dick
848   Jesse James                    Jesse James

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