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Westward Ho'! - Women of the Wild Frontier
   BadAxe Studios - 2014

Notes: Further information can be found at the BadAxe Studios Facebook page. 
Thanks much to Brian Kutz for the original list and update!

Pack: 8 base cards + 1 sketch. 800 packs made.

No.   Artist

Base Cards

  1   Axebone
  2   Scott Blair
  3   Rhiannon Owens
  4   Maxx Marshall
  5   Joe Pekar
  6   Jason Worthington
  7   Bill McKay
  8   Richard Cox

Artist Sketch Cards

      Adam Cleveland
      Amber Shelton
      Amy Clark
      Bill Maus
      Bill McKay
      Brad Chavarria
      Charles Hall
      Christos Papantonio
      Cliff Thomas
      Conny Valentina
      Dan Gorman
      Danny Silva
      Elfie Lebouleux
      Emmett Taylor
      Erik Stitt
      Francois Chartier
      George Deep
      Hon Bun Leung
      Irma Ahmed
      Jack Redd
      Jackie Santiago
      James Linares
      Jason Worthington
      Jeremy Treece / Axebone
      John "Jax" Jackman
      Jenevieve Broomall
      Jeremy Treece
      Joe Pekar
      Jose Carlos Sanchez
      Kylie Johnston
      Lance Sawyer
      Liz Chesterman
      Luro Hersal
      Lynne Anderson
      Mark "MS" Slater
      Maxx Marshall
      Mel Uran
      Michael "Locoduck" Duron
      Michael Munshaw
      Nathan Szerdy
      Patrick Finch
      Patrick Larcada
      Patrick Larcada / Axebone
      Rachel Finazzo
      Randy Kintz
      Rhiannon Owens
      Richard Cox
      Ryan Van Den Draaij
      Samantha Johnson
      Sanna Umemoto
      Scott Blair
      Scott Rorie
      Sean Pence
      Shane McCormack
      Steve Lydic
      Theresa Donahue
      Tod Smith
      Tony Perna
      Tony Scott
      Vanessa "Banky" Farano


 --   Joe Pekar (Heroes Con)

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