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WildStorm - 1995

Box: 24 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.50 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                              Artists                                Subset

  1   Dane as Human                      Jeff Watts, Chad Hunt                  WetWorks - Heroes
  2   Mother One as Human                Dave Johnson                           WetWorks - Heroes
  3   Grail as Human                     Ben Herrera, Mike Christian            WetWorks - Heroes
  4   Dozer as Human                     Randy Green, John Lowe                 WetWorks - Heroes
  5   Jester as Human                    Dan Veesenmeyer, Karl Story            WetWorks - Heroes
  6   Claymore as Human                  Paul Smith                             WetWorks - Heroes
  7   Pilgrim as Human                   Dan Panosian                           WetWorks - Heroes
  8   Flattop as Human                   Chris Warner                           WetWorks - Heroes
  9   Crossbones as Human                Allen Im, Gary Martin                  WetWorks - Heroes
 10   Dane in Symbiote                   Juvaun Kirby, Richard Friend           WetWorks - Symbiotes
 11   Mother One in Symbiote             Jeff Rebner, John Tighe                WetWorks - Symbiotes
 12   Grail in Symbiote                  Tom Raney                              WetWorks - Symbiotes
 13   Dozer in Symbiote                  Michael Wieringo, Alex Garner          WetWorks - Symbiotes
 14   Jester in Symbiote                 Terry Shoemaker, Jon Holdredge         WetWorks - Symbiotes
 15   Claymore in Symbiote               Dan Norton, Robert Jones               WetWorks - Symbiotes
 16   Pilgrim in Symbiote                Casey Jones, Jason Martin              WetWorks - Symbiotes
 17   Flattop in Symbiote                Juvaun Kirby, Mark Irwin               WetWorks - Symbiotes
 18   Crossbones in Symbiote             Dan Panosian                           WetWorks - Symbiotes
 19   Dane with Psi Powers               Whilce Portacio, Scott Williams        WetWorks - New Look
 20   Mother One Enhanced                Whilce Portacio, Gerry Alanguilan      WetWorks - New Look
 21   Grail in Chi State                 Whilce Portacio, Scott Williams        WetWorks - New Look
 22   Dozer in Warsuit                   Whilce Portacio, Gerry Alanguilan      WetWorks - New Look
 23   Jester in Flat State               Whilce Portacio, Scott Williams        WetWorks - New Look
 24   Claymore Virus Infected            Whilce Portacio, Gerry Alanguilan      WetWorks - New Look
 25   Pilgrim in Gate Uniform            Whilce Portacio, Scott Williams        WetWorks - New Look
 26   Flattop as Hybrid                  Whilce Portacio, Gerry Alanguilan      WetWorks - New Look
 27   Crossbones as Hybrid               Whilce Portacio, Gerry Alanguilan      WetWorks - New Look
 28   Blood Queen                        Humberto Ramos, Karl Story             Vampires
 29   Blood Queen in Armor               Scott Clark                            Vampires
 30   Red                                Richard Case                           Vampires
 31   Wilder                             Dexter Vines                           Vampires
 32   Drakken                            Dan Norton, JD                         Vampires
 33   Beastmasters                       Tony Harris, Ray Snyder                Vampires
 34   Frenzied Vampire                   Juvaun Kirby, Mark Irwin               Vampires
 35   Johnny Savoy                       Jesús Redondo                          Vampires
 36   Raithan                            Tim Bradstreet                         Vampires
 37   Armand Waering                     Duncan Rouleau                         Werewolves
 38   The Jaguar                         Juvaun Kirby, Chuck Gibson             Werewolves
 39   Lupo                               Arnie Jorgensen, Chuck Gibson          Werewolves
 40   Garot Tribe                        Jason Johnson, Chuck Gibson            Werewolves
 41   Werewolf                           Juvaun Kirby, Chuck Gibson             Werewolves
 42   Waering's Troops                   Arnie Jorgensen, Chuck Gibson          Werewolves
 43   Servant Wolves                     Ryan Odagawa, John Beatty              Werewolves
 44   Child Leaders                      Juvaun Kirby, Mark Irwin               Werewolves
 45   Child Enforcers                    Allen Im, Edwin Rosell                 Werewolves
 46   Nimul Warrior                      Mark Pacella, Dan Panosian             Night Tribes
 47   Lasha                              Dexter Vines                           Night Tribes
 48   Lone One                           Scott Clark, Al Vey                    Night Tribes
 49   Chiva                              Ryan Odagawa, Mark Irwin, Homer Reyes  Night Tribes
 50   Garond                             Liam Sharp                             Night Tribes
 51   Kraen                              Tom Raney                              Night Tribes
 52   Elviorn                            Allen Im, Sal Regla                    Night Tribes
 53   Arnsil                             Jeff Lafferty                          Night Tribes
 54   Argorn                             Jeff Rebner, Homer Reyes               Night Tribes
 55   Lady Feign                         Robert Teranishi, Chuck Gibson         New Villains
 56   Dominus                            Aron Wiesenfeld                        New Villains
 57   Dag                                Ryan Odagawa, Chuck Gibson             New Villains
 58   Bannok                             Aron Wiesenfeld                        New Villains
 59   Merk                               Hilary Barta                           New Villains
 60   Terral                             Allen Im, Gary Martin                  New Villains
 61   Gilis                              Paris Cullins, Mark Irwin              New Villains
 62   The Jackal                         Mitch Byrd                             New Villains
 63   Baron Gor                          Tomm Coker, Richard Friend             New Villains
 64   Calm Before the Storm              Marty Egeland, Gary Martin             Mission #1
 65   Something's Not Right              Joe Phillips, Jason Martin             Mission #1
 66   A Golden Discovery                 Pop Mhan, Mark Irwin                   Mission #1
 67   Claymore Transformed               Cully Hamner                           Mission #1
 68   Hostiles Attack!                   Tom Raney                              Mission #1
 69   A New Beginning                    Cully Hamner                           Mission #1
 70   From the Ashes                     Jesús Redondo                          Mission #1
 71   Death from Above                   Pop Mhan, Karl Story                   Mission #1
 72   Mother One Appears                 Richard Bennett                        Mission #1
 73   Graveyard Stalker                  Duncan Rouleau                         Mission #2
 74   Dane vs. Bastion                   Casey Jones, Jason Martin              Mission #2
 75   A Reunion                          Trevor Scott                           Mission #2
 76   Look Out Below!                    Arnie Jorgensen, Chuck Gibson          Mission #2
 77   Claymore vs. WarBlade              Randy Green, John Lowe                 Mission #2
 78   Grail vs. Maul                     Ron Lim, John Tighe                    Mission #2
 79   Eyes on the Prize                  Paul Smith                             Mission #2
 80   Dane vs. Void                      Dan Veesenmeyer, Jason Martin          Mission #2
 81   Mother One vs. Spartan             Travis Charest                         Mission #2
 82   A Monarch's Plans                  Allen Im, Gary Martin                  Vampire Gallery
 83   Blood Queen's Coronation           Tomm Coker, Charles Yoakum             Vampire Gallery
 84   Battle on the Bridge               Michael Golden                         Vampire Gallery
 85   A Death in the Family              John K. Snyder III                     Vampire Gallery
 86   Coronation of Drakken              Ashley Wood                            Vampire Gallery
 87   Feasting Vampire                   Jeff Rebner, John Tighe                Vampire Gallery
 88   Vampire Attack!                    Juvaun Kirby, Chuck Gibson             Vampire Gallery
 89   Drakken's Subterfuge               Kevin Maguire, Terry Austin            Vampire Gallery
 90   Cornered Quarry                    Ron Lim, John Tighe                    Vampire Gallery
 91   Reporter                           Michael Lopez, Gary Martin             World of WetWorks
 92   Grail's Girlfriend                 Michael Lopez, Gary Martin             World of WetWorks
 93   Unholy Riders                      Ryan Benjamin, Chuck Gibson            World of WetWorks
 94   Rage of the Jaguar                 Ben Herrera, Mike Christian            World of WetWorks
 95   Complete Control                   Mike S. Miller                         World of WetWorks
 96   Last Respects                      Ryan Benjamin, Chuck Gibson            World of WetWorks
 97   Symbiote Status Check              Jim Lee, Al Vey                        World of WetWorks
 98   A Massive Dilemma                  Daerick Gross                          World of WetWorks
 99   Downloading Data                   Juvaun Kirby, Richard Friend           World of WetWorks
100   Fireteam #1: Grail & Dozer         Tom Raney                              WetWorks in Action
101   Fireteam #2: Jester & Claymore     Pop Mhan, Mark Irwin                   WetWorks in Action
102   Fireteam #3: Flattop & Crossbones  Joe Phillips, Dexter Vines             WetWorks in Action
103   Dane's Dream                       Jae Lee                                WetWorks in Action
104   Crimson Rain                       Duncan Rouleau                         WetWorks in Action
105   Infected!                          Bobby Rubio, Jason Martin              WetWorks in Action
106   The Dark Half                      Joe Phillips, Jason Martin             WetWorks in Action
107   Checklist Card                     Terry Dodson, Mark Farmer


Gold Chromium Cards (1:8 packs)

 G1   Golden Symbiotes                   Ryan Odagawa, Chad Hunt
 G2   Dane                               Ashley Wood
 G3   Mother One                         Chris Warner
 G4   Pilgrim                            Dean Zachary, Mark Irwin
 G5   Dozer                              Mitch Byrd
 G6   Jester                             Aron Wiesenfeld
 G7   Claymore                           Tim Sale
 G8   Flattop                            Joe Phillips, Jason Martin
 G9   Crossbones                         Dan Norton, Mark Irwin

Die-Cut Cards (1:5 packs)

 C1   Mother One                         Juvaun Kirby, John Lowe
 C2   Dozer                              Juvaun Kirby, John Lowe
 C3   Grail                              Juvaun Kirby, John Lowe
 C4   Dane                               Trevor Scott
 C5   Jester                             Mel Rubi, Dennis Cramer
 C6   Werewolf                           Scott Clark
 C7   Raithan                            Tony Harris, Ray Snyder
 C8   Fourth Stage Vampire               Jeff Rebner
 C9   Drakken                            Tony Harris, Ray Snyder

©2001, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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