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Where's Waldo?
Mattel - 1991

Note: The set consists of sixteen 8-card "adventure" puzzles with clues and
search items on the card backs. Thanks much to Michael Kartchner for the

Box: 24 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.50 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Clue

The Riddle of the Pyramids

  1   Artists at work is where to start this
  2   great journey - travel due north passed
  3   stone-laden gurneys. Making your way to
  4   maidens in silk - east once again to a
  5   cat drinking mi.k. Gazing north and then
  6   to the west - the goal is where your eyes
  7   do now rest. Bandages wrap heat, toes, 'n
  8   tummy - a baby in the arms of its mummy!

The Fairground

  9   Circle within circle is where to begin -
 10   just look right, south of 3 muscle men!
 11   Moving along a southeastern direction -
 12   to shoutings of attention, attention!
 13   Guns 'n green cannons you will now spy -
 14   avoiding balls which surely fly by!
 15   A westerly circle and the object within -
 16   circles in circles is where to find him!

The Gold Rush

 17   Yahoo! There's gold in them hills -
 18   begin your great search where barrels
 19   and suitcases spill. North to the east,
 20   to a central location - then east once
 21   again to a train that's a-racin'. Make a
 22   sharp right to southern-most place - right
 23   again to a man who covers his face. Then
 24   smile 'n say cheese - now if you please!

The Department Store

 25   A buggy 'n baby is where to begin - left
 26   of the sweepers and falling woman. Buy
 27   something first to warm your two feet -
 28   blue jacket 'n gloves would also be neat.
 29   Red 'n white tie would really be nice -
 30   a yellow patterned shirt also adds spice.
 31   The topper, a hat, is what to search for -
 32   it's worn by a boy close to the floor!

The Beach

 33   Beach lovin' followers look around
 34   and about - begin this great search
 35   with 4 dudes hangin' out! Move
 36   north and then to the right - passed
 37   horses and pyramid with human in
 38   flight! A beeline to south and soon
 39   you will greet - something so cold, so
 40   so tasty, so sweet!

The Last Days of the Aztecs

 41   Look to the south, then extreme right -
 42   a pyramid-like structure is now within
 43   sight. Move on passed Aztecs marching 'n
 44   grinning - to humans 'n motion a-swinging
 45   and spinning. Gaze to the left, up to
 46   the sky - up to the heavens the goal you
 47   will spy. three is the number to search
 48   for - not the group made of two more!

The Great Ball-Game Players

 49   Two playful teams are havin' a ball -
 50   between red 'n blue goal posts where blue
 51   ball players fall. Travel clockwise in
 52   circular motion - movin' through crazy
 53   commotion. Around as a ball you will now
 54   travel - movin' passed players and gravel.
 55   Tracing an orbit around this great clock -
 56   the goal is a wizard wearing no sock!

The Knights of the Magic Flag

 57   A magical flag is what to search for -
 58   search for castle and pink castle door -
 59   Travel southwest to game being played -
 60   X's and O's in straight lines are made.
 61   Move on west to a cat who is screeching -
 62   then north to a serpent with body out-
 63   reaching. A Magical goal is firey hot -
 64   claim it before it's no longer not!

The Fighting Foresters

 65   EEK! OH NO! Waldo's up to his knees -
 66   begin this great search near blue
 67   creatures in trees! Creeping through
 68   forests where birds are a-flying, then
 69   northwest again to unicorns vying!
 70   Directly southwest is where to find me -
 71   there's a flag in my path and an
 72   airborne rock flying over me!

The Stone Age

 73   First find the waterfall with a caveman
 74   splashing - then move on south passed
 75   five blue beasts a-dashing. Continue on
 76   south beyond four dogs previewing -
 77   Stone-Age art is what your pursuing!
 78   The primitive art you should really be
 79   seeking - is art viewed by firelight
 80   where a caveman's speaking!

The End of the Crusades

 81   Crusaders need clean T-shirts to wear -
 82   spy them right of red flag in mid-air!
 83   Now climb down the castle stone walls -
 84   move due east and be sure not to fall!
 85   Clumb down a ladder farthest southeast -
 86   to watery moat and frightened white
 87   sheep. Out in the corner, barely in
 88   view - the goal, a camel, lookin' at you!

Once Upon a Saturday Morning

 89   Jugglers a-juggling jugs in the air -
 90   north to a donkey and east to a bear.
 91   Make a turn in westerly fashion - passed
 92   men locked in stocks and drink is
 93   a splashin'. Northward again, east to a
 94   road - passing horse and wagon-filled load.
 95   Beyond a knight on blue-covered steed -
 96   the goal in sight is a man who can read!

The Battling Monks

 97   Spying on high a bridge that's burning -
 98   monks dressed in blue, twisting 'n
 99   turning! South beyond river a-flowing,
100   to hot molten lava, red and a-glowing!
101   Sharp eastern turn to twisting water-line,
102   to wizard dressed in red robe so fine!
103   Goal is at hand 'n clearly in view -
104   its colors are red, white, and bright blue!

Trouble in Old Japan

105   Over a river past red samurai - where
106   ducks a-quacking you're sure to spy!
107   Northward through bright red 'n blue -
108   inching passed red line who'll pursue!
109   East to a river near bonsai-like trees -
110   across once again and then you'll
111   spy me! Dressed in white and within
112   view - seated on a throne covered in blue!

The Gobbling Gluttons

113   Gobbling gluttons you will now meet -
114   begin a great search by a pot with two
115   feet. East to a wizard and a quick turn
116   due north - pies are a-flying back and
117   then forth. Take a quick turn, take it
118   due west - your goal in sight, the end
119   of a test. Look to center of table piled
120   high - a pasta creation you'll now spy!

The Deep-Sea Divers

121   Dive to deepest of the deep dark sea -
122   a handful of fish you're sure to see!
123   Up from the bottom - no time to nap -
124   movin' on by a dog and a cat! Double-fin
125   goldfish is a sight to meet - more odd
126   is a sealion and a fish with 2 feet!
127   Swim straight up to the surface and you'll
128   see - a man on a rock, the King of the Sea!

©2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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