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Who Am I?
   Topps - 1967

Notes: The cards were originally distributed with scratch-off-disguises and 
clues on fronts. (Thus Thomas Edison is made to resemble a blond Ozzy 
Osbourne and Paul Revere doubles as The Penguin.) Later cards removed 
this feature; the set still worked because card backs held trivia facts. Sports- 
card interest in cards 12-22-33-41 makes it difficult to assemble a set. 
American Card Catalog reference is R714-38. Scans are posted at the 
Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                     Renown                Clue

  1   George Washington         U.S. President        Nobody ever called me a liar.
  2   Andrew Jackson            U.S. President        I fought the indians before becoming U.S. President.
  3   James Monroe              U.S. President        In 1823, I halted colonization of North and South America.
  4   Joan of Arc               French Heroine        A vision convinced me that I would save my nation.
  5   Nero                      Roman Emperor         I became famous for my fiddle playing in Ancient Rome
  6   Franklin D. Roosevelt     U.S. President        I was the only U.S. President elected four times.
  7   Henry VIII                King of England       There was a famous rock n' roll song written about me.
  8   William Shakespeare       English Playwright    I was a famous playwright in the 15th Century.
  9   Clara Barton              Humanitarian          I organized the American Red Cross in the 19th Century.
 10   Napoleon Bonaparte        French Leader         Though just 5'2", I stood all as Emperor of France.
 11   Harry Truman              U.S. President        Piano playing was my trademark while in the White House.
 12   Babe Ruth                 Baseball Hero         I was baseball's original home run champion.
 13   Thomas Jefferson          U.S. President        Everyone flipped their wigs over a document I wrote.
 14   Dolly Madison             President's Wife      I was a famous Washington hostess in the 19th Century.
 15   Julius Caesar             Roman Emperor         I was assassinated by my most trusted friend.
 16   Robert Louis Stevenson    Writer                Long John Silver was a character in one of my novels.
 17   Woodrow Wilson            U.S. President        I declared war on Germany in 1917.
 18   Stonewall Jackson         Soldier               I ear4ned my nickname by refusing to retreat.
 19   Charles deGaulle          French President      I was a general and later President of France.
 20   John Quincy Adams         U.S. President        My father and I both served our nation in the White House.
 21   Christopher Columbus      Explorer              A Spanish Queen financed my sailing trip to the West Indies.
 22   Mickey Mantle             Baseball Hero         I have many baseball awards on my mantlepiece.
 23   Albert Einstein           Scientist             Science and math became my formula for success.
 24   Benjamin Franklin         Statesman             When I was tyold "Go fly a kite", I did.
 25   Abraham Lincoln           U.S. President        I was the President during the Civil War.
 26   Leif Ericsson             Explorer              In 1000 A.D. my Viking ship reached America.
 27   Adm. Richard Byrd         Explorer              I spent 40 days alone at the South Pole.
 28   Capt. Kidd                Pirate                I raided ships off the American coast in the 17th Century.
 29   Thomas Edison             Inventor              My brightest idea lit up the whole world.
 30   Ulysses S. Grant          U.S. President        Pres. Lincoln appointed me Head of his Army.
 31   Queen Elizabeth II        Queen of England      I am the female ruler of a large empire.
 32   Alexander Graham Bell     Inventor              My invention started bells ringing all over the world.
 33   Willie Mays               Baseball Hero         I stand as a giant among men in my sport.
 34   Theodore Roosevelt        U.S. President        I recognized Panama and brought about the Canal.
 35   Genghis Khan              Conqueror             I conquered Central Asia in the 13th Century.
 36   Daniel Boone              Frontiersman          After fighting indians, I looked for new frontiers Out West.
 37   Winston Churchill         English Leader        I was a statesman who led Britain through World War II.
 38   Paul Revere               Patriot               A current pop music group uses my name.
 39   Florence Nightingale      Nurse                 My parents were shocked when I decided to become a nurse.
 40   Dwight Eisenhower         U.S. President        Generally speaking, I had a military and political career.
 41   Sandy Koufax              Baseball Hero         I never hit my enemies, I'd fan them instead.
 42   Jacqueline Kennedy        President's Wife      As First Lady, I supervised the refurnishing of the White House.
 43   Lady Bird Johnson         President's Wife      My husband is a famous world leader.
 44   Lyndon Johnson            U.S. President        Pres. Roosevelt appointed me to my first public office.

 --   Proof cards were available through Topps Vault

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