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Widow Premium Trading Cards Promo Subset
   Bolt Entertainment - 1997

Notes: The full series was not released. The promos say it would have held 
90 base cards, foil-enhanced inserts, 3 different signed cards, and 6 Red 
Leather cards, at 32 packs of 8 cards per pack and 10 boxes/case.

 No.    Title                              Artist

  --    Bolt Strikes Again!
  P1    (holding post, green background)   Pop Mhan & C2
  P2    (nude in web, red background)      Mike Wolfer & C2
  P3    (red top, gold background)         Pop Mhan & C2
  P4    (black leather, blue background)   Mike Wolfer & C2
  P5    (yellow top, white background)     Mike Wolfer & C2

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