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Animated WildC.A.T.s 
WildStorm - 1995

Note:  Thanks to Aztek2 for the checklist card that formed the basis for the first version, 
and to Brian Duensing for the update!

 No.   Title / Card Text                              Artists

Character Cards

   1   Spartan                                        Kevin Nowlan
   2   WarBlade                                       Art Nichols
   3   Maul                                           Chris Sprouse, John Dell
   4   Voodoo                                         Michael Allred
   5   Grifter                                        Cully Hamner
   6   Zealot                                         Rick Mays
   7   Void                                           Joe Phillips, Dexter Vines
   8   Jacob Marlowe                                  Steve Carr
   9   Mr. Majestic                                   Ben Fernandez
  10   Max Cash                                       Jeff Johnson, Dan Panosian
  11   Helspont                                       Paul Pelletier, Eric Shanower
  12   Dockwell                                       Joel Thomas
  13   Daemonite                                      Paul Smith
  14   Troika                                         Tom McWeeney
  15   Pike                                           Andy Smith
  16   Artemis                                        Chris Sprouse, John Beatty
  17   Providence                                     Terry Moore
  18   Taboo                                          Jeromy Cox

Episode 01: Dark Blade Falling

  19   Billionaire Jacob Marlowe formed his secret    Ty Templeton
  20   "Mr. Bryce, you're an artist with a blade."
  21   "Hey, wait! We're the good guys!" Sent by b
  22   "The time has come to unlock your power and
  23   "We Daemonites can't survive in your atmosph
  24   "Save yourself, Voodoo!" When the WildC.A.T.
  25   Captured by helspont, the WildC.A.T.s face t
  26   "You guys just can't keep out of trouble!"
  27   "Kid, I was wrong about you. Welcome to the

Episode 02: Heart of Steel

  28   Attica, Slag, and H.A.R.M., the Troika, burs   Ty Templeton
  29   "I ssshall fry you with my volcanic powersss
  30   "H.A.R.M.! Get us out of here! Now!!" The W.
  31   "Your taste in clothes has gotten really wei
  32   "Y'know, this may not be as easy as I though
  33   "Let's roar, WildC.A.T.S!" At the Project Al
  34   "I'm doing this for you, Karyn." Informed by
  35   "Looks like we'll have to do this the hard w
  36   "It's over a thousand degrees Fahrenheit in

Episode 03: Cry of the Coda

  37   Zealot tries to teach WarBlade the fighting    Jeff Johnson, Dan Panosian
  38   "Perhaps you'd care to see what a real warri
  39   "I formed the Coda to fight the Daemonites,
  40   "Nice shot -- but you witches won't get away
  41   "Boo!" With Grifter and Zealot missing, the
  42   "You can't do it! Your ridiculous code of ho
  43   "You betrayed me! You betrayed our cause!"
  44   "I dig bein' big!" Reunited with Grifter and
  45   "Go ahead, Pike! Give me all you've got!" P

Episode 04: The Evil Within

  46   At Integer Electronics, Zealot and Voodoo re   Joe Phillips, John Lowe
  47   "Zealot! Heads up!" When it looks as if her
  48   Helspont, enraged by his team's failure to g
  49   "Shouldn't this be us, leaving?" His plan to
  50   "All right, you bug-loving, double-crossing
  51   "The lifeform called Voodoo had no idea of h
  52   "Impossible! Nobody can depossess themselves
  53   "I'd rather not add 'Presidential hit man' t
  54   "Now I know -- I've had a family all along!"

Episode 05: The Big Takedown

  55   A break-in at HALO's Optics Lab is in progre   Joe Phillips, John Lowe
  56   "Do not make threats for which you have neit
  57   "There she is, kid. Strut yer stuff." While
  58   "Get to cover!" Without Lonely's knowledge,
  59   "Party's over for you, anyway." Grifter and
  60   "That missile's ready to launch" The WildC.A
  61   "Can't... get... free! Nothin'... to fight a
  62   "Those electrodes were charged!" Outside the
  63   "Kid! This is your last chance!" Grifter is

Episode 06: Lives in the Balance

  64   Karillion and a crew of Daemonite drones are   Paul Smith
  65   "Let's get wild!" To prevent Helspont and th
  66   "After thousands of years, I live again!" Wh
  67   "From the moons of Altair to this distant pl
  68   "Are you as impressed by this Mr. Majestic a
  69   "It's Spartan! He did it!" Mr. Majestic take
  70   "That is treason, mister!" Spartan confronts
  71   Mr. Majestic uses the Quantum Energy Module
  72   "Mr. Majestic zapped you with a stun ray and

Episode 07: The Soul of a Giant

  73   "I understand you have... some memories of t
  74   "The pit! It's collapsing!" Before he was Ma
  75   "Didn't realize I was gonna be seein' it so
  76   "This ain't my dad... they must'a done somet
  77   "Just what I had in mind!" The WildC.A.T.S m
  78   "Just make sure the checks clear!" Pike is a
  79   "A key to the greatest power in the universe
  80   "My son, at last." Maul figures out where Pi
  81   "Guess this means the race for the Orb is re

Episode 08: Betrayed

  82   "The psionic transmitter parasite is ready f   Dermot Walshe, Scott Cooper
  83   "I don't need blades to beat that bozo!" Una
  84   "Mission accomplished. Pull us out." The Dae
  85   Helspont draws closer to his goal of possess
  86   "We're going down!" The WildC.A.T.S -- witho
  87   "I would suggest regrouping elsewhere!" As t
  88   "It is useless to resist, Jacob Marlowe!" Ma
  89   "C.A.T.S! We got a target! Let's move!" WarB
  90   "F-forgive me, Lord Helspont -- Yaaaaaa!" Wi

Episode 09: The Black Razor's Edge

  91   "Perhaps this will interrupt your circuits!"
  92   "Awright! Anyone else for old home week?" Ch
  93   "We're defendin' this country. We're defendi
  94   "Nick of time as always!" Void locates Grift
  95   "Take them all! Black Razors - FIRE!" On the
  96   "Hurry, you fools! The WildC.A.T.S are alrea
  97   "All weapons activate! Stand by to repel boa
  98   "And you're not bad for an old man, Gramps."
  99   "Hang on... bro!" His stolen laser weapon de

Episode 10: And Then There Were None

 100   "The concussion bombs are everything you ant
 101   "I sometimes find it hard to believe that a
 102   "Destroy the criminal scum!" As the Daemonit
 103   "Daemonite heat-seeker. Approaching twenty-t
 104   "I foresee... disaster awaiting almost every
 105   "This is excellent! The WildC.A.T.S are sepa
 106   "Voodoo is completely at my mercy!" Her conf
 107   "You have nothing to lose -- but your soul!"
 108   "AAAAAARGH! Foolish child!" Voodoo battles H

Episode 11: M. V. P.

 109   "Get back, pal! We'll handle this!" The Temp
 110   "Yeah? Well excuse me for livin'!" Max Cash
 111   "How 'bout we just cut outta here?" Helspont
 112   "Marlowe! I should have known!" Using all th
 113   "It is fit only for human males -- and other
 114   "Well, maybe it's time we quit fightin'." In
 115   "Door's open! Let's gop!" In an attempt to k
 116   "One more for the scrap heap!" Maul hurls Ze
 117   "Gotcha, boss!" The WildC.A.T.S race across

Episode 12: End Game, Part 1

 118   "The WildC.A.T.S -- and their powers -- will
 119   "Let's get a larger perspective here!" By in
 120   "Oh, bad move, dude! 'Cause now you got me f
 121   "He's not breathing! No heartbeat!" Grifter'
 122   "You may have possessed Lonely's body -- but
 123   "Don't look now, but we have company! The Wi
 124   "You are clever, Jacob Marlowe... and danger
 125   "You have robbed me of the one I love. You w
 126   "This is a moment to savor! The WildC.A.T. f

Episode 13: End Game, Part 2

 127   "Now you're being sensible -- Grifterrr!" Gr
 128   "This one has been a most hated enemy for th
 129   "Yer mine now, smokeskull!" Fearing for Zeal
 130   "Fear my wrath! For the hour of your destruc
 131   "Oh, Grifter! I thought you were dead! Grift
 132   "You two will have plenty of time to be toge
 133   "The power is mine to control -- and Chaos s
 134   "Ultimate power is mine at last!" Voodoo bre

 135   Checklist


Animation Cels

CEL-1  Spartan
CEL-2  WarBlade
CEL-3  Maul
CEL-4  Voodoo
CEL-5  Grifter
CEL-6  Zealot
CEL-7  Void
CEL-8  Jacob Marlowe
CEL-9  Helspont

Foil-Etched Cards

FE-1   Spartan                                        Jim Lee
FE-2   WarBlade                                       Jim Lee
FE-3   Maul                                           Jim Lee
FE-4   Voodoo                                         Jim Lee
FE-5   Grifter                                        Jim Lee
FE-6   Zealot
FE-7   Void                                           Jim Lee
FE-8   Karillion                                      Kirk Jarvinen, Jason Moore
FE-9   Helspont

Oversized Cards (Box-toppers)

OS-1   WildC.A.T.s
OS-2   The Black Razors
OS-3   Troika
OS-4   Daemonites
OS-5   Coda


This has been reported as a five-card set, but cards do not show numbering 
and we can't confirm whether these are instead a larger set of 1/1 cels.


  P1   (Promo panel)

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