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Jim Lee's WildC.A.T.s
   Topps - 1993

Notes:  There are two #66 cards and no #68.  Specifically, the #66 back was printed
on both cards, and the #68 front (featuring Grifter) is paired with the back which
features Warblade.  Clinton Gibbs reports an error card, with #88 (Spartan) on the
back and #89 (Zealot) on the front. Susan Howe points out that some of the card 
backs are "upside down" versus other card backs Thanks also to H. Dewayne Bond 
and Jerry Wood for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.86 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Text / Character                   Artist(s)

  1   WildC.A.T.s Covert Action Teams    Jim Lee
  2   Without a home, a hope, or a fu    Jim Lee
  3   She is called Void. After rescu    Jim Lee
  4   With Void's help, Marlowe has c    Jim Lee
  5   Void tells Marlowe of her recur    Jim Lee
  6   In Void's recurring dream, ther    Jim Lee
  7   Void is lost in intersecting pl    Jim Lee
  8   Certain that the battle with th    Jim Lee
  9   Combat leader Spartan's certain    Jim Lee
 10   Helspont, leader of the Cabal,     Jim Lee
 11   With a mole well-situated in Wa    Jim Lee
 12   Helspont turns to Providence, w    Jim Lee
 13   The Gnome calls a meeting with     Jim Lee
 14   A deal is struck. The Gnome tel    Jim Lee
 15   Her name is Voodoo, and she's a    Jim Lee
 16   One of Voodoo's powers is "The     Jim Lee
 17   The Cabal thugs make their move    Jim Lee
 18   The Coda assassin slices her wa    Jim Lee
 19   Spotting the Grifter, the Cabal    Jim Lee
 20   Grifter springs into action. Wi    Jim Lee
 21   Grifter moves to protect Voodoo    Jim Lee
 22   The battle in the strip club co    Jim Lee
 23   Grifter's magnum saves his skin    Jim Lee
 24   Voodoo and Grifter don't reach     Jim Lee
 25   Suddenly, Void dimensionally le    Jim Lee
 26   With the arrival of Marlowe and    Jim Lee
 27   Reassured at last of the effect    Jim Lee
 28   Turning his back on the enemy t    Jim Lee
 29   She's Sister Zealot. Born and h    Jim Lee
 30   With Sister Zealot's help, Grif    Jim Lee
 31   Void saves the WildC.A.T.S, Voo    Jim Lee
 32   Safely aboard their warplane MI    Jim Lee
 33   A paranormal working for I/O at    Jim Lee
 34   Helspont, leader of the Cabal,     Jim Lee
 35   Sister Zealot and Grifter agree    Jim Lee
 36   Black Razor, an I/O assault tea    Jim Lee
 37   Lynch, Director of I/O, shows u    Jim Lee
 38   Jacob Marlowe leads a strike te    Jim Lee
 39   Spartan, Maul, and Voodoo are s    Jim Lee
 40   The Gnome observes all the acti    Jim Lee
 41   Inside the Cabal's installation    Jim Lee
 42   Spartan and Voodoo are overwhel    Jim Lee
 43   The Youngblood press their adva    Jim Lee
 44   The technician McCoy, disgusted    Jim Lee
 45   When the main force of WildC.A.    Jim Lee
 46   Unnoticed in a sub-sub-basement    Jim Lee
 47   Maul grows and grows. Now he's     Jim Lee
 48   With the fury of the battle aba    Jim Lee
 49   In the control center, the tide    Jim Lee
 50   Zealot moves to block Pike and     Jim Lee
 51   Determined to win by any means,    Jim Lee
 52   Victorious over the WildC.A.T.S    Jim Lee
 53   With the Stargate open and the     Jim Lee
 54   Having exorcised B'Lial and res    Jim Lee
 55   Voodoo's assault has little eff    Jim Lee
 56   After Spartain's interference h    Jim Lee
 57   The Gnome uses the incredible p    Jim Lee
 58   As the Grifter and Voodoo try t    Jim Lee
 59   While the very walls crash down    Jim Lee
 60   With the Daemonite stargate des    Jim Lee
 61   WildC.A.T.S.                       Jim Lee
 62   Emp                                Cully Hamner
 63   Void                               Brian Stelfreeze, Scott Williams
 64   Spartan                            Sal Regla, Jim Lee
 65   Maul                               Sam Kieth
 66   Warblade                           Scott Clark, Jim Lee
 67   Voodoo                             Jae Lee
66*   Grifter
 69   Zealot                             Marc Silvestri
 70   Coda                               Marc Silvestri
 71   Emp & Maul                         Jim Lee
 72   Zealot                             Brian Bolland
 73   Cabal                              Jeff Johnson, Scott Williams
 74   Providence                         Joe Phillips
 75   John Lynch                         Mark Pacella, Chris Ivy
 76   Warblade                           Nick Manabat, Kevin Nowlan
 77   Spartan                            Vic Bridges
 78   Pike                               Jason Pearson
 79   Emp                                Vic Bridges
 80   Slag                               Vic Bridges
 81   Spartan                            Joe Quesada, Scott Williams
 82   The Grifter                        Brett Booth, Jeffery Scott
 83   Voodoo                             Adam Hughes
 84   Spartan                            Vic Bridges
 85   M'Koi                              Sam Kieth
 86   Zealot                             Jim Lee
 87   Maul                               Dale Keown
 88   Spartan                            Nick Manabat, Kevin Nowlan
 89   Zealot                             Jae Lee
 90   Gifted Ones                        Dusty Abell, Jim Lee
 91   Voodoo                             Scott Clark, Jim Lee
 92   The Gnome                          Mark Pacella, Chris Ivy
 93   Black Razor                        Mark Pacella, Alex Garner
 94   Maul                               Jeffery Scott, Jim Lee
 95   Voodoo                             Kevin Nowlan
 96   Attica                             Vic Bridges
 97   Cabal                              Nick Manabat, Scott Williams
 98   Warblade                           Sam Kieth
 99   Helspont                           Dale Keown
100   Jim Lee's WildC.A.T.s              (Credits Card)

 --   error card: 89 Zealot (front), 88 Spartan (back)


Prism Cards (1:18 packs)

  1   Lord Emp
  2   Grifter
  3   Pike
  4   Spartan
  5   Warblade
  6   Zealot

Autographed Card

 32  Jim Lee
--   (Topps certificate of authenticity)


  0   (purple, two characters; Comic insert; dealer promo in cello pack with 7 others)
 --   (unnumbered, three characters; dealer promo in cello pack with 5 other promos)

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