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WildStorm Gallery
Image/WildStorm - 1995

Notes:  The WildStorm Rising cards, #127-137, were available only as inserts in 
WildStorm Rising comics.  A common set contains cards #1-126 plus the checklist 
card #138. Thanks to Marcia Fanchin for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.2 per box if collation were perfect (the checklist card is
somewhat more common).

No.   Title                       Artist


  1   Backlash                    John H. Snyder III
  2   Battalion                   John H. Snyder III
  3   Black Hammers               John H. Snyder III
  4   Black Razor                 Jeff Remmer
  5   Black Razor in TRV Suit     Jeff Remmer
  6   Blaize                      Jeff Remmer
  7   Brass                       Jon J. Muth
  8   Burnout                     Jon J. Muth
  9   Cannon                      Jon J. Muth
 10   Colt                        Mark Texeira
 11   Miles Craven                Mark Texeira
 12   Crusade                     Mark Texeira
 13   Cybernary                   Julie Bell
 14   Gabrielle D'Angelo          Julie Bell
 15   Dane                        Julie Bell
 16   Deathblow                   Matt Wagner [aiming with weapon in left hand]
                                              [variation: image reversed]
 17   Diva                        Matt Wagner
 18   Dozer                       Matt Wagner
 19   Eliya                       John Higgins
 20   Emp                         John Higgins
 21   Fahrenheit                  John Higgins
 22   Fairchild                   Joe Chiodo
 23   Flashpoint                  Joe Chiodo
 24   Freefall                    Joe Chiodo
 25   Fuji                        Joe Chiodo
 26   Grail                       Joe Chiodo
 27   Grifter                     Joe Chiodo
 28   Grunge                      John Estes
 29   Hellstrike                  John Estes
 30   Jester                      John Estes
 31   Keepers                     Cliff Nielsen
 32   Isaiah King                 Terese Nielsen
 33   Link                        Cliff Nielsen
 34   Lynch                       Jeff Watts
 35   Mason                       Ben Fernandez
 36   Maul                        Nick Cardy
 37   Mr. Majestic                Dan Brereton
 38   Mythos                      Dan Brereton
 39   Nautika                     Dan Brereton
 40   Pilgrim                     Daren Bader
 41   Sister Mary Pittarese       Ken Meyer, Jr.
 42   Rainmaker                   Joe Phillips
 43   Regiment                    Terese Nielsen
 44   Ben Santini                 Terese Nielsen
 45   Savant                      Terese Nielsen
 46   Slay                        Joe Phillips
 47   Soldier                     Joe Phillips
 48   Spartan                     Joe Phillips
 49   Strafe                      Scott Hampton
 50   Sunburst                    Scott Hampton
 51   Synergy                     Scott Hampton
 52   Think Tank                  Jerry Ordway
 53   Timespan                    Jerry Ordway
 54   Undertow                    Jerry Ordway
 55   Union                       Joe Chiodo
 56   Void                        Joe Chiodo
 57   Voodoo                      Joe Chiodo
 58   WarBlade                    Joe Chiodo
 59   Winter                      Joe Chiodo
 60   Zealot                      Joe Chiodo


 61   Andromache                  Joe Chiodo
 62   Argos                       Joe Chiodo
 63   Artemis                     Joe Chiodo
 64   Attica                      Matt Wagner
 65   Beastmaster                 Matt Wagner
 66   Black Angel                 Matt Wagner
 67   Bliss                       Ken Steacy
 68   Bloodmoon                   Ken Steacy
 69   BloodQueen                  Ken Steacy
 70   Brutus                      Joe Phillips
 71   Daemonite                   Dan Brereton
 72   Deathtrap                   Ben Fernandez
 73   Defile                      John H. Snyder III
 74   Delphae                     John H. Snyder III
 75   Despot                      John H. Snyder III
 76   Destine                     Dave Dorman
 77   Drakken                     Dave Dorman
 78   Entropy                     Dave Dorman
 79   Four Horsemen               Jon J. Muth
 80   H.A.R.M.                    Jon J. Muth
 81   Hellslayer                  Jon J. Muth
 82   Helspont                    Daren Bader
 83   Hestia                      Daren Bader
 84   Hexon                       Daren Bader
 85   Hightower                   Bo Hampton
 86   Hunter-Killer               Bo Hampton
 87   Jodunn                      Bo Hampton
 88   Judgment                    John Estes
 89   Kilgore                     John Estes
 90   M.A.D.-1                    John Estes
 91   Minotaur                    George Pratt
 92   Mnemo                       George Pratt
 93   Mr. White                   George Pratt
 94   Nychus                      Drew Posada
 95   Pike                        Drew Posada
 96   Pillar                      Joe Phillips
 97   Providence                  Scott Hampton
 98   Quickness                   Scott Hampton
 99   Razer                       Scott Hampton
100   Red                         Cliff Nielsen
101   Regent                      Cliff Nielsen
102   S'yrn                       Cliff Nielsen
103   Slag                        John Van Fleet
104   Slaughterhouse Smith        John Van Fleet
105   Soma                        John Van Fleet
106   Stricture                   Joe Phillips
107   Taboo                       Joe Phillips
108   Talos                       Joe Phillips
109   Tapestry                    Bill Sienkiewicz
110   Techno-Dwarves              Bill Sienkiewicz
111   Threshold                   Bill Sienkiewicz
112   Traveller                   Tony Harris
113   Vampires                    Tony Harris
114   Dr. Vandalia                Tony Harris

Double Trouble

115   Spartan & Voodoo            Dan Brereton
116   Grifter & Zealot            Homer Reyes
117   Maul & WarBlade             Nick Bell
118   Battalion & Synergy         Drew Posada
119   Cannon & Fahrenheit         Cathleen Thole
120   Sunburst & Nautika          Ken Steacy 
121   Grifter & Backlash          Jessica Ruffner
122   Grail & Pilgrim             Cliff Nielsen 
123   Burnout & Fairchild         Dan Lawlis 
124   Rainmaker & Freefall        Ken Meyer, Jr.
125   Brutus & Deathtrap          Ron Brown
126   Helspont & Providence       Joe Phillips

138   Checklist


Readers' Choice Cards (1:18 packs)

RC1   Grifter                     Joe Phillips
RC2   Voodoo                      Brian Stelfreeze
RC3   Zealot                      Jeff Watts
RC4   Helspont                    Terese Nielsen
RC5   Pike                        Cliff Nielsen
RC6   Deathtrap                   Dan Brereton

Battle Cards (1:9 packs)

B1    WarBlade vs. Daemonite      Daren Bader
B2    Grifter vs. Black Razors    Jamie Tolagson
B3    Spartan vs. Helspont        Nick Choles
B4    Zealot vs. Tapestry         Joe Jusko
B5    Dane vs. BloodQueen         Paul Lee
B6    Deathblow vs. Black Angel   Dan Brereton
B7    Grunge vs. Threshold        Jeff Watts
B8    Fairchild vs. Traveller     Joe Phillips
B9    Battalion vs. Despot        Cliff Nielsen
B10   Fuji vs. Brutus             Joe Chiodo
B11   Hellstrike vs. Deathtrap    Marc Caribe
B12   Winter vs. M.A.D.-1         Steve Firchow


---   (Readers' Choice Cards RC1-RC6)
---   (Battle Cards B1-B12)
---   WildStorm Gallery Redemption Certificate (Case Bonus, Hand-Numbered)

WildStorm Rising Cards (Comics Inserts; not in packs or boxes)

127   Michael Cray                Team 7: Objective Hell #1
128   Defile                      WildStorm Rising #1         
129   Zealot                      WildC.A.T.s #20
130                               Union #4
131   Fairchild                   Gen13 Vol. 2 #2
132   Grifter                     Grifter #1
133   Deathblow                   Deathblow #16
134   Dane                        WetWorks #8
135   Backlash                    Backlash #8
136   Despot                      StormWatch #22
137   Helspont                    WildStorm Rising #2


P1    (Direct Market)
P1    (oversized, Diamond)
P2    (Combo)

©1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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