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Wild Man
   Bowman - 1950

Notes: Cards feature color artwork on fronts and descriptive text on backs. They 
are marked "First Series of 36 Wild Man Picture Cards" then "Second Series of 36 
Wild Man Picture Cards but are generally considered a single set - the first two 
parts of a series that was originally planned to span at least five series.American 
Card Catalog reference is R701-18. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports 
Cards gallery.

The cards can be downbeat because they focus on mankind's violence: "MAN'S
PAST is stained with BLOOD; His FUTURE can be bright with PROMISE - If 
in the PRESENT he will wage PEACE."

No.   Title

  1   The First Murder
  2   Fight for a Cave
  3   In the Roman Arena
  4   Hannibal Crosses the Alps
  5   Attila and the Huns
  6   Crusaders Storm Antioch
  7   Poison Gas
  8   Hiroshima
  9   Seeing the World
 10   Marco Polo in the East
 11   Fire Aids Early Man
 12   Hunting the Mammoth
 13   Building the Pyramids
 14   Falconry
 15   Last Bare-Knuckle Bout
 16   Piracy
 17   Stretcher Bearers
 18   Rescue at Sea
 19   Civil War in China
 20   Snorkel
 21   Reign of Terror
 22   Border Incident
 23   Jungle Bombing
 24   Saboteurs
 25   Amazon Frontier
 26   Skyliner
 27   Riverjack
 28   Daredevils
 29   Concentration Camps
 30   To Siberia
 31   Quest for Peace
 32   Land of Promise
 33   War Rockets
 34   Atomic Doom
 35   Flying Suits
 36   Trip to the Moon

 37   "That's Mine"
 38   Red Sea Death
 39   Alexander Conquers Persia
 40   Viking Fury
 41   Joan of Arc
 42   Private War
 43   Fort William Henry Massacre
 44   Battle of Waterloo
 45   Pearl Harbor
 46   Gallant Tanker
 47   Death of Capt. Cook
 48   Stanley Seeks Livingstone
 49   Stone-Age Hunt
 50   Winning a Home
 51   Whaling Days
 52   Chariot Race
 53   Men Against Beast
 54   Guillotine
 55   Martyred Hermit
 56   Dive Bomber
 57   Flame Thrower
 58   Land Mine
 59   Guerrilla War
 60   South American Revolution
 61   Foreign Legion in Action
 62   Danger Zone
 63   Australian Bushman
 64   Search for Uranium
 65   Jet Pilot
 66   Under the River
 67   Salvaging Treasure
 68   Communists Seize U. S. Consul
 69   Cornered
 70   City of the Dead
 71   Raiding Germ Laboratory
 72   Attack from Space

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