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WildC.A.T.s Action Figure Cards
   Playmates - 1995

Notes: These cards were inserted in the Playmates WildC.A.T.s action figures, including different cards 
for the regular and large size figures. Each card has the image on the front and descriptive text on backs. 
The package of the regular figures states: "Jim Lee's Autographed Collector Card Available in Random 
Packages!" Thanks much to Brian Duensing for the list!

No.   Character                                       Artist(s)

   Cards from the regular figures

  1   Spartan                                         Ryan Benjamin, Chuck Gibson
  2   Spartan                                         Dan Norton, Jim Lee
  3   Zealot                                          Jim Lee
  4   Zealot                                          Anthony Vu, Edwin Rosell
  5   Warblade                                        Anthony Vu, Jim Lee
  6   Warblade                                        Bobby Rubio, Cam Smith
  7   Grifter                                         Dan Norton, Tom McWeeney
  8   Grifter                                         Jim Lee
  9   Maul                                            Ryan Benjamin, Chuck Gibson
 10   Maul                                            Tom McWeeney
 11   Daemonite                                       Jeff Rebner, Tom McWeeney
 12   Daemonite                                       Dan Norton, Al Vey
 13   Helspont                                        Ryan Benjamin, Chuck Gibson
 14   Helspont                                        Anthony Vu, Edwin Rosell
 15   Spartan in ECM Stealth Suit                     Michael Lopez, Edwin Rosell, John Lowe
 16   Warblade in Bio-Flexon Armor Suit               Dan Norton, Tom McWeeney
 17   Maul in Flexon All-Weather Combat Suit          Allen Im, John Lowe
 18   Zealot in Classic Coda Uniform                  Ryan Benjamin, Chuck Gibson
 19   Helspont in Daemonite Ceremonial Battle Dress   Allen Im, John Lowe
 20   Void                                            Pop Mhan
 21   Void                                            Tom Raney
 22   Voodoo                                          Terry Dodson, Rachel Pinnock
 23   Voodoo                                          Tom Raney
 24   Pike                                            Jeff Rebner, John Dell III
 25   Pike                                            Dan Norton, Karl Kesel
 26   Mr. Majestic                                    Tom Raney
 27   Mr. Majestic                                    Norman Felchle
 28   Black Razor                                     Tom Raney
 29   Black Razor                                     Jeff Rebner, John Lowe
 30   Slag                                            Jeff Rebner
 31   Slag                                            Tom Raney
 32   Pike in ECM Stealth Suit                        Brett Booth, Chuck Gibson

   Cards from Dual Figure Sets

  1   Spartan                                         Dan Norton, Robert Campanella
  2   Helspont                                        Dan Norton, Robert Campanella
  3   Grifter                                         Tom McWeeney
  4   Daemonite                                       Tom McWeeney

   Oversized Cards from Large Figures

  1   Spartan                                         Tom McWeeney
  2   Maul                                            Jeff Rebner and John Lowe
  3   Grifter                                         Jeff Rebner and John Lowe

   Oversized Card from vehicle

 --   Bullet Bike 

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