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WildStorm Set I
WildStorm - 1994

Notes: Thanks much to Karen Gorrell, H. Dewayne Bond, Alonso Tejeda, 
Quint Gremmen, and Jeff Lasco for updates!

No.   Title                          Artist(s)

  1   Brass                          Jim Lee
  2   Mythos                         Jim Lee
  3   Crusade                        Jim Lee
  4   Mr. Majestic                   Jim Lee
  5   Savant                         Jim Lee
  6   Soldier                        Jim Lee
  7   Timespan                       Jim Lee
  8   Tapestry                       Jim Lee
  9   Defile                         Jim Lee
 10   Emp                            Buzz
 11   Spartan                        Gary Frank, Cam Smith
 12   Zealot                         Gary Frank, Cam Smith
 13   Grifter                        Lee Weeks
 14   Warblade                       Kelley Jones
 15   Voodoo                         Jason Pearson
 16   Maul                           J. Scott Campbell
 17   Void                           Alex Garner
 18   Battalion                      Geoff Darrow
 19   Diva                           Rich Johnson
 20   Fuji                           Dwayne Turner
 21   Hellstrike                     Gary Frank, Cam Smith
 22   Winter                         Bart Sears
 23   Fahrenheit                     Richard Johnson
 24   Strafe                         Ryan Benjamin, Tom McWeeney
 25   Cannon                         Gary Frank, Cam Smith
 26   Flashpoint                     Brett Booth, Sal Regla
 27   Nautika                        J. Scott Campbell
 28   Sunburst                       Ben Fernandez, Trevor Scott
 29   Undertow                       Dan Norton, Jon Holdredge
 30   Pagan                          Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger
 31   Backlash                       Brett Booth
 32   Synergy                        Joe Benitez, Rich Johnson
 33   Weatherman One                 Eric Shanower
 34   Fairchild                      J. Scott Campbell
 35   Grunge                         Dale Keown
 36   Freefall                       J. Scott Campbell
 37   Burnout                        Dan Norton, Chuck Gibson
 38   Rainmaker                      Travis Charest, Tom McWeeney
 39   Dane                           Whilce Portacio, Tom McWeeney
 40   Mother One                     Whilce Portacio, Troy Hubbs
 41   Claymore                       Whilce Portacio, Al Vey
 42   Jester                         Whilce Portacio, Tom McWeeney
 43   Grail                          Whilce Portacio, Tom McWeeney
 44   Pilgrim                        Whilce Portacio, Trevor Scott
 45   Dozer                          Whilce Portacio, Al Vey
 46   John Lynch                     Brett Booth, Sal Regla
 47   Cole Cash                      Tony Salmons
 48   Marc Slayton                   Travis Charest, Richard Johnson
 49   Michael Cray                   Trevor Scott
 50   Jackson Dane of Team 7         Mat Broome, Alex Garner
 51   Steven Callahan of Team 7      Jim Fern
 52   Phillip Chang                  Mitch Byrd
 53   Alexander Fairchild of Team 7  Stephen Butler
 54   Cybernary                      Nick Manabat
 55   Deathblow                      Tim Sale
 56   Sister Mary                    Tim Sale
 57   Union                          Cully Hamner
 58   Eliya                          Cully Hamner
 59   Lynch                          J. Scott Campbell
 60   Craven                         John K. Snyder III
 61   Black Razor                    Ryan Benjamin, Tom McWeeney
 62   Keeper                         Ryan Benjamin, Tom McWeeney
 63   Helspont                       Marc Silvestri, Alex Garner
 64   Hightower                      Ryan Benjamin, Tom McWeeney
 65   Pike                           Jason Pearson
 66   Providence                     Jason Pearson
 67   Daemonite                      Tom Raney
 68   Daemonite in Flash Suit        Andy Smith
 69   Andromache                     J. Scott Campbell
 70   Artemis                        Brian Stelfreeze, John Dell
 71   Destine                        Brian Stelfreeze, John Dell
 72   Hestia                         Jason Pearson
 73   Attica                         Norman Felchle
 74   H.A.R.M                        Norman Felchle
 75   Slag                           Norman Felchle
 76   Judgment                       Ryan Benjamin, Tom McWeeney
 77   Hexon                          Rich Johnson
 78   Talos                          Brett Booth, Sal Regla
 79   Nychus                         Travis Charest, Trevor Scott
 80   Stricture                      Dan Norton, Alex Garner
 81   Doreen                         Linda Medley
 82   Deathtrap                      Tom Raney
 83   Brutus                         Tom McWeeney
 84   Razer                          Alex Garner
 85   Kilgore                        Scott Clark, Trevor Scott
 86   Hellslayer                     Dan Norton, Chuck Gibson
 87   Mnemo                          Tom Raney
 88   Regent                         Travis Charest, Tom McWeeney
 89   The Quickness                  Tom Raney
 90   Bloodmoon                      Brett Booth, Sal Regla
 91   Gnome                          Jason Pearson
 92   Lord Entropy                   Gary Frank, Cam Smith
 93   Black Angel                    Tim Sale
 94   Bloodqueen                     Whilce Portacio, Alex Garner
 95   Prince Drakken                 Whilce Portacio, Alex Garner
 96   Threshold                      Dan Norton, Alex Garner
 97   Bliss                          Dave Johnson, John Holdredge
 98   Traveller                      Dave Johnson, John Holdredge
 99   Argos                          Dwayne Turner
100   Despot                         John K. Snyder III

--    WildStorm Set 1 Checklist


HoloChrome Cards

C1    WildC.A.T.S                    Jim Lee
C2    StormWatch                     Travis Charest, Trevor Scott
C3    Gen13                          J. Scott Campbell
C4    Team 7                         Phil Winslade
C5    WetWorks                       Whilce Portacio, Trevor Scott
C6    The Cabal                      Buzz
C7    Troika                         Sam Kieth
C8    WarGuard                       Scott Clark
C9    Mercs                          Jae Lee

Autographed Cards

A1    Synergy                        Joe Benitez
A2    Black Razor                    Ryan Benjamin
 "    Judgement                      Ryan Benjamin
A3    Backlash                       Brett Booth
 "    John Lynch of Team 7           Brett Booth
A4    Fairchild                      J. Scott Campbell
 "    Lynch                          J. Scott Campbell
A5    Nychus                         Travis Charest
 "    Rainmaker                      Travis Charest
A6    Deathblow                      Brandon Choi
A7    Kilgore                        Scott Clark
A8    Sunburst                       Ben Fernandez
A9    Razer                          Alex Garner
 "    Void                           Alex Garner
A10   Diva                           Rich Johnson
 "    Fahrenheit                     Rich Johnson
A11   Mr. Majestic                   Jim Lee [500 signed]
 "    Mythos                         Jim Lee
A12   Claymore                       Whilce Portacio
 "    Dane                           Whilce Portacio
A13   Bloodmoon                      Sal Regla
 "    Flashpoint                     Sal Regla
A14   Michael Cray of Team 7         Trevor Scott
 "    Pilgrim                        Trevor Scott
A15   Helspont                       Mark Silvestri [500 signed]
 "    Helspont (unsigned version)    Mark Silvestri

Card Album

--    (Binder)


00    Stormwatch (chromium; mail-in for coupons in Stormwatch #1, #2, #3 books)
PR1   WildC.A.T.s (silver stripe; Jim Lee; Wizard and Diamond)
PR1   WildC.A.T.s (gold stripe, numbered; Wizard)
--    WildStorm Set One! (Unnumbered, Direct Market)
--    (Oversized; Wizard, Previews)
--    (Animated Series promo with Set I checklist on back)
--    (WildStorm The Game / WildStorm Set I)

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