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WildStorm Swimsuit
WildStorm - 1996

Note: Thanks to Marcia Fanchin for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.87 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                           Artists                           Subset

 1    Fairchild - 1900 Suit                           Tomm Coker, Mark Irwin            History of Swimsuits
 2    Savant - 1910 Suit                              Tomm Coker, Troy Hubbs            History of Swimsuits
 3    Tapestry - 1930 Suit                            Richard Johnson                   History of Swimsuits
 4    Cybernary - 1940 Suit                           Allen Im, Edwin Rosell            History of Swimsuits
 5    Fahrenheit - 1950 Suit                          Richard Johnson                   History of Swimsuits
 6    Nautika - 1960 Suit                             Kevin Lau                         History of Swimsuits
 7    Diva - 1970 Suit                                Scott Clark, Sandra Hope          History of Swimsuits
 8    Redbird - 1980 Suit                             Dan Norton, Mark Irwin            History of Swimsuits
 9    Bliss - 1990 Suit                               Ryan Odagawa                      History of Swimsuits
10    Rainmaker in Canoe                              Marty Egeland, Rick Ketcham       Water Craft
11    Zealot on Yacht                                 Kevin Lau                         Water Craft
12    Grunge in Dinghy                                Pop Mhan, Mark Irwin              Water Craft
13    Burnout on Raft                                 John K. Snyder III                Water Craft
14    Bliss on Speedboat                              Adam Warren                       Water Craft
15    Miko & Diano on Water Craft                     Terry Shoemaker, Jason Martin     Water Craft
16    Grifter in Cigarette Boat                       Paul Smith                        Water Craft
17    Savant & Mr. Majestic on Ferry                  Stuart Immonen                    Water Craft
18    Taboo & Backlash in Row Boat                    Brett Booth, Chuck Gibson         Water Craft
19    Grunge on Waterslide                            Joe Phillips, Dexter Vines        Summer Fun
20    Savant with Sprinkler                           Terry Dodson, Mark Farmer         Summer Fun
21    WarBlade on Inner Tube                          Jeff Rebner, Pamela Eklund        Summer Fun
22    Ryka in Inflatable Pool                         Terry Shoemaker, Mark Irwin       Summer Fun
23    Winter on Inflatable Pool Toy                   Eric Shanower                     Summer Fun
24    Cybernary on Inflatable Dolphin                 Jeff Rebner, John Tighe           Summer Fun
25    Providence on Raft                              Mitch Byrd                        Summer Fun
26    Artemis with Water Toy                          Scott Clark, Jason Martin         Summer Fun
27    Mother One on Inflatable Island                 Juvaun Kirby, Ryan Odagawa        Summer Fun
28    Soldier & Zealot on Maui                        Paul Smith                        Islands
29    Blaize in Fiji                                  Matt Haley, Tom Simmons           Islands
30    Weatherman One in the Bermuda Triangle          Juvaun Kirby, Ryan Odagawa        Islands
31    Union & Elija in Puerto Rico                    Robert Teranishi, John Tighe      Islands
32    Voodoo in St. Thomas                            Ryan Odagawa                      Islands
33    Alicia Turner & Backlash in Jamaica             Trevor Scott                      Islands
34    Threshold & Bliss in Aruba                      Casey Jones, Tom Simmons          Islands
35    Void on Grand Cayman                            Allen Im, Edwin Rosell            Islands
36    Taboo in Tahiti                                 Tom Raney                         Islands
37    Andromache & Zealot - Mud Wrestling             Gary Frank, Richard Friend        Summer Sports
38    Ladytron - Roller Derby                         Jason Palmer                      Summer Sports
39    Deathblow - Bungee Jumping                      Jason Johnson, Edwin Rosell       Summer Sports
40    Voodoo - Parasailing                            Kevin Maguire, Mark McKenna       Summer Sports
41    Bliss & Rainmaker - Jello Wrestling             Jason Johnson, Edwin Rosell       Summer Sports
42    Fairchild - Weight Lifting                      Adam Hughes, Karl Story           Summer Sports
43    Rainmaker - Diving                              Whilce Portacio, Gerry Manguilan  Summer Sports
44    Grunge & Freefall - Water Ballet                Mike McKone, Mark Irwin           Summer Sports
45    Persephone - Backstroke                         Roger Robinson, Richard Johnson   Summer Sports
46    Grunge - Valentine's Day                        Tom McWeeney                      Seasons
47    Fairchild - St. Patrick's Day                   J. Scott Campbell, Tom McWeeney   Seasons
48    Freefall - April Showers                        Michael Wieringo, Richard Case    Seasons
49    Providence - May Flowers                        Mark Irwin                        Seasons
50    Fairchild, Rainmaker, & Freefall - 4th of July  Adam Hughes, Kevin Nowlan         Seasons
51    Savant - Back to School                         Ryan Odagawa                      Seasons
52    Maul - Halloween                                Ryan Benjamin, Sal Regla          Seasons
53    Rainmaker - Thanksgiving                        Juvaun Kirby, Ryan Odagawa        Seasons
54    Diva & Fahrenheit - Winter Wonderland           Hoang Nguyen                      Seasons
55    Ivana - Hydro Thruster                          Kevin Lau                         Wet 'n Wild
56    Emp & Jules - Tandem Surfing                    Cedric Nocon, Dennis Cramer       Wet 'n Wild
57    Zealot - Water Skiing                           Casey Jones, Tom Simmons          Wet 'n Wild
58    Cannon & Fahrenheit - Inner Tube                David Williams                    Wet 'n Wild
59    Fuji - Rope Swing                               Ron Lim, Rober Quijano            Wet 'n Wild
60    Deathblow - Pool Slide                          Dan Panosian                      Wet 'n Wild
61    Redbird & Shine - Chicken Fight                 Michael Golden                    Wet 'n Wild
62    Fuji & Nautika - Wave Machine                   Joel Thomas                       Wet 'n Wild
63    Crimson - Beach Shower                          Adam Warren                       Wet 'n Wild
64    Brass - Water Guns                              Richard Bennett                   Games
65    Jester & Dane - Water Balloons                  Scott Williams                    Games
66    Destine & Andromache - Water Hose Fight         Mitch Byrd                        Games
67    Freefall & Qeelocke - Water Bucket              Dan Veesenmeyer, John Tighe       Games
68    Burnout & Grunge - Bumper Boats                 Kelley Jones                      Games
69    Fairchild - Carnival Game                       Robert Teranishi, Troy Hobbs      Games
70    Pilgrim & Jester - Dunk Tank                    Ben Herrera, Richard Friend       Games
71    Crimson - Jump Rope                             Tom McWeeney                      Games
72    Freefall - Hula Hoop                            Roger Robinson, Richard Johnson   Games
73    Voodoo - Fireplug                               Humberto Ramos, Alex Garner       Street Style
74    Freefall & Burnout - Fountain                   Mitch Byrd                        Street Style
75    Grifter & Zealot - Scooter                      Matt Haley, Tom Simmons           Street Style
76    WarBlade - Skateboard                           Joe Phillips, Dexter Vines        Street Style
77    Grunge - Freestyle Bike                         Dave Johnson                      Street Style
78    Ivana - City Rooftop                            Adam Warren                       Street Style
79    Savant - Roller Skates                          Humberto Ramos, Alex Garner       Street Style
80    Taboo & Backlash - Car Wash                     Brett Booth, Mark Irwin           Street Style
81    Crimson - Slush-o-Gulp                          Brett Booth, Mark Irwin           Street Style
82    Synergy & Diva - Racing Trophy Girls            Trevor Scott                      Bodacious Babes
83    Fairchild - Miss Universe                       Terry Dodson, Mark Farmer         Bodacious Babes
84    Blood Queen - Faux Fur                          Bobby Rubio, Edwin Rosell         Bodacious Babes
85    Synergy - Ring Girl                             Randy Green, John Lowe            Bodacious Babes
86    Rainmaker - Lowrider Girl                       Michael Ryan, Mark Irwin          Bodacious Babes
87    Savant - Car Hop                                Joe Phillips, Dexter Vines        Bodacious Babes
88    Diva - Flag Suit                                Juvaun Kirby, Ryan Odagawa        Bodacious Babes
89    Traveller - Seashell Bikini                     Arnie Jorgensen, Dave Meikis      Bodacious Babes
90    Nautika - Coconut Bikini                        Hoang Nguyen                      Bodacious Babes
91    Maul with Kitten                                Tom McWeeney                      Animal Friends
92    Voodoo with Horse                               Adam Hughes, Karl Story           Animal Friends
93    Ivana with Snake                                Ryan Benjamin, Sal Regla          Animal Friends
94    Nautika with Dolphins                           Michael Wieringo, Richard Case    Animal Friends
95    CopyCat with Puppy                              Ryan Odagawa, Edwin Rosell        Animal Friends
96    Freefall with Giraffe                           Randy Green, Rick Ketcham         Animal Friends
97    Persephone with Parrot                          Scott Williams                    Animal Friends
98    Bliss with Panther                              Tom Raney                         Animal Friends
99    Tapestry with Peacocks / Checklist              Joe Phillips, Dexter Vines        Animal Friends


Miss WildStorm Pageant Stickers (1:9 packs)

S1    Miss WetWorks - Pilgrim
S2    Miss StormWatch - Nautika
S3    Miss Black Ops - Redbird
S4    Miss WildC.A.T.s (Earth) - Savant
S5    Miss WildC.A.T.s (Space) - Voodoo
S6    Miss I.O. - Alicia Turner
S7    Miss DefCon 4 - Ryka
S8    Miss Gen13 - Fairchild
S9    Miss WildStorm

Autographed Card

22    (may be others)    

©2001, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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