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Wild West Adventures
   Novel Candy Corp. - 1950s

Notes: Cards of 2-7/16" x 2-7/8" can be cut out of candy boxes. Fronts show 
color drawings and backs show text. Usually the boxes from Novel Candy 
have "natural" sets of 6 or 12 cards, but some (like this set) have overlapping 
numbers and different images on two different colors of cardboard stock. More 
variations may be possible than those reported. American Card Catalog reference 
is R722-8. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   cream backs             gray backs

  1                           Black Bart
  3                           Kit Carson
  4                           Bat Masterson
  5                           Bat Masterson
  6                           Wild Bill Hickock
  6                           Billy The Kid
  7   General Custer
 10                           Ed Masterson
 11   Pat Shugrue
 12   Burt Alvord
 13                           Billy Richardson
 14   Captain Burt Mossman
 15   Pat Garrett
 16   Clay Allison
 17                           Tom Smith
 19                           Captain John R. Hughes
 20                           Colonel Charles Goodnight
 22   Commodore Perry Owens
 23   Captain Harry Wheeler
 24                           Annie Oakley

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