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Wild West Series
   Gum, Inc. - 1933

Notes: The 2-3/8" x 3-1/8" cards have color artwork on fronts and descriptive 
text on backs. They exhibit two designs: Type A has cards 1-24 with a red stripe 
on fronts (surrounding "Picture Puzzle Bubble Gum") and puzzle backs, with 
cards 26-49 with a blue stripe and puzzle back. Type B includes cards 25-49 
with a white stripe without the puzzle. Bonus Card 25 is not considered part 
of the complete base set. American Card Catalog reference is R172. Scans are 
posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

 No.   Title

   1   Davy Crockett Defending the Alamo
   2   Defending a Wagon Train Attack
   3   A Wagon Train Attack
   4   Attacking One of the First Trains
   5   Pony Express Rider
   6   Jesse James Holdup
   7   Bronco Busting
   8   A Prairie Fire
   9   A Round-Up
  10   A Battle with Grizzly
  11   Shooting Up an Indian Village
  12   Buffalo Bill Killing a Buffalo
  13   Kit Carson Fighting an Indian
  14   Custer's Last Stand
  15   Indian Captive Dance
  16   Cattle Stampede
  17   Wild Bill Hickock Gets His Man
  18   Bulldogging a Steer
  19   Cowboy Fun
  20   Indians Attacking a Stockade
  21   Roping Wild Horses
  22   Prospecting for Gold
  23   The Bullwhacker
  24   Arrival of the Post Coach
  25     Cowboy Outfit Free [Bonus Card]
  26   The Medicine Man
  27   Rangers Raid Bandits
  28   The Sheriff Gets His Man
  29   Fighting a Blizzard
  30   Celebrating
  31   Night Visitors
  32   The Dude Learns
  33   Branding a Calf
  34   Trading with Indians
  35   Captured
  36   Homesteaders' Race
  37   Lost in the Desert
  38   Safe at the Fort
  39   A Mountain Ford
  40   A Surprise Attack
  41   Fighting a Buffalo
  42   A Friendly Race
  43   When Home Was a Fort
  44   Time for Chuck
  45   The Horse-Thieves
  46   The Hold-Up
  47   A Puma at Bay
  48   Saving the Wounded
  49   Fighting Off Indians

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