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Window on the Unspeakable
   Kitchen Sink Press - 1993

Notes: Distributed as a boxed set, the 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" cards feature art by 
Robt. Williams from his Zap Comix series.

No.   Title

  1   The Day Joe Smiley "Ate the Bad Oyster"
  2   Mirror Image with Varicose Eyeballs
  3   The Mirage of Daughterly Fears
  4   Lord High Solver of Puzzledom
  5   A Carouser's Ode to Sentimentality
  6   Runaway magination on the Back of a Wild Mare
  7   The Voice From the Wee Gee Board
  8   Phantom in the Woodwork
  9   A White-Knuckle Ride for Lucky St. Christopher
 10   Lost History Revived or an Excuse to put Tits on a Cigarbox?
 11   Island of Infantile Avarice
 12   Flying Saucer Attack on a Pirate Galleon
 13   The Tooth Fairy
 14   The Geodesic Specter in the Kaleidoscope
 15   The Last Ride of the Flying Purple People Eater
 16   Nine Indo-Nostril Pickineers
 17   Demon Rust
 18   apathy-Sicle
 19   The Chrome Plater's Wet Dream
 20   Vanity of the New
 21   The Thing in the Hope Chest
 22   The Were-Artist and his 2-D Conquering, Crushed Surrogate
 23   Worlds Yet Imagined
 24   Euclid, Ptolemy and Piss Pot Pete Watch Wet Paint Dry
 25   Conquest of Plastic
 26   Exploration of the Subconscious on I-40
 27   Beets and Beatniks
 28   Dr. cinnabar's Cybernoid Art Ray
 29   Theater of Snakes
 30   Hell-Toons
 31   The Ascension of the Mobile Abominators
 32   Curse of the Witch's Tattooed Tit
 33   The Polka Dot Paradox of Chewing Gum Underneath the Table
 34   The Rhyme of the False Perfectionists
 35   Cowboys and Amoebas
 36   Song of the Beast with the Folding Face

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