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Wings - Friend or Foe
   Topps - 1952

Notes:  Card fronts feature color artwork drawn from photographs published in The 
Herald Tribune; card backs have descriptive text and "Name This Plane" silhouettes. 
Some of the cards were re-issued with wider borders in Doeskin Tissues in 1995. 
Extreme thanks to Tom Tyczkowski for the original list! American Card Catalog 
reference is R707-4. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                            Type

  1   T-33                             U.S. Air Force Jet Trainer
  2   MIG-15                           Russian Jet Fighter
  3   XC-120 Pack Plane                U.S. Air Force Transport
  4   Lincoln                          British Bomber
  5   F-51 Mustang                     U.S. Air Force Fighter
  6   AT-7 Navigator                   U.S. Air Force Light Transport
  7   PBY Catalina                     U.S. Navy Patrol Bomber
  8   B-26 Invader                     U.S. Air Force Light Bomber
  9   XF-91                            U.S. Air Force Jet Fighter
 10   F7U Cutlass                      U.S. Navy Jet Fighter
 11   Vampire                          British Jet Fighter
 12   B-57 Canberra                    British Jet Bomber
 13   Sunderland                       British Patrol Flying Boat
 14   PB4Y-2 Privateer                 U.S. Navy Patrol Bomber
 15   T-28                             U.S. Air Force Advanced Trainer
 16   Wyverne MK. 2                    British Turbo-Prop Fighter
 17   Balliol T. MK.2                  British Advanced Trainer
 18   F-47 Thunderbolt                 U.S. Air Force Fighter
 19   HUP-1                            U.S. Navy Helicopter
 20   Hermes                           British Civil Transport
 21   L-17 Navion                      U.S. Air Force Liaison Civil Private Plane
 22   F3D Skynight                     U.S. Navy Jet All-Weather Fighter
 23   AM Mauler                        U.S. Navy Attack Plane
 24   B-36                             U.S. Air Force Strategic Bomber
 25   F8F Bearcat                      U.S. Navy Fighter
 26   F-80 Shooting Star               U.S. Air Force Fighter Bomber
 27   Sea Attacker                     British Navy Jet Fighter
 28   F6F Hellcat                      U.S. Navy Fighter
 29   P2V Neptune                      U.S. Navy Patrol Bomber
 30   Avro Jetliner                    Canadian Civil Jet Transport
 31   C-121 Constellation              U.S. Air Force Transport
 32   C-74 Globemaster I               U.S. Air Force Strategic Transport
 33   F-84F                            U.S. Air Force Jet Fighter-Bomber
 34   F4U Corsair                      U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Fighter
 35   Firefly                          British Navy Fighter
 36   C-125 Raider                     U.S. Air Force Assault Transport
 37   C-46 Commando                    U.S. Navy - R5C
 38   PE-2                             Russian Attack Bomber
 39   AF Guardian                      U.S. Navy Attack Plane
 40   C-82 Packet                      U.S. Air Force Transport
 41   R60 Constitution                 U.S. Navy Strategic Transport
 42   IL-12                            Russian Transport
 43   Hastings                         British Military Transport
 44   AJ Savage                        U.S. Navy Composite-Powered Attack Bomber
 45   F-82 Twin-Mustang                U.S. Air Force Fighter
 46   XF4D Skyray                      U.S. Navy Jet Fighter
 47   T-6 Texan                        U.S. Air Force Trainer
 48   C-123 Avitruk                    U.S. Air Force Transport
 49   JRM Mars                         U.S. Navy Transport
 50   Meteor                           British Jet Fighter
 51   B-29 Superfortress               U.S. Air Force Strategic Bomber
 52   IL-10                            Russian Assault Bomber
 53   B-45 Tornado                     U.S. Air Force Jet Bomber
 54   LA-5                             Russian Fighter
 55   Comet                            British Jet Transport
 56   H-13D                            U.S.A.F. &  Army Helicopter
 57   PE-8                             Russian Heavy Bomber
 58   C-97 Stratofreighter             U.S. Air Force Strategic Transport
 59   H-21                             U.S. Air Force Transport Helicopter
 60   FH-1 Phantom                     U.S. Navy Jet Fighter
 61   B-47 Stratojet                   U.S. Air Force Strategic Jet Bomber
 62   L-20 Beaver                      U.S. Air Force Utility-Liaison
 63   FJ Fury                          U.S. Navy Jet Fighter
 64   F-94                             U.S. Air Force Jet Interceptor Fighter
 65   Shackleton                       British Patrol Bomber
 66   S-51 Helicopter                  U.S. Air Force Helicopter
 67   A-20 Havoc                       U.S. Air Force - Light Bomber
 68   IL-2 Stormovik                   Russian Assault Bomber
 69   C-119 Packet                     U.S. Air Force Transport
 70   DC-4 Skymaster                   G54 - U.S. Air Force Transport
 71   F-86 Saber                       U.S. Air Force Jet Fighter
 72   Venom                            British Jet Fighter
 73   H-19                             U.S. Air Force Helicopter
 74   TBM Avenger                      U.S. Navy Torpedo Bomber
 75   CF-100 Canuck                    Canadian Jet interceptor
 76   F-84 Thunderjet                  U.S. Air Force Fighter-Bomber
 77   F-86D                            U.S. Air Force Jet Interceptor
 78   Sea Hawk                         British Navy Jet Fighter
 79   SA-16 Albatross                  U.S. Navy Utility Amphibian
 80   202                              Civil Airline Transport
 81   B-50 Superbomber                 U.S. Air Force Strategic Bomber
 82   Convair 240                      U.S. Air Force Navigation Trainer
 83   Ambassador                       British Civil Transport
 84   IL-4                             Russian Medium Bomber
 85   Viscount                         British Turbo-Prop Transport
 86   B-25 Mitchell                    U.S. Air Force Multi-Engine Trainer
 87   YAK-3                            Russian Fighter
 88   C-47 Skytrain                    U.S. Air Force Transport
 89   A2D Skyshark                     U.S. Navy Attack Plane
 90   F-89 Scorpion                    U.S. Air Force Jet Interceptor
 91   IL-18                            Russian Transport
 92   P5M Marlin                       U.S. Navy Patrol Bomber
 93   H-12                             U.S. Air Force Helicopter
 94   F7F Tigercat                     U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Fighter
 95   F2H Banshee                      U.S. Navy Jet Fighter
 96   P4M Mercator                     U.S. Navy Composite-Powered Patrol Plane
 97   C-124 Globemaster II             U.S. Air Force Transport
 98   TU-4                             Russian Strategic Bomber
 99   YAK-15                           Russian Jet Fighter
100   F9F Panther                      U.S. Navy Jet Fighter
101   AE-27 Pulqui                     Argentine Fighter
102   AE-33 Pulqui                     Argentine Jet Plane
103   O-10 Leduc                       French Monoplane
104   MD-450 Ouragan                   French Fighter
105   SO-6021 Espadan                  French Jet Plane
106   SO-M2                            French Jet
107   SO-6000 Triton                   French Jet Trainer
108   VG-90                            French Jet Fighter
109   Nord 1601                        French Research Plane
110   Nord 2200                        French Jet Plane
111   707A Delta Wing                  English Jet Plane
112   Avro Aston                       English Jet Plane
113   Supermarine 535                  English Jet Plane
114   Vickers 660                      English Bomber
115   Hawker P-1081                    English Jet Plane
116   Short SB-3                       R.A.F. Anti-Submarine Plane
117   Handley Page 88                  English Jet Plane
118   Target Plane                     Australian Jet
119   Fokker S14                       Netherlands Jet Trainer
120   MIG-19                           Russian Jet Fighter
121   SAAB 29A                         Swedish Jet Fighter
122   F9F6 Cougar                      U.S. Navy Fighter
123   YB60 Heavy Bomber                U.S. Air Force Bomber
124   XF 88A Voodoo                    U.S. Air Force Fighter
125   F-84-G Thunderjet                U.S. Air Force Bomber
126   XC-99 Cargo transport            U.S. Air Force Transport
127   XC-123A Jet Avitruc              U.S. Air Force Jet
128   X-4 Northrop                     U.S. Air Force Research Jet
129   PO-1W Lockheed                   U.S. Navy Plane
130   S.E 2415 Gronard II              French Twin-Jet
131   Swift Supermarine 541            English Jet Trainer
132   Gloster GA 5                     English Jet Fighter
133   SR A-1                           British Jet Flying Boat
134   Short SA 4                       English Jet Bomber
135   Unknown                          Russian Jet Plane
136   XA2J1 Savage                     U.S. Navy
137   FJ2 North American               U.S. Navy Jet Bomber
138   AD-5 Skyraider                   U.S. Navy Plane
139   PBM-5 Mariner                    U.S. Navy Amphibian
140   XP5Y-1 Vultee                    U.S. Air Force Flying Boat (not U.S. Air Force)     
141   TO-2 Lockheed                    U.S. Air Force Jet Trainer (not U.S. Air Force)     
142   XF-92A Vultee                    U.S. Air Force Jet Plane
143   XF 3H-1 Demon                    U.S. Air Force Jet Fighter (not U.S. Air Force)     
144   DC-6A Douglas                    U.S. Air Force
145   YRB-49A Flying Wing              U.S. Air Force Jet
146   Target Aircraft                  Australian Jet
147   D.H. Sea Hornet                  English Air Force
148   DH 112 Venom                     English Bomber
149   XH-26                            U.S. Army Helicopter
150   G-80                             Italian Air Force
151   YB1 Blackburn                    English Monoplane
152   XF 90 Lockheed                   U.S. Air Force Fighter
153   Bristol 171 MK-3                 British Freighter
154   Saro-Cierva Airhorse             British Helicopter
155   Sikorsky H.C. MK-2 Dragonfly     British Helicopter
156   S.O. 1120 Ariel III              French Helicopter
157   Breguet Type III                 French Helicopter
158   LZ 1A                            U.S. Air Force Helicopter
159   G.C.A. Model-2                   U.S. Helicopter
160   Hiller 360                       U.S.  Helicopter
161   MC-4                             American Helicopter
162   M-14                             American Helicopter
163   YH-18                            U.S. Air Force Helicopter
164   HO 4S-1                          U.S. Navy Helicopter
165   Boulton Paul P-111               English Jet Plane
166   Avro Athena T. MK-2              British Training Ship
167   T. MK-20 Avro Anson              British Training Plane
168   Blackburn Firebrand              British Navy Fighter
169   Bristol 170 MK-31                British Helicopter
170   D.H. 104 Dove Light Transport    British Transport Plane
171   Meteor N.F. MK-11                British Jet Fighter
172   Handley Page Marathon            British Transport
173   Sea Fury MK-11                   British Navy Fighter
174   Percival P.50 Prince Transport   British Transport Plane
175   Short Sealand                    British Amphibian
176   Sea Gull                         British Navy Amphibian
177   Varsity Aircrew                  British Training Plane
178   Canadair Four                    Canadian Transport Plane
179   DHC-1 Chipmunk                   Canadian Trainer
180   Aero 45                          Czechoslovakian Monoplane
181   Hiller Hornet                    U.S.  Helicopter
182   C.M. 88-R Gemeaux                French Research Jet
183   Breguet 76-1 Provence            French Transport Plane
184   C.A.S.A. 201 Alcotan             Spanish Monoplane
185   Douglas Skyrocket                U.S. Research Jet
186   Fouga C.M. 8-R.13 Sylphe         French Jet
187   Morane-Saulnier M.S. 703         French Monoplane
188   S.O. 30-P Bretagne               French Airliner
189   Saab-90 A-2 Scandia              Swedish Airliner
190   Beechcraft D18S                  U.S. Light Transport
191   "Vautour"                        French Jet
192   C-1 Skimmer                      U.S. Amphibian
193   Saab-210 Draken                  Swedish Research Jet
194   CF-100 "Canuck"                  Canadian Fighter
195   Mooney M-18L Mite                U.S. Light Monoplane
196   TE-1 Buckaroo                    U.S. Trainer
197   Saunders-Roe                     British Flying Boat
198   Kaman HTK-1                      U.S.  Helicopter
199   T.H.K. 2                         Turkish Air Force
200   Fairey "Gyrodene"                British Helicopter

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