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Witchblade (Season One)
Inkworks - 2002

Notes: Thanks much to Dan Donoval for the update!  Additional information
and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 24 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.60 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title                          Subset / Episode

    1    Premium Trading Cards
    2    Sara Pezzini
    3    Jake McCartey
    4    Danny Woo
    5    Kenneth Irons
    6    Ian Nottingham
    7    Captain Bruno Dante
    8    Gabriel Bowman
    9    Conchobar
   10    Joe Siri
   11    Father del Toro
   12    Dominique Boucher
   13    The Credits                    Witchblade: The Movie
   14    The Death of Danny Woo         Witchblade: The Movie
   15    Sara's Moment of Truth         Witchblade: The Movie
   16    The Nottingham Factor          Witchblade: The Movie
   17    Using the Blade                Witchblade: The Movie
   18    A Warrior Reborn               Witchblade: The Movie
   19    Joe Siri's Advice              Witchblade: The Movie
   20    The Training of Joan           Witchblade: The Movie
   21    Secrets of the Witchblade      Witchblade: The Movie
   22    On the Trail of Gallo          Witchblade: The Movie
   23    Ally or Enemy?                 Witchblade: The Movie
   24    Getting the Drop on Sara       Witchblade: The Movie
   25    Terror in the Subway           Witchblade: The Movie
   26    The Bladewielder               Witchblade: The Movie
   27    No Escape from Justice         Witchblade: The Movie
   28    The Credits                    Episode 1: Parallax
   29    The Story                      Episode 1: Parallax
   30    The Mythology                  Episode 1: Parallax
   31    The Credits                    Episode 2: Conundrum
   32    The Story                      Episode 2: Conundrum
   33    The Mythology                  Episode 2: Conundrum
   34    The Credits                    Episode 3: Diplopia
   35    The Story                      Episode 3: Diplopia
   36    The Mythology                  Episode 3: Diplopia
   37    The Credits                    Episode 4: Sacrifice
   38    The Story                      Episode 4: Sacrifice
   39    The Mythology                  Episode 4: Sacrifice
   40    The Credits                    Episode 5: Legion
   41    The Story                      Episode 5: Legion
   42    The Mythology                  Episode 5: Legion
   43    The Credits                    Episode 6: Maelstrom
   44    The Story                      Episode 6: Maelstrom
   45    The Mythology                  Episode 6: Maelstrom
   46    The Credits                    Episode 7: Periculum
   47    The Story                      Episode 7: Periculum
   48    The Mythology                  Episode 7: Periculum
   49    The Credits                    Episode 8: Thanatopsis
   50    The Story                      Episode 8: Thanatopsis
   51    The Mythology                  Episode 8: Thanatopsis
   52    The Credits                    Episode 9: Apprehenshion
   53    The Story                      Episode 9: Apprehenshion
   54    The Mythology                  Episode 9: Apprehenshion
   55    The Credits                    Episode 10: Convergence
   56    The Story                      Episode 10: Convergence
   57    The Mythology                  Episode 10: Convergence
   58    The Credits                    Episode 11: Transcendence
   59    The Story                      Episode 11: Transcendence
   60    The Mythology                  Episode 11: Transcendence
   61    St Joan of Arc                 Witchblade Wielders
   62    Warrior-Goddess Cathain        Witchblade Wielders
   63    Elizabeth Bronte               Witchblade Wielders
   64    Partners Forever               Insights
   65    Jake and Sara                  Insights
   66    Of Good and Evil               Insights
   67    Power of the Ages              Insights
   68    The Master and Disciple        Insights
   69    Sara's Guardian Angel          Insights
   70    Dark Knight of the Witchblade  Insights
   71    Her Armored Alter-Ego          Insights
   72    The Wielder in Armor           Insights
   73    Setting Up a Stalk             Behind the Scenes
   74    High-Flying Heroics            Behind the Scenes
   75    Woman of Steel                 Behind the Scenes
   76    Directing "Danny Woo"          Behind the Scenes
   77    When Adversaries Meet          Behind the Scenes
   78    Who's on Sara's Side?          Behind the Scenes
   79    The Witchblade Prop            Behind the Scenes
   80    The Blade Extended             Behind the Scenes
   81    Checklist


Quest for Justice Foil Cards (1:11 packs)

   Q1    Where did the Witchblade come from? There are
   Q2    From the Avesta of ancient Persia comes a desc
   Q3    Some scientists and historians have been delvi
   Q4    For generations, Vatican scholars have pondere
   Q5    Tales of weaponry endowed with supernatural po
   Q6    An "explanation" for why only females can bran
   Q7    The ancient race of Blade Wielders fell victim
   Q8    It's been said that the blood of Witchblade Wi
   Q9    The most recent Witchblade Wielder is Sara Pez

Legacy of the Witchblade Foil Embossed Cards (1:17 packs)

   L1    The Witchblade: Only women of unmatched streng
   L2    Women warriors throughout history have brandis
   L3    In the cosmic grip of the Witchblade, Sara Pez
   L4    The origins of the Witchblade are shrouded in
   L5    Was Joan of Arc really a Witchblade wielder? K
   L6    Stirring to Life at times of crisis - during w

Box-Loader Cards

1 of 4   ...en mystery (top left)
2 of 4   chos... (top right)
3 of 4   destiny protector (bottom left)
4 of 4   ancient strong power (bottom right)

Box-Loader Promo (Dynamic Forces)

 BT-1    Witchblade Disciples of the Blade

Case-Loader Card

  CL1    With an arsenal of amazing powers and a mind o

Autograph Cards (1:27 packs)

   A1    Yancy Butler as Sara Pezzini
   A2    David Chokachi as Jake McCartey
   A3    Will Yun Lee as Danny Woo
   A4    Anthony Cistaro as Kenneth Irons
   A5    Eric Etibari as Ian Nottingham
   A6    John Hensley as Gabriel Bowman
 AR-1    (Autograph Redemption Card)

Pieceworks Cards (1:27? packs)

  PW1    Sara Pezzini's leather jacket
  PW2    Sara Pezzini's jeans
 PR-1    (Pieceworks Redemption Card)

Card Album

   --    Witchblade Premium Trading Cards (Binder)

Mini-Press Sheet (177 made)

   --    Quest for Justice (9-card panel, numbered)


  P1     Witchblade Premium Trading Cards
 DFP-1   Witchblade Season 1 Premium Trading Cards (box-topper for Dynamic 
           Forces' "Disciples of the Blade"
  P-i    ( exclusive)
 UK-P    (U.K. distribution; very limited, was not distributed as intended)
   --    Coming April 2002 (Dealer sell sheet)

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©2002, 2003, 2009 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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