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Witches of East End Party Promos
   Lifetime - 2014

Notes: These cards were handed out by Lifetime staff to invite patrons to parties 
during San Diego Comic Con 2014. They are 3-1/2" x 5" and entitled the holder 
to a party ticket and a free drink coupon. Additional invitations may have been 
available, especially for the Friday and Saturday events.

We Summon You: Thursday, July 24 8PM-12AM

   (Eric Winter as Dash Gardiner)
   (Jenna Dewan Tatum as Freya Beauchamp)
   (Julia Ormond as Joanna Beauchamp)
   (Daniel DiTomasso as Killian Gardiner)
   (Mädchen Amick as Wendy Beauchamp)

We Summon You: Friday, July 25, 7-10PM


We Summon You: Saturday, July 26, 7-10PM

   (Julia Ormond as Joanna Beauchamp)

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