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Witchblade Millennium
Top Cow/Dynamic Forces - 2000

Notes:  Autographs were apparently applied to five different cards, which would
perhaps set a record with 181+ unique autograph cards (three series for each of
twelve artists, numbered to either 700, 200, and 100; maybe five different cards
in each series; plus whatever variations were found in the Keu Cha autographs
distributed only with the card albums).  Plus, Danny Stone reports (thanks!)
that he has discovered glow-in-the-dark cards that don't glow in the dark ...
but confirms that the advertising was misleading, they
should be called "black light" cards instead of glow-in-the-dark. Thanks also
to Leo Diaz for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.88 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Text                                            Type

01    Sara Pezzini's relationship with Kenneth Iron   Classic Covers
02    Since issue one there were talks of the Witch   Classic Covers
03    Most story arcs in comics are typically 3-4 i   Classic Covers
04    M As the man who struck Sara's first partner    Classic Covers
05    A rumour that spread throughout the inner cir   Classic Covers
06    The connection between the Ancient Ones and S   Classic Covers
07    Sara crawled into bed with piece of mind that   Classic Covers
08    Delicate visions escape into the material wor   Classic Covers
09    Many other sordid rumors abound about the Wit   Classic Covers
10    As Nottingham cocks his head back, Sara may h   Classic Covers
11    Arriving in Rio was a surreal experience. I'd   Artists: Michael Turner
12    Trapped in Rio by the underground DNA mangler   Artists: Michael Turner
13    I can't even begin to describe the sense of a   Artists: Michael Turner
14    In times of doubts, the Witchblade abandons i   Artists: Michael Turner
15    Escaping the L42 was one thing, but I had no    Artists: Michael Turner
16    The experimentees had a full advantage since    Artists: Michael Turner
17    Like all the elements, the Witchblade has par   Artists: Michael Turner
18    Under Kenneth Irons' demand, Nottingham was g   Artists: Michael Turner
19    The Witchblade has several conditions and rul   Artists: Michael Turner
20    With the beauty of an angel, Sara Pezzini com   Artists: Michael Turner
21    Jae Lee of Hellshock fame clearly illustrates   Original Art
22    Jae Lee: Sara was about to head into her bedr   Original Art
23    Dorian: A few nights later, Nottingham follow   Original Art
24    John Watson shows off the mysticism of Sara P   Original Art
25    John Watson: Statuesque and nearly Amazonian    Original Art
26    John Watson: The deadly allure of women has b   Original Art
27    Joe Jusko: Might Sara allow herself to be tou   Original Art
28    Matt Busch: Like the exotic jaguar, Sara thri   Original Art
29    Matt Busch: While those who have encountered    Original Art
30    Matt Busch: A creature of the night and the l   Original Art
31    Matt Busch: Dating back centuries if not eons   Original Art
32    Sara, overcome with adrenaline couldn't keep    Artists - Randy Green
33    With all the air sucked into her lungs and no   Artists - Randy Green
34    Sara's heart raced, frantic. Too little time    Artists - Randy Green
35    Sara might dwell on Ian Nottingham's duality    Artists - Randy Green
36    At any given moment to demand Justice the Wit   Artists - Randy Green
37    Perhaps Nottingham might have noticed at firs   Artists - Randy Green
38    Sara took to the streets and while working, k   Artists - Randy Green
39    Ian Nottingham left a note on the door of Sar   Artists - Randy Green
40    Sara looked out her window before heading int   Artists - Randy Green
41    Faced with the dilemma of how to meet her, No   Artists - Randy Green
42    Should she scream? Should she make a break fo   Artists - Randy Green
43    The paradox of Nottingham being a murderer an   Artists - Randy Green
44    The Witchblade is one, but it touches all thr   Artists - Randy Green
45    It was said that one night Sara attempted to    Artists - Randy Green
46    Before Sara had a chance to even pull her wea   Artists - Randy Green
47    Sara crawled into bed with piece of mind that   Classic Covers
48    In issue three we were first beginning to get   Classic Covers
49    Irons' ex-wife was the significance of a spec   Classic Covers
50    While there are rumors about Sara and Notting   Classic Covers
51    Kenneth Irons was based after British actor,    Classic Covers
52    Most super heroes tend to have elaborate cost   Classic Covers
53    Having the Witchblade is quite possibly one o   Classic Covers
54    Delicate visions escape into the material wor   Classic Covers
55    Sara Pezzini has had everything she ever love   Classic Covers
56    The Witchblade knows just what she needs to f   Classic Covers
57    Introspection is something that often overcom   Classic Covers
58    From an early age, Sara Pezzini's father had    Artists - Keu Cha
59    It's not always easy to be the outcast in a c   Artists - Keu Cha
60    While academics proved easy, socializing was    Artists - Keu Cha
61    It would be a few years until Sara learned th   Artists - Keu Cha
62    When she was a teenager, Sara took an interes   Artists - Keu Cha
63    Little did anyone know that Sara's father and   Artists - Keu Cha
64    What would determine ones destiny versus anot   Artists - Keu Cha
65    Did the Witchblade find Sara or did Sara find   Artists - Keu Cha
66    The voices that haunt Sara's nightmares tell    Artists - Keu Cha
67    Sara's nightmares are intertwined with images   Artists - Keu Cha
68    Staring at the latest victim who has been cru   Artists - Keu Cha
69    Looking upon yet another victims family mourn   Artists - Keu Cha
70    As Sara struggles with the pressures of her j   Artists - Keu Cha
71    The Witchblade is dangerously close to overco   Artists - Keu Cha
72    Checklist


Sketch Cards (1:72 packs)

--    Matt Busch
--    Dorian
--    Randy Green
--    Alex Horley
--    Jae Lee
--    Jose Villarrubia
--    John Watson

Chrome Cards (1:12 packs, Art by Michael Turner)

C1    The Witchblade is one, but it touches all thr
C2    Consideration for other's welfare is a must f
C3    A sense of honor is so closely tied to pride
C4    In times of doubts, the Witchblade abandons i
C5    The Witchblade, as completely complex as it i
C6    There are few things I would say that could c

Glow-in-the-Dark Cards (1:12 packs, Art by Keu Cha)

G1    The Woman and the Weapon. She becomes it, it
G2    There is no rest for the Witchblade. Humans o
G3    For any given instance when the Witchblade ta
G4    There is a correlation between the Witchblade
G5    The Witchblade, the possession of it can leav
G6    An angel is what Sara Pezzini has been called

Autographed Cards (1:18 packs)

(Black Ink, Numbered to 700)

--    Matt Busch
--    Christina Z
--    Paul Jenkins
--    Julie Cialini
--    Dorian
--    Randy Green
--    Joe Jusko
--    Jae Lee
--    JD Smith
--    Michael Turner
--    Jose Villarrubia
--    John Watson
--    David Wohl

(Blue Ink, Numbered to 200)

--    Matt Busch
--    Christina Z
--    Paul Jenkins
--    Julie Cialini
--    Dorian
--    Randy Green
--    Joe Jusko
--    Jae Lee
--    JD Smith
--    Jose Villarrubia
--    John Watson
--    David Wohl

(Red Ink, Numbered to 100)

--    Matt Busch
--    Christina Z
--    Paul Jenkins
--    Julie Cialini
--    Dorian
--    Randy Green
--    Joe Jusko
--    Jae Lee
--    JD Smith
--    Jose Villarrubia
--    John Watson
--    David Wohl

Card Album

--    (Binder)
--    (Keu Cha autograph, numbered to 1500)


C1    (Conventions, Michael Turner art)
D1    (Diamond Distribution)
D2    (Diamond Distribution)
D3    (Diamond Distribution)
D4    (Diamond Distribution)
--    (4-up panel, D1-D4, Previews magazine)
H1    (Retailers and Femmes Fatales comic)
W1    (Wizard magazine)
W2    (Wizard magazine)
W3    (Wizard magazine)
W4    (Wizard magazine)
--    Convention Card - Summer 2000 (Unnumbered, Lee/Villarrubia art)
--    (Dealer Sell Sheet)

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©2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2008 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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