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Witchblade (TV, TNT set)
Turner Broadcast System - 2000

Notes:  These unnumbered cards were issued in a cello packet at the 2000 
San Diego Comic Con, by Turner Network Television to promote the series, 
but were also distributed individually. Card backs are identical, touting the 
TNT World Premiere on 27 August 2000 (it was delayed to 7 June 2001), 
and subtitled "Ancient Weapon.  Modern Hero." A related item (not part 
of the SDCC packet) is a 6" x 9" postcard titled "She Has Been Chosen."


    Sara Pezzini
    Jake McCartey
    Danny Woo
    Ian Nottingham
    Kenneth Irons
    Jake and Sara
    Nottingham and Irons
    Sara and Witchblade hand
    Sara aims gun at Nottingham
    Danny, Jake, Irons, Sara, police car
    On stage
    Nottingham has Jake down
    Sara under monitors
    Sara gives pain to Irons
    Irons holds Sara's hand to face
    Sara aims the Blade
    Ancient armor
    Riding with mobile camera

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