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The Wizard of Oz Collector Cards - Series II
Breygent Marketing - 2007

Note:  Further information and scans are posted at the Breygent website.

Box: 40 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.15 per box if collation were perfect.

      No.    Title

        1    A Close Call
        2    A Scare For Dorothy
        3    A Place With No Trouble
        4    Behind the Moon and Beyond the Rain
        5    A Star On the Rise
        6    Outrunning the Tornado
        7    The Real Miss Gulch
        8    A Breathtaking Introduction To Color
        9    "We Must Be Over the Rainbow"
       10    Glinda the Good Witch
       11    "Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are"
       12    An Impromptu Parade
       13    Wicked Witch of the West
       14    The Ruby Slippers Disappear
       15    "I'll Get You My Pretty"
       16    "People Come and Go So Quickly"
       17    Destination Emerald City
       18    No Brain... Only Straw
       19    Dorothy Can't Believe Her Eyes
       20    "I Can't Even Scare a Crow"
       21    Joining Forces
       22    Introducing the Tin Man
       23    "I Can Talk Again"
       24    Wishing For A Heart
       25    Free At Last
       26    "Want To Play Ball?"
       27    Tin Man to the Rescue
       28    The Trio Unites
       29    Enter the Cowardly Lion
       30    Dorothy Takes A Stand
       31    A Cowardly Lion?
       32    A Team of Four
       33    Plotting Another Scheme
       34    "There's Emerald City"
       35    Overcome By A Spell
       36    Glinda To The Rescue
       37    Rendezvous with Dorothy
       38    The Eccentric Doorman
       39    "Nobody Can See the Great Oz"
       40    Dreaming of Being King
       41    A Regal Performance
       42    Filled With Despair
       43    "Please Don't Cry Anymore"
       44    An Audience With the Wizard
       45    "I Am Oz, the Great and Powerful"
       46    "I Am Dorothy, the Small and Meek"
       47    Riddled With Fear
       48    Spooky Signpost
       49    Dropping In
       50    They Can't Believe Their Eyes
       51    Toto Taken Prisoner
       52    "That's You All Over"
       53    Toto Sentenced To Death
       54    Toto Escapes Yet Again
       55    "More Trouble to Me Than You're Worth"
       56    Running Out of Time
       57    Scared to Tears
       58    "I Hope Your Tail Holds Out"
       59    Plotting an Escape Plan
       60    A Joyous Reunion
       61    Smart Move
       62    Dousing the Flames
       63    "I'm melting... melting"
       64    They Can't Believe Their Eyes
       65    The Smoking Remains
       66    Oz's Identity Uncovered
       67    "You're A Very Bad Man"
       68    Doctor of Thinkology
       69    A Technically Unexplainable Journey
       70    "Here's Someone Who Can Help You"
       71    Return to Kansas
       72    Checklist


Puzzle Card 1 Set (1:14 packs)

Question 1   The Wizard of Oz is filled with memorable song
Question 2   During the casting process for The Wizard of O
Question 3   The 10 major characters in The Wizard of Oz we
Question 4   A number of different directors were assigned
Question 5   MGM acquired the services of most of the midge
Question 6   For the scenes shot in the Emerald City, all t
Question 7   The Wizard of Oz was based on a children's boo
Question 8   Two other styles of Ruby Slippers were created
Question 9   The original running time of The Wizard of Oz

Puzzle Card 2 Set (1:14 packs)

Question 1   The Wizard of Oz was filmed over a five month
Question 2   When the casting call went out for The Wizard
Question 3   After the Wizard of Oz was officially and lega
Question 4   Many maintain there is an astounding case of s
Question 5   The American Film Institute published its list
Question 6   When The Wizard of Oz began to play annually o
Question 7   The Wizard of Oz was nominated for six Academy
Question 8   The famous blue and white gingham dress Judy G
Question 9   On February 24, 1988, The Wizard of Oz continu

Magical Places Cards (1:20 packs)

    MP1      The Yellow Brick Road
    MP2      Kansas
    MP3      Munchkinland
    MP4      The Cornfield
    MP5      The Apple Orchard
    MP6      The Haunted Forest
    MP7      The Poppy Field
    MP8      The Emerald City
    MP9      The Wicked Witch's Castle
    MP10     The Wizard's Hall
    MP11     Land of Oz

Characters Cards (1:20 packs)

    CC1      Dorothy
    CC2      Glinda the Good Witch
    CC3      Wicked Witch of the West
    CC4      Scarecrow
    CC5      Tin Man
    CC6      Cowardly Lion
    CC7      Toto
    CC8      Munchkins
    CC9      Winged Monkeys

Munchkins Cards (1:40 packs)

    CSC      Clarence Swensen - Soldier
    DSC1     Donna Jean Johnson - Child Munchkin [green]
    DSC2     Donna Jean Johnson - Child Munchkin [blue]
    KSC      Karl Slover - 1st Trumpeter
    JMC1     Jerry Maren - Lollipop Kid [orange]
    JMC2     Jerry Maren - Lollipop Kid [red]
    MAC      Mickey Carroll / Jerry Maren / Karl Slover
    MCC2     Mickey Carroll - Townsman
    MPC      Margaret Pellegrini - Town Lady
    MPC2     Margaret Pellegrini - Sleepy-Head
    MRC      Meinhardt Raabe - Coroner

Autograph Cards (1:120 packs)

    MC2      Mickey Carroll - Townsman
    DS1      Donna Jean Johnson - Child Munchkin (pink)
    DS2      Donna Jean Johnson - Child Munchkin (orange)
    JM1      Jerry Maren - Lollipop Kid
    MP       Margaret Pellegrini - Sleepy-Head
    MR       Meinhardt Raabe - Coroner
    KS       Karl Slover - 1st Trumpeter
    CS       Clarence Swensen - Soldier
    MA       Mickey Carroll / Jerry Maren / Karl Slover

      3" x 5" Autograph Card

   MPDJ      Margaret Pellegrini / Donna Jean Johnson (99 signed, in boxes)

      5" x 7" Autograph Cards

   MLA       Mickey Carroll / Margaret Pellegrini / Jerry Maren / Donna Jean Johnson /
               Karl Slover (62 signed, in boxes)
   DJMK      Jerry Maren / Karl Slover / Donna Jean Johnson / Margaret Pellegrini  (19 signed, in boxes)

Artist Sketch Cards (1:40 packs)

     --      Kyle Babbitt
     --      Dennis Budd
     --      Jeff Chandler
     --      Cynthia Cummens
     --      Dave Fox
     --      Kevin Graham (cel cards; see below for gold-plated)
     --      Chris Henderson
     --      Jessica Hickman
     --      Scott Houseman
     --      Brian Kong
     --      Michael Kraiger
     --      Jim Kyle
     --      Leah Mangue
     --      Steven Miller
     --      Rich A. Molinelli
     --      Rowena Pagarigan
     --      Sean Pence
     --      Connie Persampieri
     --      Corbett Vanoni

      18kt-Gold Plated Cel Sketch Cards by Kevin Graham

    --       (Apple Tree)
    --       (Cowardly Lion)
    --       (Dorothy; facing forward)
    --       (Dorothy; hair bow)
    --       (Dorothy; right profile)
    --       (Soldier)
    --       (Toto)
    --       (Wizard)

Prop Cards (1:120 packs)

   SHP       Scarecrow's Straw / Cowardly Lion's Hair
   WSH       Scarecrow's Straw / Wagon Wheel / Cowardly Lion
   BSH       Scarecrow's Straw / Yellow Brick / Cowardly Lion's Hair [# to 50]
   WWP       Wagon Wheel
   WBP       Yellow Brick / Wagon Wheel [# to 50]

Box Bottom Card (integral to display box)

   --        (the four companions with the Wizard)

Card Album (sold separately)

   --        (binder)
   --        (one 9-pocket page)
   A         "I Love You All" (Binder Promo - A)

6-case-Incentive Autograph Card (59 signed)

  MLST       Donna Jean Johnson / Jerry Maren / Karl Slover / Margaret Pellegrini


  Promo-1    (Dorothy)
  Promo-2    (Wicked Witch)
  Promo-3    (4 scenes)
  --         (Dorothy and Tin Man; Non-Sport Update)
  --         (Wand and Ruby Slippers; Philly Non-Sports Show)

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