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2006 WNBA Trading Cards - 10th Anniversary
Rittenhouse Archives - 2006

Notes:  Most of the autograph signers signed more than one type of card; 
those with multiple versions are identified with a "+" in the number field 
below. Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets (110): approx. 1.65 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Player / Title                           Team

  1    2005 WNBA Champion Sacramento Monarchs
  2    Lindsay Whalen                           Connecticut Sun
  3    Tamika Whitmore                          Indiana Fever
  4    Tangela Smith                            Charlotte Sting
  5    Alana Beard                              Washington Mystics
  6    Chicago Sky
  7    Vickie Johnson                           San Antonio Silver Stars
  8    Kelly Schumacher                         New York Liberty
  9    Plenette Pierson                         Detroit Shock
 10    Sheryl Swoopes                           Houston Comets
 11    Los Angeles Sparks
 12    Katie Douglas                            Connecticut Sun
 13    Nicole Ohlde                             Minnesota Lynx
 14    Anna DeForge                             Indiana Fever
 15    Swin Cash                                Detroit Shock
 16    Kelly Miller                             Phoenix Mercury
 17    Kara Lawson                              Sacramento Monarchs
 18    Sheka Christon                           New York Liberty
 19    Dominique Canty                          Houston Comets
 20    Sue Bird                                 Seattle Storm
 21    Detroit Shock                            Detroit Shock
 22    Margo Dydek                              Connecticut Sun
 23    Shannon Johnson                          San Antonio Silver Stars
 24    Chandi Jones                             Minnesota Lynx
 25    Cheryl Ford                              Detroit Shock
 26    Katie Feenstra                           San Antonio Silver Stars
 27    Ashley Battle                            New York Liberty
 28    Tammy Sutton-Brown                       Charlotte Sting
 29    Deanna Jackson                           Chicago Sky
 30    Yolanda Griffith                         Sacramento Monarchs
 31    Minnesota Lynx
 32    Asjha Jones                              Connecticut Sun
 33    Nicole Powell                            Sacramento Monarchs
 34    Sancho Lyttle                            Houston Comets
 35    Nykesha Sales                            Connecticut Sun
 36    LaToya Thomas                            San Antonio Silver Stars
 37    Nikki Teasley                            Washington Mystics
 38    Kara Braxton                             Detroit Shock
 39    Rebekkah Brunson                         Sacramento Monarchs
 40    Lauren Jackson                           Seattle Storm
 41    Phoenix Mercury
 42    Brooke Wyckoff                           Chicago Sky
 43    Betty Lennox                             Seattle Storm
 44    Tan White                                Indiana Fever
 45    Dawn Staley                              Houston Comets
 46    Washington Mystics
 47    Svetlana Abrosimova                      Minnesota Lynx
 48    Mandisa Stevenson                        Phoenix Mercury
 49    Chantelle Anderson                       San Antonio Silver Stars
 50    Deanna Nolan                             Detroit Shock
 51    Indiana Fever
 52    Le'coe Willingham                        Connecticut Sun
 53    Stacey Dales                             Chicago Sky
 54    Tully Bevilaqua                          Indiana Fever
 55    Ruth Riley                               Detroit Shock
 56    Janell Burse                             Seattle Storm
 57    Doneeka Hodges-Lewis                     Los Angeles Sparks
 58    Stacey Lovelace                          Chicago Sky
 59    Hamchetou Maiga-Ba                       Sacramento Monarchs
 60    Tamika Catchings                         Indiana Fever
 61    New York Liberty
 62    Jamie Carey                              Connecticut Sun
 63    DeLisha Milton-Jones                     Washington Mystics
 64    Elaine Powell                            Chicago Sky
 65    Laurie Koehn                             Washington Mystics
 66    Allison Feaster                          Charlotte Sting
 67    Shyra Ely                                San Antonio Silver Stars
 68    Ticha Penicheiro                         Sacramento Monarchs
 69    Laura Summerton                          Connecticut Sun
 70    Diana Taurasi                            Phoenix Mercury
 71    Seattle Storm
 72    Kristin Haynie                           Sacramento Monarchs
 73    Iziane Castro Marques                    Seattle Storm
 74    Tamika Williams                          Minnesota Lynx
 75    Marie Ferdinand                          San Antonio Silver Stars
 76    Belinda Snell                            Phoenix Mercury
 77    Mwadi Mabika                             Los Angeles Sparks
 78    Loree Moore                              New York Liberty
 79    Crystal Robinson                         Washington Mystics
 80    Taj McWilliams-Franklin                  Connecticut Sun
 81    Houston Comets
 82    Kendra Wecker                            San Antonio Silver Stars
 83    Janel McCarville                         Charlotte Sting
 84    Kristen Mann                             Minnesota Lynx
 85    Chamique Holdsclaw                       Los Angeles Sparks
 86    Tanisha Wright                           Seattle Storm
 87    Kamila Vodichkova                        Phoenix Mercury
 88    Christi Thomas                           Los Angeles Sparks
 89    Chasity Melvin                           Washington Mystics
 90    Lisa Leslie                              Los Angeles Sparks
 91    Tina Thompson                            Houston Comets
 92    Connecticut Sun
 93    Erin Buescher                            Sacramento Monarchs
 94    Chelsea Newton                           Chicago Sky
 95    Katie Smith                              Detroit Shock
 96    Temeka Johnson                           Los Angeles Sparks
 97    Sheri Sam                                Charlotte Sting
 98    Wendy Palmer                             Seattle Storm
 99    DeMya Walker                             Sacramento Monarchs
100    Becky Hammon                             New York Liberty
101    Charlotte Sting
102    Charlotte Smith                          Charlotte Sting
103    Cathrine Kraayeveld                      New York Liberty
104    Tamecka Dixon                            Houston Comets
105    Michelle Snow                            Houston Comets
106    Vanessa Hayden                           Minnesota Lynx
107    San Antonio Silver Stars
108    Sue Bird - Lauren Jackson                Checklist
109    Yolanda Griffith - DeMya Walker          Checklist
110    Lisa Leslie - Chamique Holdsclaw         Checklist


2005 WNBA Finals/Playoffs (1:7 packs)

P1     Connecticut Defeats Detroit, 2-0
P2     Indiana Defeats New Yori, 2-0
P3     Sacramento defeats Los Angeles, 2-0
P4     Houston Defeats Seattle, 2-1
P5     Connecticut Defeats Indiana, 2-0
P6     Sacramento Defeats Houston, 2-0
P7     Monarchs Oushine Sun in Game 1
P8     Sun Shines Brightly in Game 2
P9     Monarchs Rule over Sun in Game 3
P10    Monarchs Reign Supreme!

2005 Team Leaders (1:8 packs)

TL1    Charlotte Sting
TL2    Connecticut Sun
TL3    Detroit Shock
TL4    Houston Comets
TL5    Indiana Fever
TL6    Los Angeles Sparks
TL7    Minnesota Lynx
TL8    New York Liberty
TL9    Phoenix Mercury
TL10   Sacramento Monarchs
TL11   San Antonio Silver Stars
TL12   Seattle Storm
TL13   Washington Mystics

2005 League Leaders (1:20 packs)

LL1    Points per Game (Swoopes)
LL2    Assists per Game (Bird)
LL3    Rebounds per Game (Ford)
LL4    Steals per Game (Catchings)
LL5    Blocked Shots per Game (Dydek)
LL6    Free Throw Percentage (Hammon)
LL7    3-Point Field Goal Percentage (Koehn)
LL8    Field Goal Percentage (Snow)
LL9    Double-Doubles (Jackson/Ford)

2005 Draft Picks (1:60 packs; # to 333)

RC1    Seimone Augustus                         Minnesota Lynx
RC2    Cappie Pondexter                         Phoenix Mercury
RC3    Monique Currie                           Charlotte Sting
RC4    Sophia Young                             San Antonio Silver Stars
RC5    Lisa Willis                              Los Angeles Sparks
RC6    Candice Dupree                           Chicago Sky
RC7    Shona Thorburn                           Minnesota Lynx
RC8    Tamara James                             Washington Mystics
RC9    La'Tangela Atkinson                      Indiana Fever
RC10   Tye'sha Fluker                           Charlotte Sting
RC11   Barbara Turner                           Seattle Storm
RC12   Sherill Baker                            New York Li berty
RC13   Kim Smith                                Sacramento Monarchs
RC14   Ann Strother                             Phoenix Mercury
RC15   Shanna Zolman                            San Antonio Silver Stars
RC16   Ambrosia Anderson                        Connecticut Sun
RC17   Liz Shimik                               Chicago Sky
RC18   Nikki Blue                               Washington Mystics
RC19   Mistie Williams                          Houston Comets
RC20   LaToya Boyd                              Charlotte Sting
RC21   Erin Phillips                            Connecticut Sun
RC22   Megan Mahoney                            Connecticut Sun

All-WNBA Official Patch Cards (1:160 packs; # to 250)

    First Team

P1     Sheryl Swoopes
P2     Sue Bird
P3     Yolanda Griffith
P4     Lauren Jackson
P5     Deanna Nolan

    Second Team

P6     Tamika Catchings
P7     Diana Taurasi
P8     Taj McWilliams-Franklin
P9     Lisa Leslie
P10    Becky Hammon

Autograph Cards (1:20 packs)

    WNBA Champion Sacramento Monarchs

 --    Rebekkah Brunson
 --    Erin Buescher
  +    Yolanda Griffith (Champion)
  +    Yolanda Griffith (MVP)
  +    Yolanda Griffith (Monarchs)
 --    Kristin Haynie
 --    Kara Lawson
 --    Hamchetou Maiga
  +    Chelsea Newton (Champion)
 --    Ticha Penichiero
 --    Nicole Powell
 --    Olympia Scott-Richardson
 --    DeMya Walker
 --    John Whisenant

    2005 All-Rookie Team

 --    Kara Braxton                             Detroit Shock
  +    Katie Feenstra (All-Rookie Team)         San Antonio Silver Stars
  +    Katie Feenstra (Silver Stars)            San Antonio Silver Stars
  +    Temeka Johnson (All-Rookie Team)         Washington Mystics
  +    Temeka Johnson (Rookie of the Year)      Washington Mystics
  +    Chelsea Newton (All-Rookie Team)         Sacramento Monarchs
 --    Tan White                                Indiana Fever

    More WNBA Stars

 --    Svetlana Abrosimova                      Minnesota Lynx
  +    Sue Bird (First Team)                    Seattle Storm
  +    Sue Bird (Assists Leader)                Seattle Storm
  +    Sue Bird (street clothes)                Seattle Storm
  +    Tamika Catchings (Second Team)           Indiana Fever
  +    Tamika Catchings (Defensive POTY)        Indiana Fever
  +    Tamika Catchings (street clothes)        Indiana Fever
  +    Anna DeForge (uniform)                   Phoenix Mercury
  +    Anna DeForge (street clothes)            Phoenix Mercury
  +    Marie Ferdinand (uniform)                San Antonio Silver Stars
  +    Marie Ferdinand (street clothes)         San Antonio Silver Stars
  +    Cheryl Ford (uniform)                    Detroit Shock
  +    Cheryl Ford (street clothes)             Detroit Shock
  +    Becky Hammon (warmups)                   New York Liberty
  +    Becky Hammon (street clothes)            New York Liberty
  +    Chamique Holdsclaw (uniform)             Los Angeles Sparks
  +    Chamique Holdsclaw (street clothes)      Los Angeles Sparks
 --    Janel McCarville                         Charlotte Sting
  +    Taj McWilliams-Franklin (Second Team)    Connecticut Sun
  +    Taj McWilliams-Franklin (Sportsmanship)  Connecticut Sun
  +    Taj McWilliams-Franklin (street clothes) Connecticut Sun
 --    DeLisha Milton-Jones                     Washington Mystics
  +    Deanna Nolan (First Team)                Detroit Shock
  +    Deanna Nolan (street clothes)            Detroit Shock
 --    Nicole Ohlde                             Minnesota Lynx
  +    Ruth Riley (uniform)                     Detroit Shock
  +    Ruth Riley (street clothes)              Detroit Shock
 --    Tangela Smith                            Charlotte Sting
  +    Michelle Snow (headband)                 Houston Comets
  +    Michelle Snow (street clothes)           Houston Comets
  +    Sheryl Swoopes (First Team)              Houston Comets
  +    Sheryl Swoopes (All-Star Game MVP)       Houston Comets
  +    Sheryl Swoopes (2005 League MVP)         Houston Comets
  +    Sheryl Swoopes (street clothes)          Houston Comets
  +    Diana Taurasi (Second Team)              Phoenix Mercury
  +    Diana Taurasi (street clothes)           Phoenix Mercury
 --    Ann Wauters                              New York Liberty
 --    Lindsay Whalen [binder exclusive]        Connecticut Sun

Game-Used Relic/Jersey Cards (1:40 packs)

    East All-Star Team

RE1    Alana Bears                              Washington Mystics
RE2    Swin Cash                                Detroit Shock
RE3    Tamika Catchings                         Indiana Fever
RE4    Cheryl Ford                              Detroit Shock
RE5    Becky Hammon                             New York Liberty
RE6    Taj McWilliams-Franklin                  Connecticut Sun
RE7    Deanna Nolan                             Detroit Shock
RE8    Ruth Riley                               Detroit Shock
RE9    Nykesha Sales                            Connecticut Sun
RE10   Dawn Staley                              Charlotte Sting
RE11   Ann Wauters                              New York Liberty

    West All-Star Team

RW1    Sue Bird                                 Seattle Storm
RW2    Marie Ferdinand                          San Antonio Silver Stars
RW3    Yolanda Griffith                         Sacramento Monarchs
RW4    Chamique Holdsclaw                       Los Angeles Sparks
RW5    Lauren Jackson                           Seattle Storm
RW6    Lisa Leslie                              Los Angeles Sparks
RW7    Katie Smith                              Minnesota Lynx
RW8    Michelle Snow                            Houston Comets
RW9    Sheryl Swoopes                           Houston Comets
RW10   Diana Taurasi                            Phoenix Mercury
RW11   DeMya Walker                             Sacramento Monarchs

Case-Topper Card

CT1    Tan White / Katie Feenstra (dual jersey card)

Collector's Album (sold separately)

 --    (binder)
 --    (15 nine-pocket pages)
 --    Lindsay Whalen (exclusive autograph; also listed above)
 P2    Lindsay Whalen (album exclusive promo)

Multi-Case Dealer Incentive Cards

AR3    Yolanda Griffith (autographed jersey; # to 333; 2 cases)
AR4    Temeka Johnson (autographed jersey; # to 150; 6 cases)
AR5    Sheryl Swoopes (autographed jersey; # to 150; 6 cases)

Archive Box

 --    (master set of all cards distributed in packs)


 P1    Diana Taurasi
 P2    Lindsay Whalen (binder exclusive; also listed above)
NSCC1  Seimone Augustus (National Sports Card Con)
 --    (4-card panel; WNBA All-Star Game)
 --    (dealer sell sheet)

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