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   5FINITY Productions - 2012

Notes: The sketch-card series was originally distributed exclusively through 
Zenescope Entertainment at ComicCon 2012. Several artists contributed cards 
that were later distributed for charity events. Further information and scans are 
posted at the 5FINITY website.

Sketch cards by Ashleigh Popplewell for this series were stolen from the mails. 
If observed, please notify the artist or manufacturer.

250 premium packs produced.

    Artist             Quantity (incl. Artist Returns)

    Amber Stone                   20
    Ana Rollins                   12
    Andy Black                     8
    Arley "Arturo" Tucker          8
    Bianca Thompson               24
    Bill Maus                     40
    Bill McKay                    12
    Boo                           20
    Daniel Leister                 8
    David Harrigan                 8
    Denae Frazier                 12
    George Webber                 20
    Kelly Everaert                12
    Kristin Allen                  8
    Luke Smarto                   20
    Lynne Anderson                12
    Mel Uran                      20
    Nei Ruffino                   10
    Patrick Finch                  6
    Roger Andrews                  5
    Ryan Kincaid                  16
    Scott Rorie                   12

Charity Sketches (sold outside packs)

    Danielle Gransaull (Soloud)   24
    Louis Small
    Vo Nguyen
    Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar           20
    Hayden Davis
    Roy Cover                     24
    Penelope "Peng" Gaylord       24


    (Emerald City Comic Con 2014)
    (C2E2 Show April 2014)

   Puzzle Promo Sets (Louis Small art; 2015)

Promo   (lady, top)
Promo   (lady, bottom)

Promo   (blue, finger to mouth, cat; left)
Promo   (black, rabbit, cat; right)

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