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Tiger Woods Collection
   Upper Deck - 2001

Notes: Cards were sold as a complete set in a tin.

    No.    Title / Card Text

Making of a Champion

  TWC1     Concentration is key in the game of golf, and even
  TWC2     Practice makes perfect they say, and never has tha
  TWC3     When Tiger was six, he got an early dose of celebr
  TWC4     When Tiger captured the U.S. Junior Amateur Champi
  TWC5     Tiger followed up his record-setting performance i
  TWC6     Despite already being one of the most talented gol
  TWC7     The 1996 season foreshadowed the incredible year T
  TWC8     It was a late August day in '96 when the game of g

Tiger's Best

  TWC9     First PGA victory
  TWC10    Rookie of the Year
  TWC11    Male Athlete of the Year
  TWC12    PGA TOUR Player of the Year
  TWC13    Comeback at Pebble Beach
  TWC14    6 straight TOUR wins
  TWC15    Tiger's sub-par streak
  TWC16    Making the cut

The Majors

  TWC17    Tiger becomes the youngest to win the Masters
  TWC18    Tiger wins the 1999 PGA Championship in Medinah, I
  TWC19    Tiger wins by 15 strokes at the 2000 US Open
  TWC20    Tiger sets a record at St. Andrews
  TWC21    Tiger captures the 2000 PGA Championship at Valhal
  TWC22    Tiger blazes his way to a sixth major
  TWC23    Tiger earns a career grand slam
  TWC24    Tiger claims three of four majors in 2000
  TWC25    Tiger defends his PGA Championship in 2000

Commemorative Card (3" x 5")

  TWC26    Career Grand Slam

     --    (tin)

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