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Saldino Cards Inc./Woodstock Ventures - 1994

Notes:  Produced under license from Great Entertainment Merchandise, Inc.;
card fronts have images in black and white from Woodstock: Each card has a
gold-foil-stamped Woodstock logo in right upper corner and "WOODSTOCK"
in blue letters across the bottom of card fronts. Backs are mostly gray, and
when placed in a 9-pocket page, form a puzzle image that shows the Dove and
a Guitar Fret plus "3 Days of Peace & Music." Cards do not have titles printed
on them; the titles below are the ones printed on the set checklist, card number
9.  Thanks much to LMA for the list and descriptions!

No.   Title

  1   Sit-In
  2   Richie Havens
  3   Poster
  4   Wavy Gravy
  5   Highrise
  6   Michael Lang
  7   Ticket
  8   John Sebastian
  9   400,000 Fans

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