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World Class Athletes
Classic Games - 1992

Note:  I don't exclude sets like these as "sports cards" because they mainly
feature athletes outside the "big four" professional sports fanaticisms. The set
was "limited" to a mere 295,000 factory sets; somehow I think that not that
many were printed. Thanks much to Michael Kartchner for the list assist!

No.   Athlete                        Event / Position

  1   Carl Lewis                     100-M, 200-M, Long Jump, 4x100-M Relay
  2   Larry Bird                     Forward - Boston Celtics
  3   Jennifer Capriati              Tennis
  4   Matt Biondi                    Freestyle, Butterfly
  5   Tom Jager                      Freestyle, Backstroke
  6   Janet Evans                    Freestyle
  7   Mark Spitz                     Butterfly, Freestyle
  8   Pablo Morales                  Butterfly
  9   Mike Barrowman                 Breaststroke
 10   Anita Nall                     Breaststroke
 11   Kent Ferguson                  1 & 3 Meter Springboard
 12   Wendy Lucero-Schayes           1 & 3 Meter Springboard
 13   Wendy Lian Williams            Platform Diving
 14   Leroy Burrell                  100-Meter, 200-Meter, Long Jump
 15   Michael Johnson                200-Meter, 400-Meter
 16   Mike Powell                    Long Jump
 17   Mark Lenzi                     1 & 3 Meter Springboard
 18   Al Joyner                      Hurdles, Triple Jump
 19   Dave Johnson                   Decathlon
 20   Jackie Joyner-Kersee           Long Jump, Hurdles, Heptathlon
 21   Craig Wilson                   Water Polo
 22   Florence Griffith Joyner       100-Meter, 200-Meter, 400-Meter
 23   Gwen Torrence                  100-Meter, 200-Meter, 4x100-Meter Relay
 24   Matt Scoggin                   3-Meter Springboard, 10-Meter Platform
 25   Kim Zmeskal                    Gymnastics
 26   Betty Okino                    Gymnastics
 27   Nadia Comaneci                 Gymnastics
 28   Bela Karolyi                   Gymnastics Coach
 29   Bart Conner                    Gymnastics
 30   Chris Waller                   Gymnastics
 31   Caren Kemner                   Volleyball
 32   Steve Timmons                  Volleyball
 33   Scott Fortune                  Volleyball
 34   Muhammad Ali                   Boxing
 35   Bob Ctvrtlik                   Volleyball
 36   Michael Chang                  Tennis
 37   Pete Sampras                   Tennis
 38   Mary Joe Fernandez             Tennis
 39   Norman Bellingham              Rowing
 40   Greg Barton                    Rowing
 41   Oscar De La Hoya               Boxing
 42   Tim Austin                     Boxing
 43   Eric Griffin                   Boxing
 44   Ivan Robinson                  Boxing
 45   Jim Abbott                     Pitcher - California Angels
 46   Jim Courier                    Tennis
 47   Jennifer Azzi                  Guard - Stanford University
 48   Katrina McClain                Forward/Center - Univ. of Georgia
 49   Scottie Pippen                 Forward - Chicago Bulls
 50   John Stockton                  Guard - Utah Jazz
 51   Patrick Ewing                  Center - New York Knicks
 52   Charles Barkley                Forward - Philadelphia 76ers
 53   Dan O'Brien                    Decathlon
 54   Melvin Stewart                 Butterfly
 55   Desmond Howard                 Wide Receiver - Univ. of Michigan
 56   Raghib "Rocket" Ismail         Wide Receiver - Notre Dame
 57   Deion Sanders                  Outfield/Cornerback - Atlanta Braves/Atlanta Falcons
 58   Carl Lewis                     "Life in the Fast Lane"
 59   Pete Sampras                   "Pistol Pete"
 60   Dan O'Brien and Dave Johnson   "To Be Settled ..."

 --   Certificate of Limited Edition


  1   Carl Lewis
  3   Pete Sampras
  4   Betty, Kim & Bela
  5   FloJo & Jackie
  6   Janet Evans

©2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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