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World of Fantasy
   Breygent Marketing - 2012

Notes: Master sets with all autograph and chase Z-Cards were also distributed. 
Thanks to Mark Pratt for the update!

Box: set of 19 base + 18 3-D cards, 1 Z-Sketch Art Card.
700 sets made.

     No.    Artist                    Quantity

         Base Cards

Checklist   World of Fantasy
   AG       Allen Geneta
   AM       Albert Morales
   AP       Ashleigh Popplewell
   BC       Benjo Camay
   CG       Chris Gibbs
   GK       Gary Kezele
   GV       George Vega
   JR       Jezreel Rojales
   JW       Josh Werner
   MP       Mary Jane Pajaron
   MV       Mike Vasquez
   NC       Nestor Celario
   NV       NJ Valenzuela
   RC       Roy Cover
   SL       Steve Lydic
   SM       Steve Miller
   TD       Tim Dowler
   TS       Tod Smith

         3-D Lenticular Cards

  L-1       Chris Foulkes
  L-2       Danny Silva
  L-3       Dave Myers
  L-4       Jed Dumawal
  L-5       Jomar Bulda, Omi Remalante
  L-6       Puis Calzada
  L-7       Tim Levandoski
  L-8       Tim Shay
  L-9       Rich Molinelli
  L-10      Adam Cleveland
  L-11      Babisu Kourtis
  L-12      Bianca Thompson
  L-13      Carolyn Edwards
  L-14      Mary Jane Pajaron
  L-15      Mike Vasquez
  L-16      George Webber
  L-17      Jim Kyle
  L-18      Steve Miller, Kim Black


Autograph Z-Cards (3:box)

  ZA-AC1    Adam Cleveland [face forward monarch]
  ZA-AC2    Adam Cleveland [left profile monarch]
  ZA-CG1    Chris Gibbs
  ZA-CM1    Chris Meeks
  ZA-DF1    Denae Frazier
  ZA-GK1    Gary Kezele
  ZA-GW1    George Webber
  ZA-JK1    Jim Kyle
  ZA-RC1    Roy Cover [silver hair gold spear]
  ZA-RC2    Roy Cover [bald red horns face]
  ZA-SM1    Steve Miller [right profile gold sword]
  ZA-SM2    Steve Miller [forward head shot]
  ZA-TS1    Tim Shay

Chase Z-Cards (5:box)

  Z-AC1     Adam Cleveland [face forward monarch]
  Z-AC2     Adam Cleveland [left profile monarch]
  Z-CG1     Chris Gibbs
  Z-CM1     Chris Meeks
  Z-DF1     Denae Frazier
  Z-GK1     Gary Kezele
  Z-GW1     George Webber
  Z-JK1     Jim Kyle
  Z-NJV1    NJ Valenzuela [blue face]
  Z-NJV2    NJ Valenzuela [green woman]
  Z-RC1     Roy Cover [silver hair gold spear]
  Z-RC2     Roy Cover [bald red horns face]
  Z-SM1     Steve Miller [right profile gold sword]
  Z-SM2     Steve Miller [forward head shot]
  Z-TS1     Tim Shay

Sketch Z-Cards (1:box)

            Darrel Bevan                    10
            Jomar Bulda                     36
            Puis Calzada                    30
            Benjo Camay                     10
            Nestor Celario Jr.              10
            Darren Chandler                  7
            Adam Cleveland                  12
            Adam & Bekah Cleveland          ??
          * Aston Roy Cover                 20
            Paul Cowan                      15
            Tim Dowler                      15
            Jed Dumawal                     ??
            Carolyn Edwards                  8
            Marcelo Ferreira                42
            Jason Flowers                   10
            Chris Foulkes                   20
            Denae Frazier                   10
          * Mike Gallagher                  18
            Allen Geneta                    10
            Dan Gorman                      15
            Dustin Graham                   10
            Chuck Jett                      10
          * Nikole Jones                    10
          * Gary Kezele                      6
            Babisu Kourtis                  15
          * Jim Kyle                        10
            Elfie Lebouleux                 ??
            Tim Levandoski                  10
            Steve Lydic                     ??
            Mark Maddox                     10
            Gemma Magno                     ??
            Mark Marvida                    ??
            Chris Meeks                     10
            Steve Miller                     8
            Rich Molinelli                   9
            Albert Morales                  37
            Dave "ZK12" Myers               10
            Mary Jane "MJ" Pajaron          10
            Gisela Pizzatto                 30
            Ashleigh Popplewell             10
            Ivan Edmundo Rodriguez          30
            Jezreel Rojales                 16
            MJ San Juan                     ??
            Dave Sharpe                      5
            Tim Shay                         4
            Danny Silva                     20
            Tod Allen Smith                 10
            Jake Sumbing                    ??
          * Bianca Thompson                 10
            Nikki J. Valenzuela             15
            Mike Vasquez                    12
            George Vega                     10
            Andrew Villar                   ??
            Amos Villar                     ??
            George Webber                   10
            Joshua Werner                   10
            Steve Willhite                  10
            Lin Workman                     10

New York Comic-Con Collector Packs Z-Sketch Cards

            Nestor Celario Jr.               5
            Adam Cleveland                  ??
            Adam & Bekah Cleveland          ??
            Aston Roy Cover                 10
            Paul Cowan                      10
            Tim Dowler                      23
            Carolyn Edwards                  2
            Bien Flores                     15
            Jason Flowers                   15
            Chris Foulkes                   10
            Denae Frazier                   10
            Rusty Gilligan                   4
            Dan Gorman                      10
            Chuck Jett                      10
            Babisu Kourtis                  ??
            Elfie Lebouleux                 ??
            Steve Lydic                     10
            Mark Maddox                     ??
            Dave "ZK12" Myers                6
            Jezreel Rojales                 20
            Danny Silva                     ??
            Jake Sumbing                    ??
            Nikki J. Valenzuela             14
            George Webber                   10
            Steve Willhite                   9


  NY-1      Chris Meeks [New York Comic-Con]
  NY-2      George Webber [New York Comic-Con]
Red Robin   Jim Kyle [# to 100]
Red Robin   Jim Kyle [# to  20 Dealer]
Philly-1    Tim Shay [Philly Non-Sports Card Show]
Philly-2    Gary Kezele [Philly Non-Sports Card Show]
Philly-3    Steve Miller [Philly Non-Sports Card Show]

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