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World in Arms
   Gum, Inc. - 1939
Fighting Forces
   Gum, Inc. (Canada) - 1939

Notes: The Canadian release tried to make the series less United States-centric, 
and even changed the title. The U.S. set (ACC reference number R173) has cream 
card backs, with the caption "Can America Maintain Peace with THE WORLD 
IN ARMS?" The Canada set (ACC reference number V276) has gray backs and 
the "Fighting Forces" caption.

The sets are numbered within subsets. The first half of each subset had a different 
back design ("a") from the second half ("b"). In the Canadian version, "a" displays 
the set composition, while "b" shows part of the descriptive text in French. In the 
U.S. version, "a" is marked "This is one of a series of Airplanes, Ships, Iron 
Calvary [sic], Field Artillery, Fortifications, and Miscellaneous Arms of the 
World." "b" is marked "Save to get these 120 cards: 40 Airplanes; 30 Ships; 10 
Iron Cavalry 10 Field Artillery; 10 Fortifications; 20 Miscellaneous World Arms."
Because only 48 cards were issued, I assume that the rest of the "120" might have 
had even other back designs.

No.   Title                                          Canadian Title (if different)


  1   United States "Flying Fortress"
  2   German Junkers Bomber                          Junkers Bomber
  3   Italian Breda Fighters                         Breda Fighters
  4   British Mayo Composite "Pick-a-back" Plane
  5   Spanish Loring Reconnaissance Ship
  6   Czechoslovakian Avia Fighter
  7   Swedish Junkers Bomber
  8   Royal Canadian Air Force Vickers "Vedette"
  9   United States "DC-4"
 10   Belgian Multi-seat "GR-8" Fighter
 11   Irish Avro Anson Reconnaissance Plane
 12   Russian Mystery Single-seat Fighter
 13   French Torpedo Planes Escorting Giant Latecoere
 14   Latvian Two-seat Reconnaissance Ship
 15   Australian "Wirraway" All-purpose Ship
 16   Dutch Fokker "D-21" Fighter

Field Artillery

  1   United States 3-inch Anti-aircraft Gun
  2   United States 75 mm. Field Gun
  3   United States 75 mm. Howitzer
  4   United States .30-Caliber Heavy Machine Gun


  1   U. S. Quick-firing Rail-mounted Coast Gun
  2   Guns of the Maginot Line in Action
  3   Heligoland
  4   The Mareth Line

Iron Cavalry

  1   United States Armored Scout Car
  2   United States High-speed Tank
  3   Italian Flame-throwing Tank                    Flame-throwing Tank
  4   Japanese Scout Motorcycle


  1   Italian Flame-Throwers                         Flame-Throwers
  2   British Death-dealing Balloon Barrage
  3   Landing Russian "Air Infantry"
  4   The New Garand Automatic Rifle
  5   British Portable Steel Air Raid Shelter
  6   Gas Raid Rescue Squad
  7   Stream of Torpedoes
  8   Devastating Martin-Barlow Aerial Bomb


  1   United States Battleship "Mississippi"
  2   French Battleship "Dunkerque"
  3   British Fifteen-ton "Hornet," Torpedo Boat
  4   Japanese Destroyer "Fubuki" Sinking Junk
  5   Italian Cruiser "Zara"
  6   New German Submarine
  7   United States Heavy Cruiser "Indianapolis"
  8   Spanish Nationalist Cruiser "Canarias"
  9   German Motor Torpedo Boat                      Motor Torpedo Boat
 10   Japanese Aircraft Carrier "Akagi"
 11   British Battleship "Rodney"
 12   Italian M. A. S. Boat

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