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Bernie Wrightson: Master of the Macabre
FPG - 1993

Notes:  Thanks to Jan Burns Cederquist, Jerry Wood, Jim Goodwin, and 
Mike Speth for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.64 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title

  1    Lazarus Syndrome
  2    Foul Harvest
  3    Resurrection
  4    Stalemate
  5    After Midnight
  6    The Premature Burial
  7    Hangover
  8    Knights of the Living Dead
  9    Late Caller
 10    Just Before Dawn
 11    Tapeworm
 12    Mudslide
 13    Parole Review
 14    The Prize
 15    Heads Up
 16    Moving Day
 17    Taproot
 18    Larva
 19    Theo and Roger
 20    First Frost
 21    Panthera
 22    Centaura
 23    The Kiss
 24    Cosmic Volleyball
 25    Exterminatrix
 26    Out All Night
 27    Night's End
 28    Unrevokable Invitation
 29    All Freaked Out
 30    Avenger
 31    The Black Cat
 32    Masque of the Red Death
 33    The Cask of Amontillado
 34    Murders in the Rue Morgue
 35    Sleepy Hollow
 36    Heads, You Lose
 37    Lower Berth
 38    Free Fall
 39    Amphibious Indigents
 40    Freaks
 41    Visitor
 42    Badtime Stories
 43    Hanover Fiste
 44    Moonpool
 45    The Barbarian
 46    Spellbound
 47    Drop In Any Time
 48    The Oz Effect
 49    Exterminator
 50    Mausoleum
 51    The Very Devil
 52    Newts to You
 53    Indecision
 54    Distant Thunder
 55    Gesundheit
 56    Ramone and Escamillo
 57    Lost in the Woods
 58    Creeper
 59    Purgatory
 60    Technicolor Yawn
 61    Harry, The Happy Headsman
 62    Orthodonty 1
 63    Soft Soldier
 64    Gentlemen of Adventure Wear Arrow Collars and Shirts
 65    The Quagmire
 66    Siegfried
 67    Amphiuma
 68    Loggerhead
 69    Under Distant Moons
 70    Up For Air
 71    Stegosaurus
 72    T-Rex
 73    Snapper Attack
 74    Seventh Inning Stretch
 75    You Can Never Find Godzilla When You Really Need Him
 76    Amphibious Assault
 77    Fish Sticks
 78    Devolution
 79    From Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long-Leggedy
       ... Beasties and Things that Go Bump in the Night, May
       ... the Good Lord Deliver Us.
 80    Taking No Chances
 81    Defender of the Keep
 82    Guardian of the Well of Souls
 83    Vitus and Hjalmar
 84    Rude Noises
 85    Stormdrain
 86    Indigestion
 87    Midnight Snack
 88    Eels
 89    Mementoes
 90    Checklist

Frankenstein Subset

F- 1   The Unexpected
F- 2   Wretched Condition
F- 3   In Search of Secrets
F- 4   The Lecture
F- 5   Deep in Study
F- 6   Dirty Work
F- 7   Failure
F- 8   Recourse to Death
F- 9   The Creator
F-10   Eye of the Beholder
F-11   His Eyes Were Fixed on Me
F-12   A Flash of Lightning
F-13   My Imagination Was Busy
F-14   The Scaffold
F-15   Confrontation
F-16   Fear My Vengeance
F-17   The Maw of Death
F-18   The Brook
F-19   Escape
F-20   Despondence and Mortification
F-21   A Hideous Reflection
F-22   Close Attention
F-23   Perpetual Exile
F-24   The Leather Portmanteau
F-25   Accursed Creator
F-26   Ready, Aim, Fire
F-27   Descending the Mountain
F-28   Strasbourg to Rotterdam
F-29   For the Sake of Information
F-30   A Filthy Process
F-31   The Laboratory
F-32   Never Again
F-33   Cast Into the Sea
F-34   Discovery
F-35   The Coffin
F-36   Bitter Tears
F-37   Lifeless
F-38   Utter Exhaustion
F-39   The Journey
F-40   Mountains of Ice
F-41   With a Feeble Voice
F-42   Departure
F-43   Where Can I Find Rest but in Death
F-44   Abandonment
F-45   Frankenstein Checklist


Hologram Cards

 H1    Rude Awakening
 H2    Uninvited
 H3    Late Arrivals

Gold Hologram Cards (1 set of 3 per case)

 GH1   Rude Awakening
 GH2   Uninvited
 GH3   Late Arrivals

Autographed cards (1000 signed)

 --    Bernie Wrightson

Card Album

 --   (Binder)
 --   Snapper's Quest (exclusive binder card)


---    Bernie Wrightson: "Master of the Macabre" (Frankenstein Hologram; Previews cover)
---    Bernie Wrightson: "Master of the Macabre" (image of card 12; Advance Comics)
---    Bernie Wrightson: "Master of the Macabre" (monster chasing woman;
         2-1/2" square + 1" left border, "HWDC"; Advance Comics)
---  (6-card panel with cards from Achilleos 2, Joe Jusko ERB 1, Mike Ploog;
        Jeffrey Jones 2, Ken Kelly 2, Bernie Wrightson 1; San Diego Comic Con 1993)
---    (dealer sell sheet)

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