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WWE Champions 2011
Topps - 2011

Notes:  Many thanks to for assistance!

Box: 24 packs of 7 cards. 8 boxes/case.
Common sets: approx. 1.78 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

    Wrestlemania XXVI

  1   Undertaker Defeats Shawn Michaels
  2   Big Show-Miz Defeats John Morrison & R-Truth
  3   Randy Orton Defeats Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase
  4   Jack Swagger Wins the Money in the Bank
  5   Triple H Defeats Sheamus
  6   Rey Mysterio Defeats CM Punk
  7   10-Diva Tag Team Match
  8   John Cena Defeats Batista for the WWE Championship

    WWE Champions

  9   Sheamus
 10   Randy orton
 11   The Miz

    World Heavyweight Champions

 12   Rey Mysterio
 13   Kane
 14   Edge
 15   Dolph Ziggler
 16   Edge

    Intercontinental Champions

 17   Kofi Kingston
 18   Dolph Ziggler
 19   Kofi Kingston
 20   Wate Barrett

    United States Champions

 21   R-Truth
 22   The Miz
 23   Daniel Bryan
 24   Sheamus

    Tag Team Champions

 25   David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd
 26   Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre
 27   David Otunga & John Cena
 28   Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel
 29   Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov
 30   Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel
 31   John Cena & The Miz
 32   Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

    Divas Champions

 33   Eve
 34   Alicia Fox
 35   Melina
 36   Michelle McCool
 37   Natalya
 38   Eve

    Women's Champions

 39   Beth Phoenix
 40   Layla


 41   Nexus
 42   Alberto Del Rio
 43   Alex Riley
 44   Mason Ryan
 45   Sin Cara


 46   The Million Dollar Champion, Ted DiBiase
 47   Big Show Attacks The Miz
 48   Randy Orton's RKO on Evan Bourne
 49   Big Show Unmasks CM Punk
 50   Kane Wins the SmackDown Money in the Bank
 51   The Miz Wins the Raw Money in the Bank
 52   Kane Buries Undertaker
 53   Team SmackDown Wins Bragging Rights
 54   Sheamus Becomes King of the Ring
 55   Team Mysterio Wins Survivor Series
 56   CM Punk Becomes the Leader of Nexus
 57   Wade Barrett Forms The Corre
 58   John Morrison Avoids Elimination at the Ronay Rumble
 59   Booker T Enters the Royal Rumble
 60   Diesel Enters the Royal Rumble
 61   Alberto Del Rio Wins the Royal Rumble
 62   Edge Wins the SmackDown Elimination Chamber
 63   John Cena Wins the Raw Elimination Chamber
 64   The Rock Returns
 65   Stone Cold Steve Austin Becomes a Guest Referee
 66   Trish Stratus Fights Vickie Guerrero

    Old School

 67   "Mean" Gene Okerlund
 68   "Cowboy" Bob Orton
 69   Nikolai Volkoff
 70   Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
 71   Tito Santana
 72   Sgt. Slaughter
 73   Jim Ross
 74   "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

    Stat Leaders

 75   Longest Title Reign: Daniel Bryan
 76   Most Championships: The Miz
 77   Most Royal Rumble Eliminations: CM Punk & John Cena (Tie)

    Rising Stars

 78   Wade Barrett
 79   John Morrison
 80   Drew McIntyre
 81   Daniel Bryan
 82   Cody Rhodes

    Wrestlemania XXVII

 83   Edge Defeats Alberto Del Rio
 84   Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella & Kofi Kingston Defeat The Corre
 85   Randy Orton Defeats CM Punk
 86   Michael Cole Defeats Jerry "The King" Lawler
 87   Undertaker Defeats Triple H
 88   Trish Stratus & John Morrison Defeat LayCool & Dolph Ziggler
 89   The Miz Defeats John Cena

 90   Checklist


Shiny Foil Champions (1:3 packs)

F1    Stone Cold Steve Austin
F2    Triple H
F3    "Ravishing" Rick Rude
F4    John Morrison
F5    Edge & Christian
F6    Michelle McCool
F7    Melina
F8    The British Bulldog
F9    Terry Funk
F10   Booker T

Autograph Cards (1:150 packs)

 --   Dolph Ziggler
 --   Edge
 --   John Cena
 --   Kofi Kingston
 --   Layla
 --   Michelle McCool
 --   Natalya
 --   Randy Orton
 --   Santino Marella
 --   Sheamus
 --   The Miz
 --   Vladimir Kozlov


 --   (dealer sell sheet, double-sided)

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