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WWE Insider (European edition)
Topps - 2006

Notes:  This list documents the "European" edition of this series, which was 
followed by an edition published in North America. Set composition and card 
numbering differed between these two "waves." Therefore, it's difficult to sort 
out the similarly-described cards from the auction sites, and I haven't opened 
1000's of packs. Thanks much to Carlos Ferrer for the updates!

The European edition was published in English by Topps-U.K. and in Italian 
 by Topps-Italy. Note that the Super Foil cards (one per pack) will limit the 
chances to complete a "base" set, for the 18 foils that are included with the 
base 82.

U.S. Hobby Box: 24 packs of 4 regular cards + 1 super foil card.
Common sets (64): approx. 1.31 per box if collation were perfect.
Super Foil sets (32): approximately 0.75 per box.

No.   Title

  1   Antonio
  2   Big Show                 Super Foil Card
  3   Carlito
  4   Chris Masters
  5   Christy Hemme            Super Foil Card
  6   Danny Basham
  7   Edge
  8   Eric Bischoff
  9   Eugene
 10   Gene Snitzky
 11   Hulk Hogan               Super Foil Card
 12   Jerry the King Lawler
 13   Jim Ross
 14   John Cena                Super Foil Card
 15   Jonathan Coachman
 16   Kane                     Super Foil Card
 17   Chavo Guerrero
 18   Kurt Angle               Super Foil Card
 19   Lance Cade               Super Foil Card
 20   Lillian Garcia
 21   Lita
 22   Maria
 23   Matt Hardy
 24   Rene Dupree
 25   Ric Flair                Super Foil Card
 26   Rob Conway
 27   Rob van Dam
 28   Romeo
 29   Rosey
 30   Shawn Michaels
 31   Shelton Benjamin
 32   Stacy Keibler
 33   Stone Cold Steve Austin
 34   Tajiri
 35   The Hurricane
 36   Trevor Murdoch           Super Foil Card
 37   Triple H
 38   Trish Stratus
 39   Tyson Tomko
 40   Val Venis
 41   Victoria
 42   Viscera
 43   Batista                  Super Foil Card
 44   Booker T
 45   Candice
 46   Chris Benoit             Super Foil Card
 47   Christian
 48   Doug Basham
 49   The Boogeyman            Super Foil Card
 50   Funaki
 51   Hardcore Holly
 52   Heidenreich              Super Foil Card
 53   JBL
 54   Joey Mercury
 55   Johnny Nitro
 56   Josh Mathews
 57   Juventud
 58   Ken Kennedy
 59   Melina
 60   Michael Cole
 61   Michelle McCool
 62   Nunzio                   Super Foil Card
 63   Orlando Jordan
 64   Paul London
 65   Psicosis
 66   Randy Orton
 67   Rey Mysterio             Super Foil Card
 68   Road Warrior Animal      Super Foil Card
 69   Scotty 2 Hotty
 70   Sharmell
 71   Simon Dean
 72   Steven Richards
 73   Super Crazy
 74   Sylvan
 75   Tazz
 76   Theodore Long
 77   Torrie Wilson
 78   Undertaker               Super Foil Card
 79   Vito
 80   William Regal
 81   WWE Logo                 Super Foil Card
 82   (WrestleMania 22 Logo)


Checklist Cards

Checklist 1
Checklist 2

WWE Champions (Super Foil Cards)

C1    John Cena
C2    Ric Flair 
C3    Trish Stratus
C4    Undertaker
C5    JBL 
C6    Batista
C7    Chris Benoit 
C8    Triple H
C9    Road Warrior Animal
C10   Edge
C11   Stone Cold Steve Austin
C12   Hulk Hogan
C13   Rey Mysterio
C14   Booker T

WWE Divas

D1    Candice
D2    Melina
D3    Michelle McCool
D4    Sharmell
D5    Torrie Wilson
D6    Trish Stratus
D7    Christy Hemme
D8    Lillian Garcia
D9    Lita
D10   Maria
D11   Stacy Keibler
D12   Victoria

WWE Legends

L1    Ted DiBiase
L2    Dusty Rhodes
L3    Paul Bearer
L4    Earthquake
L5    Hillbilly Jim
L6    Nicolai Volkoff
L7    Paul Orndorff
L8    Doink the Clown
L9    Bam Bam Bigelow
L10   The Junkyard Dog
L11   Freebird Michael Hayes
L12   Freebird Terry Gordy
L13   The British Bulldog
L14   Rowdy Roddy Piper
L15   Sgt.Slaughter
L16   The Iron Sheik
L17   Bobby the Brain Heenan
L18   The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart
L19   Superstar Billy Graham
L20   Jake the Snake Roberts
L21   Vader
L22   Gorilla Monsoon

Card Album (sold separately)

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