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WWF: Rock Solid
  (The People's Trading Card Series)
Comic Images - 2000

Note:  Autograph cards were originally planned but not issued.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.  3 different wrappers.
Common sets: approx. 3.47 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Rock Solid: The People's Trading Card Series

The Rock at Home

  2   Reeling 'Em In
  3   Catching Up
  4   The People's Threads
  5   Sweet Ride
  6   The Rock's Roots
  7   Shirt Off His Back
  8   Electrifying Threads
  9   In for a Trim
 10   Laying It Down in Miami

The Rock Meets the People

 11   Electrifying Author
 12   The Little People's Champ
 13   A Class Act
 14   The Fans Bring It!
 15   They Smell It
 16   Another Happy Customer
 17   Author, Author!
 18   Who's the Champ?
 19   "Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!"

The Rock as a Star

 20   Action, Rock!
 21   The People's Host
 22   Hot, Hot, Hot!
 23   Getting Cheffy with It
 24   The Best-Selling Author
 25   The People's Show
 26   Check Right In

The Rock's Moves

 27   Stretch 'Em Out, Rock!
 28   Electrifying!
 29   Rough Landing
 30   Goin' Down!
 31   Off with the Pad!
 32   Table for One
 33   Rock Bottom!
 34   Over the Top
 35   His Own Medicine

The Rock's Rivals

 36   Not a Friendly Hug
 37   Who's the Game?
 38   The End Is Near
 39   Say Cheese!
 40   Respect
 41   'Taker Takes One
 42   Some Pain for Kane
 43   Big Blow to the Big Show
 44   One Giant Hit for Mankind
 45   Crippling the Crippler
 46   Take That, Boss!
 47   Shane Can Smell It
 48   Double Trouble
 49   Olympic Zero
 50   Turn That Camera Sideways And...
 51   Raw Is Who?

The Rock's Greatest Matches

 52   World Wrestling Federation Debut vs. Brooklyn Brawler
 53   Retains Intercontinental Title vs. Faarooq
 54   Retains Intercontinental Title vs. Triple H
 55   Wins Triple Threat Cage Match vs. Ken Shamrock and Mankind
 56   "Kiss My A**" Match vs. Badd A** Billy Gunn
 57   Loses Title to Stone Cold Steve Austin
 58   Wins Championship in "I Quit" Match vs. Mankind
 59   Defeats Mankind for Championship
 60   Retains Championship vs. Chris Benoit
 61   Defeats Triple H to Regain Championship
 62   Pins Vince McMahon in Six-Man Tag Team Match to Regain Title
 63   Defeats Triple H for Intercontinental Title
 64   Defeats Mankind for Championship
 65   The Rock 'n' Sock Connection Wins First Tag Team Title
 66   The Rock 'n' Sock Connection Wins Third Tag Team Title

 67   Checklist A [The Rock at Home]
 68   Checklist B [The Rock Meets the People]
 69   Checklist C [The Rock as a Star]
 70   Checklist D [The Rock's Moves]
 71   Checklist E [The Rock's Rivals]
 72   Checklist F [The Rock's Greatest Matches]


Holofoil Cards (1:18 packs)

 C1   Rock Bottom
 C2   Lethal Style
 C3   The People's Champ
 C4   The People's Eyebrow
 C5   Kickin' Back
 C6   Lights, Camera, Rock!

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (binder)
 --   (nine 9-pocket pages)
 --   (6-card panels; 12 different; 1 per album)


 P1   The Rock (bust shot)
 P2   The Rock (in the ring)
 P3   The Rock (in a chair)
 --   (dealer sell sheet, double-sided)

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