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WWF Smackdown!
   Comic Images / DuoCards - 1999

Notes:  Leftover inserts from this set were used for the later all-chromium
card set. Thanks much to Nigel Taylor for the updates!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.47 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title

  1   Title Card

   Superstars by Jim Ross

  2   Stone Cold Steve Austin
  3   The Rock
  4   The Big Show
  5   Mankind
  6   The Undertaker
  7   X-Pac
  8   Triple H
  9   The Road Dogg
 10   Mr. Ass
 11   Al Snow (and Head)
 12   Big Boss Man
 13   Kane
 14   D'Lo Brown
 15   Droz
 16   Edge
 17   Gangrel
 18   Christian
 19   Godfather
 20   Prince Albert
 21   "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry
 22   Jeff Jarrett
 23   Chyna
 24   Mideon
 25   Hardcore Holly
 26   Test
 27   Val Venis
 28   Viscera
 29   Too Cool
 30   The Hardy Boyz
 31   Debra
 32   Tori
 33   P M S
 34   Ken Shamrock
 35   Jerry "The King" Lawler
 36   Meat
 37   Steve Blackman
 38   Paul Bearer
 39   Ivory

   Main Event

 40   Shane McMahon
 41   Vince McMahon
 42   Stone Cold Steve Austin
 43   The Undertaker
 44   The Big Show
 45   The Rock
 46   Mankind
 47   Triple H and Chyna
 48   X-Pac (X-Punk)
 49   Kane
 50   Ken Shamrock
 51   Mean Street Posse
 52   Test
 53   Austin vs. Undertaker
 54   Rock vs. Triple H
 55   The Rock Joins Up with the McMahons
 56   Undertaker vs Kane
 57   Vince McMahon Wins
 58   The Rock vs. Mick Foley
 59   The Big Show Debuts
 60   Austin vs. The Rock

   Did You See That?

 61   Austin Fills Vince's Car with Cement
 62   Mick Foley Discovers Mr. Socko
 63   Big Show Lays Out Half the Ministry on Raw
 64   Shane McMahon Wins the European Title from X-Pac
 65   Mr. Ass Turns on DX
 66   Shane Stares Down His Father


 67   Austin in Hunting Fatigues
 68   The Rock at a Photo Shoot
 69   The Brood
 70   X-Pac and Road Dogg
 71   Jeff Jarrett and Debra
 72   Checklist


Chromium Smackdown! Cards

 C1   Stone Cold: The Texas Rattlesnake
 C2   The Corporate Ministry: The Undertaker
 C3   X-Pac: Kane
 C4   The Brood: The Gothic Trio
 C5   Mankind: Mankind and Socko
 C6   The Rock: The Brahma Bull

22kt Gold Signature Cards (1:4 boxes, approx. 1000 of each made)

 --   Big Show
 --   Mankind
 --   The Rock
 --   "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
 --   Triple H
 --   The Undertaker

Autograph Cards (1:4 boxes, approx. 1000 of each made)

 --   Al Snow
 --   Big Boss Man
 --   D'Lo Brown
 --   The Godfather
 --   Hardcore Holly
 --   Hardy Boyz
 --   Ivory
 --   Tori

Card Album (sold separately)

 --   (Binder)


 P1   Stone Cold Steve Austin (dealers, NSU)
 P2   The Rock
 P3   Mankind

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