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World War II Premiums
   Dietz Gum - 1940

Notes: These 5" x 7" cards were sold loose bundled with wrapped gum. They 
feature colorized photographs with descriptive text. American Card Catalog 
reference is R175. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.


    A Badly Battered British Plane Makes Her Base
    A British Advance
    A Dutch Tank Comes to Grief
    A French Loud Speaker on the Western Front
    A "Lame Duck" Which Made Home
    A Temporary Barricade
    A Trainload of Wounded Arrive at a Town in France
    American Volunteers in Finland
    As the Nazis Advance Through Belgium
    At the Westwall
    British Rescue Survivors of H.M.S. Hardy
    British-German Naval Battle in Norvik Harbor and Fjord
    Coastal Command Planes Aid in Rescue
    Doing Their Bit in Wales
    Dutch Offer Stiff Resistance
    Finis to a Proud German Sea Fighter
    First Cruiser Admitted Lost by the British
    5 Die as Nazi Bomber Explodes
    French 75s Pound Big Nazi Tanks
    German Men of Steel in Norway
    Germans Replace Destroyed Bridge
    H.M.S. Ark Royal Comes to Port
    Paris Sets a New Style
    Street Barricade in Belgium
    Victims Return to Their Bombed Homes

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