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World War II Propaganda
Tuff Stuff - 1991

Note:  Distributed as a factory set. Some of the card titles are shown on both front and back, 
but others, like 04, 05, and 09, only show text on card backs. Thanks much to Judy Hall for 
the list!

No.    Title

 01   Adolf Hitler ist der Sieg!
        (translation from German:. "Adolf Hitler is the Victory!") 
 02   The Downfall of the Dictators is Assured. Britain's RAF day raiders over
        Berlin's official quarter.
 03   "I am looking forward to dictating peace to the United States in the
         White House at Washington." What do you say, America ?
 04   Recognizable symbols are a vital part of propaganda. Flags, medals, and
         emblems can evoke ...
 05   (translation from Serbian: UNITY) During World War II, Britain, the
         United States, and the Soviet Union ...
 06   India Needs You ... Join the Indian Air Force
 07   Greece Fights On
 08   Every Canadian Must Fight
 09   (Translation from Arabic: We will destroy the cross. Italy is in our hands.)
 10   The Fighting Filipinos. We Will Always Fight for Freedom!
 11   Fuori I tedeschi (translation from Italian: "Out with the Germans")
 12   Longing won't bring him back sooner ... Get a war job !
 13   Answer Their Prayers. American Relief for Holland.
 14   War Bonds. To have and to hold. Official U.S. Treasury Poster
 15   Ecco il Menico. (translation from Italian: "This is the Enemy")

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