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Commemorative World War II Spotter Cards
Action Products International - 1998

Notes:  Many thanks to Tom Tyczkowski for the checklist!

Card    Manufacturer         Aircraft                 Use


 Ace    North American       B-25 "Mitchell"          U.S. Bomber
  2     Grumman              F-4F "Wildcat"           U.S. Fighter
  3     Bell                 P-39 "Airacobra"         U.S. Fighter
  4     Lockheed             P-38 "Lightning"         U.S. Fighter
  5     Cirtiss              P-40 "Warhawk"           U.S. Fighter
  6     Douglas              SBD "Dauntless           U.S. Dive Bomber
  7     Boeing, Bell         B-29 "Super Fortress"    U.S. Heavy Bomber
  8     Douglas              A-20 "Havoc"             U.S. Light Bomber
  9     Douglas              C-47 "Skytrain"          U.S. transport - Glider Tug
 10     Republic             P-47 "Thunderbolt"       U.S. Fighter
Jack    Martin               B-26 "Marauder"          U.S. Bomber
Queen   Consolidated         PBY "Catalina"           U.S. Patrol Bomber
King    Consolidated         B-24 "Liberator"         U.S. Bomber


 Ace    Focke-Wulf           "F.W. 200"               German Heavy Bomber
  2     Messerschmitt        "ME. 109"                German Fighter
  3     Heinkel              "HE. 115"                German Torpedo Bomber
  4     Junkers              "JU. 87" "Stuka"         German Dive Bomber
  5                          "Arado 196"              German Reconnaisance
  6     Junkers              "JU. 52"                 German Transport Glider Tug
  7     Messerschmitt        "ME. 110"                German Fighter - Light Bomber
  8     Messerschmitt        "ME. 210"                German Fighter Bomber
  9     Heinkel              "HE. 111"                German Medium Bomber Fighter
 10     Focke-Wulf           "F.W 190"                German Fighter
Jack    Junkers              "JU. 88"                 German Medium Bomber Fighter
Queen   Dornier              "DO. 217"                German Heavy Bomber
King    Heinkel              "HE. 177"                German Heavy Bomber


 Ace                         "Lancaster"              British Heavy Bomber
  2     U.S. A-31            "Vengeance"              British Dive Bomber
  3     Bristol              "Beaufighter"            British Fighter
  4     U.S. P-51            "Mustang"                British Fighter
  5     Hawker               "Hurricane"              British Fighter - Light Bomber
  6     Supermarine          "Spitfire"               British Fighter
  7     Vickers-Armstrongs   "Wellington"             British Medium Bomber
  8     Short                "Stirling"               British Heavy Bomber
  9     Bristol              "Beaufort"               British Light Bomber
 10     Lockheed             "Hudson"                 british Light Bomber
Jack    Hawker               "Typhoon"                British Fighter
Queen   Handley-Page         "Halifax"                British Heavy Bomber
King    Short                "Sunderland"             British Patrol Bomber


 Ace    Mitsubishi           Type 0 MK. !F "Zeke"     Japanese Fighter
  2     Savoia-Marchetti     "SM-79"                  Italian Bomber - Transport
  3     Macchi               "MC-202"                 Italian Fighter
  4     Cantiere             "Z-1007"                 Italian Bomber
  5     Reggiane             "RE-2001"                Italian Fighter
  6     Nakajima             Type 97 MK.3 TB "Kate"   Japanese Torpedo Bomber
  7     Kawasaki             "Tony"                   Japanese Fighter
  8     Nakajima             Type 95 O-F/P "Dave"     Japanese Reconnaisance
  9     Aichi                TYPE 99 db "Val"         Japanese Dive Bomber
 10     Mitsubishi           Type 96 MK.4 MB "Nell"   Japanese Medium Bomber
Jack    Kawanishi            Type 97 F/B "Mavis"      Japanese Patrol Bomber
Queen   Mitsubishi           Type I MB "Betty"        Japanese Medium Bomber
King    Mitsubishi           Type 97 MB "Sally"       Japanese Medium Bomber

©2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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