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Wild Wild West the movie
Fleer/Skybox - 1999

No.  Title

  1  Wild Wild West
  2  On the Prowl
  3  That Was No Lady
  4  The Better To hear You With
  5  Bringing the House Down
  6  The Ugly American
  7  You Must Be Over Eighteen
  8  Do You Come Here Often?
  9  Hot Soup!
 10  You're Not My Type
 11  Curtains For James T. West
 12  The Original Odd Couple
 13  Watch Out For Bumps!
 14  The Women Behind the Man
 15  Veto This, "Mr. President!"
 16  The Real "McGrant"
 17  Your Mission, Should You Decide To Accept It (Or Not)...
 18  Unfriendly Allies
 19  A Wonderful "Wanderer"
 20  A Coal Man Named Coleman
 21  Taking Ad-Vise
 22  All the Comforts of Home
 23  An Unwanted Guest
 24  Strike Up the Band
 25  You Can't Be Too Careful
 26  The Spider In His Lair
 27  With Friends Like These...
 28  West Meets East
 29  I Don't Know Art, But I Know What I Hate!
 30  Alive and... Well?
 31  A Bird In a Gilded Cage
 32  Tanks A Lot
 33  Angels of Death
 34  Witnesses To Slaughter
 35  Taking Out the Trash
 36  What A Dish!
 37  Three's A Crowd
 38  Road Hog!
 39  Laying Down On the Job
 40  Partners To the End?
 41  A Little Off the Top
 42  Backseat Driver
 43  It Doesn't Do a Thing For Me
 44  Watch That First Step!
 45  Tastes Like Chicken
 46  Call the Exterminator!
 47  Two Heads Are Better Than One (I Think!)
 48  Railroaded
 49  Loveless the First -- and Last
 50  Now That's a Big Spider!
 51  President Gordon
 52  Loveless Triumphant!
 53  An Appreciative Audience
 54  Captive Audience
 55  A Target -- But No Practice
 56  Witnesses To History
 57  He's Not That Kind of Girl!
 58  The Worst Seats In the House
 59  Going Up In Smoke
 60  Party Crasher!
 61  Ladies First!
 62  If Man Were Meant To Fly...
 63  Up, Up and Away (We Hope)
 64  Any Landing You can Walk Away From...
 65  Grant Just Says "No."
 66  Painting the Town Dead
 67  Stooping To Conquer
 68  Her Business Is Death
 69  Delegged But Still Deadly
 70  Presidential Reception
 71  Broken Hearts and Happy Endings
 72  James T. West
 73  Artemus Gordon
 74  Rita Escobar
 75  Dr. Loveless
 76  McGrath
 77  Ms. Lippenreider
 78  Munitia
 79  Amazonia
 80  President Grant
 81  Checklist


Concept Sketches

S1   Disc Launcher
S2   Abe Lincoln Statue
S3   Tarantula Vehicle
S4   Magnetic Collars
S5   Loveless Megaphone
S6   Nitro-Cycle
S7   Loveless Tank
S8   Water Tower
S9   Loveless Lair

Gordon's Gadgets

G1   Pool Table
G2   Escape Trolley
G3   Perfume Bottle Gun
G4   Belt Buckle Hypnotizer
G5   Spring Loaded Corsage
G6   Nitro-Cycle
G7   Silver Buckle Gun
G8   Flame Thrower Costume
G9   Desert Wasp

Platinum Portraits

P1   James T. West
P2   James T. West
P3   James T. West

Autographed Cards

A1   Kevin Kline as Artemus Gordon
A2   Barry Sonnenfeld - Director
A3   Kenneth Branagh as Dr. Loveless
A4   Sofia Eng as Lippenreider
A5   Musetta Vander as Munitia
A6   Frederique Van Der Wal as Amazonia
A7   Carlos Cervantes as Mr. Escobar
A8   M. Emmet Walsh as Coleman
A9   Ted Levine as McGrath
A10  Orestes Matacena as Spanish Dignitary
A11  Christian Aubert as French Dignitary
A12  Ian Abercrombie as British Dignitary
A13  Rodney A. Grant as Hudson
A14  Jon Peters - Producer
A15  Salma Hayek as Rita Escobar


---  Wild Wild West the movie
---  how the west was done (Dealer Sell Sheet, two-page, double-sided)

©1999, 2000, 2001, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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