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X-Babes Vs. Justice Broads
Spoof Comics / Personality Comics - 1992

Notes:  Originally marketed as a factory set. Available in a limited set signed
by Ken Becker and numbered to 150.

No.   Title

 --   Spoof Comics presents X-Babes Vs. Justice Broads / Checklist
  2   My God! She's attacking that innocent troupe of tumblers.
  3   Die! Die! Die!
  4   All the times I longed to tell her I love her - Now this...
  5   yeah! Now if only we could restors flasher to health!
  6   Just what I thought! Tinfoil!
  7   None of them have any knowledge of the note we received.
  8   I've seen the video, Bub! - don't quit yer day job!
  9   The Society of male SUPERHEROES.
 10   Let that be the real lesson of the story.
 11   Justice Broads
 12   Chrome Dame
 13   The X-Tortion Agenda.
 14   PAMF!
 15   Kindly take your claws out of my back.
 16   Let's kick some magnetized butt!
 17   FOOLS!
 18   Taste some real weaponry for a change!
 19   Now, let me GO!
 20   You see, I control the artists now!
 21   Right on it!
 22   Oh, that's disgusting!
 23   Oh, that's disgusting!
 24   What a story!
 25   UGH!
 26   Happy landings!
 27   Bright eyes
 28   Night wench
 29   Good to have you back!
 30   What could there possibly be in New York that would so totally fascinate her?
 31   Stop!
 32   Professor examiner
 33   Later...
 34   Next time try roller-blading!
 35   But they're all second printings!
 36   KICK!

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