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X-Cutioner's Song
   SkyBox - 1992

Notes:  This set of twelve cards was inserted in various comics, and depicts the X-Cutioner's Song 
story from the X-Men universe. Thanks much to Stephen Kmetz for identifying the comic issues, 
to Chris Anderson for the artists, and Logan for the update!

Part   Title                 Type     Comic                 Artist(s)

  1    Xavier                Prey     Uncanny X-Men #294    Brandon Peterson, Al Milgrom
  2    Caliban               Hunter   X-Factor #84          Brandon Peterson, Al Milgrom, Paul Mounts
  3    Apocalypse            Prey     X-Men #14             Andy Kubert
  4    Cable                 Prey     X-Force #16           Greg Capullo, Al Milgrom
  5    Bishop & Wolverine    Hunter   Uncanny X-Men #295    Andy Kubert
  6    Polaris & Havok       Prey     X-Factor #85          Larry Stroman, Al Milgrom
  7    M.L.F.                Hunter   X-Men #15             Greg Capullo, Harry Candelario
  8    Mr. Sinister          Prey     X-Force #17           Larry Stroman, Al Milgrom
  9    Jean Grey & Cyclops   Prey     Uncanny X-Men #296    Andy Kubert
 10    Dark Riders           Hunter   X-Factor #86          Greg Capullo, Harry Candelario, Paul Mounts
 11    Archangel             Hunter   X-Men #16             Brandon Peterson, Al Milgrom
 12    Stryfe                Hunter   X-Force #18           Greg Capullo, Al Milgrom, Paul Mounts

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