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Xena: Warrior Princess
Topps - 1998

Note:  Thanks much to Alan Fenton for the updates and corrections!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.94 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                  Subset

  1   Xena: Warrior Princess                 Title Card
  2   Xena                                   Xena Profile
  3   Gabrielle                              Allies
  4   Joxer                                  Allies
  5   Hercules                               Allies
  6   Iolaus                                 Allies
  7   Draco                                  Allies
  8   Autolycus                              Allies
  9   Duo for Dager                          Allies
 10   Pledged to Fight Evil                  Greatest Adventures
 11   Stalked from on High                   Greatest Adventures
 12   Clashing with Callisto                 Greatest Adventures
 13   Night of the Bacchae                   Greatest Adventures
 14   Supreme Swordswoman                    Greatest Adventures
 15   In the Thick of Battle                 Greatest Adventures
 16   When You're Hot ...                    Greatest Adventures
 17   The Bigger They Are                    Greatest Adventures
 18   Of War and Orphans                     Greatest Adventures
 19   Up from the Depths                     Greatest Adventures
 20   Engulfed by the Fire Demon             Greatest Adventures
 21   Fighting the Furies                    Greatest Adventures
 22   Staff of Justice                       Greatest Adventures
 23   Harpies Against Us                     Greatest Adventures
 24   Xena Vs. the Dryads                    Greatest Adventures
 25   Ares                                   Champions of Evil
 26   Callisto                               Champions of Evil
 27   Julius Caesar                          Champions of Evil
 28   Thersites                              Champions of Evil
 29   Velasca                                Champions of Evil
 30   Bacchus                                Champions of Evil
 31   Storytelling Team                      Behind-the-Scenes
 32   Hold On, Gabrielle!                    Behind-the-Scenes
 33   Filming Aboard "Ship"                  Behind-the-Scenes
 34   Photographing Callisto                 Behind-the-Scenes
 35   Cast and Crew                          Behind-the-Scenes
 36   Conferring with Michael Hurst          Behind-the-Scenes
 37   Sins of the Past                       Season One
 38   Chariots of War                        Season One
 39   Death in Chains                        Season One
 40   The Titans                             Season One
 41   Dreamworker                            Season One
 42   Cradle of Hope                         Season One
 43   The Path Not Taken                     Season One
 44   The Reckoning                          Season One
 45   Prometheus                             Season One
 46   Hooves and Harlots                     Season One
 47   The Black Wolf                         Season One
 48   Beward Greeks Bearing Gifts            Season One
 49   The Prodigal                           Season One
 50   Athens City Academy                    Season One
         of the Performing Bards
 51   Death mask                             Season One
 52   A Fistful of Dinars                    Season One
 53   Mortal Beloved                         Season One
 54   Callisto                               Season One
 55   Warrior ... Princess                   Season One
 56   The Royal Couple of Thieves            Season One
 57   Ties That Bind                         Season One
 58   The Greater Good                       Season One
 59   Is There a Doctor In the House?        Season One
 60   Altared States                         Season One
 61   Dave Stevens                           Art Gallery
 62   Terese Nielsen                         Art Gallery
 63   Zina Saunders                          Art Gallery
 64   Aaron Lopresti                         Art Gallery
 65   Earl Norem                             Art Gallery
 66   Jim Silke                              Art Gallery
 67   Joe Smith                              Art Gallery
 68   Dave Devries                           Art Gallery
 69   The Battle for Mt. Olympus             Art Gallery
 70   Battle On, Xena                        Toward the Future
 71   A Heroine's Destiny                    Toward the Future
 72   Xena: Warrior Princess Trading Cards   Checklist


Xena Foil (Mirrorboard) Cards (1:12 packs)

X1    Xena
X2    Gabrielle
X3    Joxer
X4    Callisto
X5    Hercules and Iolaus
X6    Warrior Princess

Topps Finest Chromium Cards (1:36 packs)

C1    (Xena facing to her right with sword raised)
C2    (Xena facing forward with sword raised)

Refractor Cards
   (Case insert as set in envelope, refractor finish, same images as Chromiums)

C1    (Xena facing to her right with sword raised)
C2    (Xena facing forward with sword raised)

Bonus Foil Card (Sold Separately and also Dealer Incentive)

B1    Xena


P1    The Gods Have Spoken (Xena facing forward/up, sword lowered)

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©1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2009 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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