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Xena: Warrior Princess - Series II
Topps - 1998

Note:  Thanks much to Paul and to Tialessa for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.94 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                               Type

  1   Xena Warrior Princess - Series II   Title Card
  2   Area, God of War                    Allies and Adversaries
  3   Aphrodite, Goddess of Love          Allies and Adversaries
  4   Callisto, Warrior Queen             Allies and Adversaries
  5   Ephiny of the Amazons               Allies and Adversaries
  6   Cupid                               Allies and Adversaries
  7   Salmoneus                           Allies and Adversaries
  8   Boadicea                            Allies and Adversaries
  9   Lao Ma                              Allies and Adversaries
 10   Ming T'ien                          Allies and Adversaries
 11   The Deliverer                       Allies and Adversaries
 12   Hope                                Allies and Adversaries
 13   The Girl from Poteidaia             Gabrielle's Many Faces
 14   A New Amazon Princess               Gabrielle's Many Faces
 15   Terror and the Target               Gabrielle's Many Faces
 16   Clothes Make the Woman              Gabrielle's Many Faces
 17   Gabrielle, Warrior Sidekick         Gabrielle's Many Faces
 18   The Rift                            Gabrielle's Many Faces
 19   She Comes to Bury Caesar            Turning Points
 20   Enemies Become Allies               Turning Points
 21   Vessel of Dahak                     Turning Points
 22   Generations                         Turning Points
 23   Solan, Son of Xena                  Turning Points
 24   The Birth of Hope                   Turning Points
 25   The Land of Chin                    Turning Points
 26   A Taste for Death                   Turning Points
 27   Repaying a Debt                     Turning Points
 28   Xena vs. Draco                      Classic Confrontations
 29   No Match for Xena                   Classic Confrontations
 30   Day of Deliverance                  Classic Confrontations
 31   Challenge of Callisto               Classic Confrontations
 32   Friend against Friend               Classic Confrontations
 33   The End of Joxer?                   Classic Confrontations
 34   Empress of the World                Parallel World Perils
 35   When In Doubt, Kill                 Parallel World Perils
 36   Double Damned                       Parallel World Perils
 37   Orphan of War                       Season Two Episode Guide
 38   Remember Nothing                    Season Two Episode Guide
 39   The Giant Killer                    Season Two Episode Guide
 40   Girls Just Wanna Have Fun           Season Two Episode Guide
 41   Return of Callisto                  Season Two Episode Guide
 42   Warrior ... Princess ... Tramp      Season Two Episode Guide
 43   Intimate Stranger                   Season Two Episode Guide
 44   Ten Little Warlords                 Season Two Episode Guide
 45   A Solstice Carol                    Season Two Episode Guide
 46   The Xena Scrolls                    Season Two Episode Guide
 47   Here She Comes ... Miss Amphipolis  Season Two Episode Guide
 48   Destiny                             Season Two Episode Guide
 49   The Quest                           Season Two Episode Guide
 50   A Necessary Evil                    Season Two Episode Guide
 51   A Day in the Life                   Season Two Episode Guide
 52   For Him the Bell Tolls              Season Two Episode Guide
 53   The Execution                       Season Two Episode Guide
 54   Blind Faith                         Season Two Episode Guide
 55   Ulysses                             Season Two Episode Guide
 56   The Price                           Season Two Episode Guide
 57   The Lost Mariner                    Season Two Episode Guide
 58   A Comedy of Eros                    Season Two Episode Guide
 59   The Wheel of Illusia                FX Showcase
 60   Welcome Home, Xena                  FX Showcase
 61   Torment                             FX Showcase
 62   Torment's Destruction               FX Showcase
 63   In Dahak's Embrace                  FX Showcase
 64   Jim Silke                           Xena Art Gallery
 65   Alex Ross                           Xena Art Gallery
 66   Aaron Lopresti                      Xena Art Gallery
 67   Adam Hughes                         Xena Art Gallery
 68   Terese Nielsen                      Xena Art Gallery
 69   John Van Fleet                      Xena Art Gallery
 70   The Heroic Trio                     Epilog
 71   A Horse Called Argo                 Epilog
 72   Xena: Warrior Princess Series Two   Checklist


Topps Finest Chromium Cards

XC1   (Xena)
XC2   (Gabrielle)
XC3   (Ares)
XC4   (Autolycus)
XC5   (Xena & Gabrielle)
XC6   (Callisto)

Autograph Cards

A1    Ted Raimi                           Joxer
A2    Kevin Smith - Ares                  Ares
A3    Bruce Campbell [by redemption]      Autolycus
A4    Hudson Leick                        Callisto
A5    Melinda Clark [by redemption]       Velasca
A6    Michael Hurst                       Iolaus
A7    Alexandra Tydings                   Aphrodite
A8    Tim Thomerson                       Meleager
A9    Robert Trebor                       Salmoneus
A10   Danielle Cormack                    Ephiny
A11   Karl Urban                          Caesar
A12   Jennifer Ward-Lealand               Boadicea

--    Bruce Campbell Autograph Redemption Card
--    Melinda Clark Autograph Redemption Card


P2    Series Two
--    She's Back! (Dealer Sell Sheet)

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