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Xena Warrior Princess Season 6
Rittenhouse - 2001

Notes:  Thanks much to Jennifer Johnson for the checklist of the "AU" special set, 
and to Byrna, Paul Hohn II, and LesleyW for updates!  Additional information and 
scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 4.71 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title / Text                                     Episode / Subset

  1   (Xena x2)                                        Xena Montage
  2   (Xena and Gabrielle)                             Xena Montage
  3   (Dancing Gabrielle)                              Xena Montage
  4   Ares summoned Xena, Gabrielle and Eve to the A   Coming Home
  5   Joined by the Fury Gabrielle and the Fury Eve,   Coming Home
  6   The Fury Xena taunted and belittled Ares into    Coming Home
  7   Xena headed home to Amphipolis with Gabrielle    The Haunting of Amphipolis
  8   Eve believed Mephistopheles was preparing for    The Haunting of Amphipolis
  9   Gabrielle and Xena fought their way out of the   The Haunting of Amphipolis
 10   Xena would never be assigned to Hell voluntari   Heart of Darkness
 11   Xena assured Gabrielle and Eve that she would    Heart of Darkness
 12   Lucifer and Xena emerged from the battle unsca   Heart of Darkness
 13   Xena, Eve and Virgil accompanied Gabrielle to    Who's Gurkhan
 14   Xena was led into the elaborate main hall wher   Who's Gurkhan
 15   When Xena was finally released from her cell,    Who's Gurkhan
 16   Xena and Gabrielle came upon a fierce battle i   Legacy
 17   Xena, disguised as a Roman wife, and Gabrielle   Legacy
 18   Gabrielle, stricken with grief, returned to Ka   Legacy
 19   Hunters of the Djindar tribe chased Virgil and   The Abyss
 20   In the Djindar village, Virgil's captors beat    The Abyss
 21   The cannibals threw Gabrielle into the prison    The Abyss
 22   Back when Xena was a ruthless warrior sporting   The Rheingold
 23   In the past, Xena befriended Odin, King of the   The Rheingold
 24   Back in the present, Xena and Beowulf reached    The Rheingold
 25   Gabrielle, Beowulf and Brunnhilda found Xena a   The Ring
 26   In the present, Xena and her friends set fire    The Ring
 27   Fighting a losing battle against Odin, the Val   The Ring
 28   Only Xena, Gabrielle's true soul mate, could r   Return of The Valkyrie
 29   Beowulf surprised Xena in her chamber and expl   Return of The Valkyrie
 30   Xena finally began to question Beowulf about h   Return of The Valkyrie
 31   When several warlords united under Gasgar to k   Old Ares Had A Farm
 32   Gasgar's army appeared in the distance, just a   Old Ares Had A Farm
 33   Gasgar came upon Dempar's roadside stand and s   Old Ares Had A Farm
 34   An unknown adversary was hunting down and kill   Dangerous Prey
 35   Varia wanted to be a heroine, but Xena caution   Dangerous Prey
 36   Morloch, unharmed, pursued Xena and Varia into   Dangerous Prey
 37   The immortal Roman emperor Caligula embarked o   The God You Know
 38   Xena snuck down to the dungeon, where Ares inf   The God You Know
 39   Michael manipulated Eve to bait Xena, and he g   The God You Know
 40   Xena and Gabrielle fought three of the Valkyri   You Are There
 41   Odin believed Xena wanted to use the Golden Ap   You Are There
 42   The interviewer found Aphrodite being mobbed b   You Are There
 43   The Amazons united with the African Queen Mawu   Path of Vengeance
 44   At Eve's trial, she confessed to her past crim   Path of Vengeance
 45   Ares admitted his goal to Xena: Get both the R   Path of Vengeance
 46   As the Amazons celebrated the naming of Varia    To Helicon And Back
 47   Gabrielle led the Amazons to the beach, where    To Helicon And Back
 48   Xena saved Gabrielle from a catapult, after wh   To Helicon And Back
 49   At a modern-day airport, Alexis Los Alamos han   Send in the Clones
 50   The next day, the three fans discovered that s   Send in the Clones
 51   Alti found the Xena clone and reminded her of    Send in the Clones
 52   Lord Belach, the son of Borias and a hero to c   Last of the Centaurs
 53   Xena sent her companions off in search of the    Last of the Centaurs
 54   After Nicha's baby was born, Belach appeared a   Last of the Centaurs
 55   Caesar chained Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos in   When Fates Collide
 56   In the history rewritten by Caesar, Gabrielle    When Fates Collide
 57   Caesar assigned Alti to make sxure Gabrielle w   When Fates Collide
 58   On the eve of Gabrielle's birthday, she and Xe   Many Happy Returns
 59   Xena, Gabrielle and Genia hooked up with Aphro   Many Happy Returns
 60   Xena and Gabrielle were shocked to find Franku   Many Happy Returns
 61   A present-day scuba diver found a scroll chron   Soul Possession
 62   The two fans snuck back into the conference an   Soul Possession
 63   In the past, Xena could not say "I do" at her    Soul Possession
 64   Inside a Japanese teahouse, the evil Samurai g   A Friend in Need Part I
 65   Long ago, Akemi had killed her own father, who   A Friend in Need Part I
 66   Back in the present, Kenji revealed to Xena th   A Friend in Need Part I
 67   As she fought the army of Samurai warriors, Xe   A Friend in Need Part II
 68   According to the ghost killer Harukata, Gabrie   A Friend in Need Part II
 69   Harukata pleaded with Xena and the others to d   A Friend in Need Part II
 70   (Xena and Argo)                                  Checklist
 71   (Xena and sword)                                 Checklist
 72   (Xena in furs)                                   Checklist


God of War (1:4 Packs)

GW1   "I've been hanged, swung over a fire, and near   "Ten Little Warlords"
GW2   "No, life isn't worth living. It's to be taken   "The Furies"
GW3   "I am Ares, God of War! I will not end up some   "Sacrifice Part 1"
GW4   "Fear always makes a good impression."           "Seeds of Faith"
GW5   "It's all about you and me, Xena. Not Kal, not   "Chakram"
GW6   "Honey, I hate to be the one to break it to yo   "Succession"
GW7   "Why the return to form? I thought you had giv   "Seeds of Faith"
GW8   "Reinvent myself? Well, I'm not opposed to the   "Old Ares Had a Farm"
GW9   "Xena, is there even a chance we could be toge   "Coming Home"

Busting Loose (1:8 Packs)

BL1   Xena                                             "Dangerous Prey"
BL2   Gabrielle                                        "Who's Gurkhan"
BL3   Xena                                             "A Friend in Need"
BL4   Gabrielle                                        "Old Ares Had a Farm"
BL5   Xena                                             "When Fates Collide"
BL6   Gabrielle                                        "Old Ares Had a Farm"
BL7   Xena                                             "A Friend in Need"
BL8   Xena & Gabrielle                                 "Old Ares Had a Farm"
BL9   Xena                                             "The God You Know"

Wet, Wicked & Wild (1:20 Packs)

WWW1  Xena                                             "Many Happy Returns"
WWW2  Xena                                             "Many Happy Returns"
WWW3  Xena                                             "Return of the Valkyrie"
WWW4  Xena                                             "Heart of Darkness"
WWW5  Gabrielle                                        "Old Ares Had a Farm"
WWW6  Xena                                             "Who's Gurkhan"
WWW7  Xena & Gabrielle                                 "A Friend in Need"
WWW8  Xena                                             "The Rheingold"
WWW9  Gabrielle                                        "Heart of Darkness"

Autograph Cards (1:40 Packs)

 A7   Hudson Leick as Callisto
 A8   Adrienne Wilkinson as Eve
 A9   Kathryn Morris as Najara
A10   Michael Hurst as Tabloid TV Reporter
A11   Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite
A12   Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle
A13   Ted Raimi as Jace
A14   Lucy Lawless as Xena
A15   Ebonie Smith as M'Lila
A16   Paris Jefferson as Athena
A17   Meighan Desmond as Discord
A18   Jennifer Ward-Lealand as Boadicea
A19   Danielle Cormack as Ephiny
A20   Karl Urban as Caesar
A21   Willa O'Neill as Lila

From The Archives Costume Cards (1:40 Packs)

R3    Aphrodite (1490 made)
R4    Xena (275)
R5    Demon Xena (1210 total)
        [variations: gold metal mesh, black fabric, or black/gold rubber]
R6    Xena (Binder Exclusive, also listed below)
R7    Alti (1125 total)
        [variations: black leather, leather with raised waving lines, or black suede]
R8    Borias (1175 total)
        [variations: blue/gray suede, greenish suede], or black leather]
R9    Angelic Callisto (1575 total)
        [variations: all white, white with pattern, or all gold with white corner]
R10   Eli (1575 total)
        [variations: all green or green with embroidering]
        [also multi-colored through Rittenhouse Rewards]
R11   Caesar (All red velvet, 1575 total)
        [variations: all red velvet or red with gold pattern]

Forever Gabrielle (1:480 Packs)

 G1   (Facing to her right, Hand-numbered 1-750)
 G2   (Facing to her left, Hand-numbered 1-750)

Case-Topper Costume Card (approx. 833 made)

GC1   Gabrielle

Costume Card
Sold separately after series was released. Additional information and scan are shown
at the Rittenhouse website.

GC2   Gabrielle

Card Album

 --   (Binder)
 R6   Xena (Exclusive Costume Card, 1500 made)
BP1   Xena (Exclusive Promo Card)

Cards Inc. Exclusive Set (numbered to 999)
Originally produced for Another Universe, but later distributed by Cards Inc.

AU1   Xena
AU2   Gabrielle
AU3   Amarice
AU4   Callisto
AU5   Livia
AU6   Cyane

Uncut Wet, Wicked & Wild Strip (Sold by manufacturer, limited to 50)

 --   (9-card panel, numbered and signed by Steve Charendoff)

Uncut God of War Strip (Sold by manufacturer, limited to 50)

 --   (9-card panel, numbered and signed by Steve Charendoff)

Progressive Proof Set (Sold by manufacturer, limited to 25)

 --   (black proof, 1 each of 72 cards)
 --   (yellow proof, 1 each of 72 cards)
 --   (magenta proof, 1 each of 72 cards)
 --   (cyan proof, 1 each of 72 cards)
 --   (completed card, 1 each of 72 cards)

Commemorative Relic (Costume) Cards (2400 made)
Sold separately to commemorate final episode. Additional information and scans are shown
at the Rittenhouse website.

 R2   Xena (leather)


 P1           Xena
 P1           Xena [scarce variant; different picture and text]
 P2           Gabrielle
Gummie 2001   (NSU special promo, for voting in Gummie Awards)
 --           November 2001 (Dealer Sell Sheet)

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