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Xena Art & Images
Rittenhouse Archives - 2004

Notes:  Dori Smith took on the thankless task of trying to catalog all of the different 
SketchaFEX cards, and I include her list at the bottom of the file. (Many thanks, Dori, 
and to Gail Main for updates!) Further information and scans are posted at the 
Rittenhouse website.

Box: 20 packs of 6 cards. 12 boxes per case.
Common sets: approx. 1.73 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title / Description


  1    (puzzle top right)
  2    (puzzle top middle)
  3    (puzzle top left)
  4    (puzzle center right)
  5    (puzzle center)
  6    (puzzle center left)
  7    (puzzle bottom right)
  8    (puzzle bottom middle)
  9    (puzzle bottom left)


 10    (puzzle top right)
 11    (puzzle top middle)
 12    (puzzle top left)
 13    (puzzle center right)
 14    (puzzle center)
 15    (puzzle center left)
 16    (puzzle bottom right)
 17    (puzzle bottom middle)
 18    (puzzle bottom left)

Forever Friends

 19    (puzzle top right)
 20    (puzzle center right)
 21    (puzzle bottom right)
 22    (puzzle top middle)
 23    (puzzle center)
 24    (puzzle bottom middle)
 25    (puzzle top left)
 26    (puzzle center left)
 27    (puzzle bottom left)

 28    Eve
 29    Varia
 30    Ephiny
 31    Amarice
 32    Athena
 33    Callisto
 34    Waltraute
 35    Najara
 36    Hera
 37    Joxer
 38    Hercules
 39    Borias
 40    Ares
 41    Caesar
 42    Autolycus
 43    Virgil
 44    Ioalus
 45    Draco

Battle On Xena

 46    (puzzle top right)
 47    (puzzle top middle)
 48    (puzzle top left)
 49    (puzzle center right)
 50    (puzzle center)
 51    (puzzle center left)
 52    (puzzle bottom right)
 53    (puzzle bottom middle)
 54    (puzzle bottom left)
 55    (puzzle top right)
 56    (puzzle top middle)
 57    (puzzle top left)
 58    (puzzle center right)
 59    (puzzle center)
 60    (puzzle center left)
 61    (puzzle bottom right)
 62    (puzzle bottom middle)
 63    (puzzle bottom left)


Portraits of a Warrior (art by Patricia Parker; 1:4 packs)

PP1    (Adventures in the Sin Trade)
PP2    (The Debt)
PP3    (The Debt)
PP4    (Destiny)
PP5    (A Friend in Need)
PP6    (A Friend In Need)
PP7    (Legacy)
PP8    (Ares)
PP9    (Doctor Janice Convington)
PP10   (Gabrielle)
PP11   (When Fates Collide)
PP12   (When Fates Collide)
PP13   (Together)
PP14   (Many Happy Returns)
PP15   (Cleopatra)
PP16   (The Tempter)
PP17   (Sacrifice)
PP18   (One Against An Army)

ArtiFEX Cards (art by Rebekah Lynn; 1:10 North American packs)

NA1    Xena
NA2    Gabrielle
NA3    Xena
NA4    Gabrielle
NA5    Xena
NA6    Xena & Argo
NA7    Gabrielle & Xena
NA8    Gabrielle & Xena & Argo
NA9    Callisto

ArtiFEX Cards (art by Douglas Shuler; 1:10 International packs)

IA1    Salmoneus
IA2    Ares
IA3    Athena
IA4    Joxer
IA5    Xena
IA6    Gabrielle
IA7    Hercules
IA8    Callisto
IA9    Iolaus

ArtiFEX Cards (art by Renee O'Connor; 1:20 packs)

 R1    Gabrielle
 R2    Alti
 R3    Aphrodite
 R4    Ares
 R5    Autolycus
 R6    Callisto
 R7    Eli
 R8    Joxer
 R9    Xena

Women of Xena (1:20 packs)

WX1    Lucy Lawless as Xena
WX2    Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle
WX3    Kathryn Morris as Najara
WX4    Victoria Pratt as Cyane
WX5    Paris Jefferson as Athena
WX6    Adrienne Wilkinson as Livia
WX7    Hudson Leick as Callisto
WX8    Jennifer Sky as Amarice
WX9    Danielle Cormack as Ephiny

Hand Drawn SketchaFEX Cards (1:20 packs)
  See below for current list of observed sketch designs.

 --    Cris Bolson (1150)
 --    Joe Corroney (700)
 --    John Czop (400)
 --    Patrick Hamill (500)
 --    Warren Martineck (900)
 --    Steven Miller (1000)
 --    Eduardo Pansica (1200)
 --    Patricia Parker (250)
 --    Sean Pence (500)
 --    Emir Ribeiro (400)
 --    Scott Rosema (1000)

Lucy Lawless as Xena Gallery Cards (1:30 packs)

GX1    (raised chakram)
GX2    (facing forward, sword over right shoulder)
GX3    (sword drawn)
GX4    (raised chakram)
GX5    (facing forward with concern)
GX6    (hands on hips)

Women & Warriors (1:90 packs; numbered to 500)

WW1    Xena & Ares
WW2    Xena & Hercules
WW3    Xena & Borias
WW4    Gabrielle & Iolaus
WW5    Gabrielle & Joxer

Case Topper Autograph Cards

XA1    Lucy Lawless as Xena (International Cases)
XA2    Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle (North American Cases)

Multi-Case Purchase Incentive Card

DA7    Ted Raimi/Renee O'Connor Dual Autograph

Card Album (sold separately)

 --    (binder)
 --    (15 nine-pocket pages)
A54    Alison Wall as Minya (exclusive autograph)
 P3    Xena & Gabrielle (exclusive promo card)

Archive Boxes (master set of all cards distributed in packs)

 --    (marked on outside)
 --    (not marked on outside)


Convention2004    (various conventions)
 P1    Xena (general distribution)
 P2    Gabrielle (Non-Sport Update)
 P3    Xena & Gabrielle (album exclusive, also listed above)
 --    Art & Images (dealer sell sheet)


In Dori Smith's list below, (v) and (h) indicate vertical and horizontal
orientation, respectively; (b&w) and (c) indicate black-and-white versus
color sketches.

Cris Bolson      (v) Ares with name above him (b&w)
                 (v) Ares with name beside him (b&w)
                 (v) Gabrielle with short hair to the right (b&w)
                 (v) Gabrielle (b&w)
                 (v) Joxer (b&w)
                 (v) Valkyrie Xena (b&w)
                 (v) Roman Xena (b&w)
                 (v) Smirking Xena (b&w)
                 (v) Xena looking to left (b&w)
                 (v) Xena & Callisto with swords (b&w)
                 (v) Demon Xena to the left (b&w)
                 (v) Demon Xena (b&w)

Joe Corroney     (v) Aphrodite (b&w)
                 (v) Ares (signed on left) (b&w)
                 (v) Ares (signed on right) (b&w)
                 (v) Argo profile right (b&w)
                 (v) Argo profile left (b&w)
                 (v) Gabrielle with hair pulled back (b&w)
                 (v) Gabrielle (b&w)
                 (v) Gabrielle in Roman battle helmet (b&w)
                 (v) Hercules (b&w)
                 (v) Joxer laughing (b&w)
                 (v) Xena profile looking down (c)
                 (v) Xena profile looking down (b&w)
                 (v) Xena with flames (b&w)
                 (v) Xena profile right (c)
                 (v) Xena profile right (b&w)
                 (v) Xena closeup with moon (b&w)
                 (v) Xena concerned (b&w)
                 (v) Demon Xena (c)
                 (v) Demon Xena (b&w)

John Czop        (v) Hercules & Xena (#1 of 2) (b&w)
                 (v) Hercules (b&w, striped background)
                 (v) Hercules (b&w, plain background)
                 (v) Ares & Xena (#2 of 2) (b&w)
                 (v) Athena (b&w, from neck up)
                 (v) Athena (b&w, at left of bust)
                 (v) Auto with sun (c)
                 (v) Auto (b&w)
                 (h) Gabrielle with sun (c)
                 (v) Gabrielle (b&w)
                 (v) Eve with sword (c)
                 (v) Eve with sword (b&w)
                 (v) Xena with old chakrum (c)
                 (v) Xena & Argo (b&w)
                 (v) Xena & Callisto
                 (v) Xena & Gabrielle (c)
                 (v) Xena with old chakrum (b&w)
                 (v) Xena & Gabrielle (b&w)
                 (v) Xena & Ares heads together (b&w)
                 (h) Xena in right corner (b&w)

Patrick Hamill   (v) Vampire Gabrielle (c)
                 (v) Deliverer to left (b&w)
                 (v) Deliverer to left (c)
                 (v) Horde leader colseup (b&w)
                 (v) Chakrum & pillar (c)
                 (v) Chakrum & pillar (b&w)
                 (v) Demon Xena (c)
                 (v) Demon Xena (b&w)
                 (v) Poseidon vs. Xena (c)

Warren Martineck (v) Autolycus (chic look) with black background (b&w)
                 (v) Autolycus (chic look) (b&w)
                 (h) Athena (b&w)
                 (h) Borias (yelling) (b&w)
                 (v) Charon to right (b&w)
                 (v) Demon Xena (#2 of 3) (b&w)
                 (v) Demon Callisto (#3 of 3) (b&w)
                 (v) Demon Gabrielle (#1 of3 ) (b&w)
                 (v) Athena (c)
                 (h) Athena with X in back (b&w)
                 (v) Auto (chic look) (c)
                 (h) Borias swinging sword (c)
                 (v) Borias swinging sword (b&w)
                 (h) Callisto shooting fire (c)
                 (v) Callisto & sword (b&w)
                 (v) Deliverer with arms streatched (b&w)
                 (h) Iolaus with sword over shoulder (b&w)
                 (v) Poseidon (c)
                 (h) Poseidon in waves (b&w)
                 (v) Xena attacking with sword (c)
                 (v) Finale Xena with katana (c)
                 (h) Finale Xena with katana (b&w)
                 (v) Callisto (b&w)
                 (v) Callisto (c)

Steven Miller    (v) New chakrum w/ black gloved hand (b&w)
                 (v) New chakrum with hand holding middle (b&w)
                 (v) Old chakrum with hand (red background) (c)
                 (v) Old chakrum with hand (white background) (c)
                 (v) Aphrodite looking over shoulder (b&w)
                 (v) Argo to right (b&w)
                 (v) Young Gabrielle (b&w)
                 (v) Xena profile on right (b&w)
                 (v) Xena thoughtful closeup (b&w)
                 (v) Xena thoughtful closeup includes shoulders (b&w)
                 (v) Centaur with short hair, mustache & beard (b&w)
                 (v) Centaur with long hair, bow & sheath (b&w)
                 (v) Centaur with shaved head & pony tail (b&w)
                 (v) Centaur with Ponytail (b&w)
                 (v) Centaur with ponytail, mustache & beard (b&w)
                 (v) Centaur with long hair & sheath (b&w)
                 (v) Centaur with long hair (b&w)

Eduardo Pansica  (v) Xena weapons & armor (b&w)
                 (v) Xena (sword crossed over chest, unsigned) (b&w)
                 (v) New chakrum with hand holding middle (b&w)
                 (v) Old chakrum with arm to elbow (b&w)
                 (v) 2 chakrums & armband (b&w)
                 (v) 2 Swords crossed with Xena & Argo in background (b&w)
                 (v) 1 sword with Xena & Argo in background (b&w)
                 (v) Callisto grinning (b&w)
                 (v) Xena with sword crossed over chest (b&w)
                 (v) Xena turning with sword (b&w)
                 (v) Frontal Xena with sword (b&w)

Patricia Parker  (h) Hercules (b&w)
                 (v) Hercules (b&w)
                 (v) Ares in black jacket (b&w)
                 (v) Ares (b&w)
                 (v) Gabrielle (b&w)
                 (h) Gabirelle (b&w)

Sean Pence       (h) Xena riding (b&w)
                 (h) Xena in left in front of chakrum on right (b&w)
                 (v) Finale Xena with chakrum & katana (b&w)

Emir Ribeiro     (v) Xena swinging sword (b&w)
                 (v) Xena surprised close up (b&w)
                 (v) Xena looking ahead (b&w)
                 (v) Xena falling (b&w)
                 (v) Xena looking to the left (b&w)

Scott Rosema     (h) Vampire Gabrielle in right cornor (b&w)
                 (v) Young Gabrielle (b&w)
                 (v) Hercules (b&w)
                 (v) Joxer Singing (b&w)
                 (v) Xena glancing over shoulder (b&w)
                 (v) Demon Xena (b&w)

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