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Xena: Beauty & Brawn
   Rittenhouse - 2002

Notes:  There was no #70 (you got #73 instead); note that there are two different A32 
autographs. Thanks to Steve Rawnsley and Kimberly McCartney for updates! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 6 reflective cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.98 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Card Text / Title                                    Character / Episode

  1   Xena was a ruthless warlord, feared for her mi       Xena
  2   Xena continued to face the consequences of her       Xena
  3   Vengeance and betrayal were the dominant theme       Xena
  4   Searching for Gabrielle, Xena journeyed to the       Xena
  5   Xena found herself in Hell, where she gave her       Xena
  6   Though Xena had already faced much heartbreak,       Xena
  7   Melinda Pappas might seem at first to be nothi       Melinda Pappas
  8   Annie was a present-day Xena fan who believed        Annie
  9   When Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, and Aphrodite tel       Fairy Princess
 10   Life in Poteidaia was excruciatingly dull for        Gabrielle
 11   When not waiting for Xena to rescue her, Gabri       Gabrielle
 12   All hell broke loose--literally--when Gabriell       Gabrielle
 13   Having somehow excaped death in the fiery pit,       Gabrielle
 14   Gabrielle and Xena were restored to life by El       Gabrielle
 15   Gabrielle seemed to have found her path at las       Gabrielle
 16   Tough, whip-toting archaeologist Janis Covingt       Dr. Janis Covington
 17   Mattie, a twentieth-century New Age practition       Mattie
 18   When a little princess runs away from home, Ga       Tyrella
 19   One of Xena's greatest enemies, Callisto was o       Callisto
 20   Callisto escaped from the prison where Xena ha       Callisto
 21   Callisto was the only human capable of helping       Callisto
 22   Callisto gained the power of the Gods by eatin       Callisto
 23   Callisto was trapped in oblivion after Xena st       Callisto
 24   After having been sent to Hell, Callisto becam       Callisto
 25   Alti was an evil shaman who was out to destroy       Alti
 26   When the pregnant Xena had visions of Alti rip       Alti
 27   Alti lived on into the present day, where she        Alti
 28   Ares made on secret of his strong feelings for       Ares
 29   Xena's repeated rejections infuriated Ares, wh       Ares
 30   Fearing the prophecy that Eve would cause thei       Ares
 31   A master thief and con artist, Autolycus refer       Autolycus
 32   Autolycus was up to his usual tricks when he s       Autolycus
 33   Autolycus often crossed paths with Xena and He       Autolycus
 34   Joxer was the black sheep of a family of warlo       Joxer
 35   Joxer's unrequited love for Gabrielle was neve       Joxer
 36   Even after Joxer married Meg, had children, an       Joxer
 37   Amarice was a young Amazon warrior of mysterio       Amarice
 38   Aphrodite, the goddess of love, could be shall       Aphrodite
 39   Argo, Xena's beloved horse, was more than just       Argo
 40   Athena, the Greek goddess of war, first appear       Athena
 41   Boadicea, a dynamic Celtic warrior queen, had        Boadicea
 42   Borias was a warlord whom Xena met during her        Borias
 43   Julius Caesar was one of Xena's first conquest       Caesar
 44   Cecrops, also known as the Lost Mariner, was c       Cecrops
 45   Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, was visiting Greece       Cleopatra
 46   With his bleached-blonde hair, scruffy beard,        Cupid
 47   Cyrene was Xena's mother. She initially disown       Cyrene
 48   Diana, Xena's "incredibly coincidental identic       Diana
 49   Draco was a warlord from Xena's past. He and X       Draco
 50   Eli was a gentle, mysterious healer whom Xena        Eli
 51   Ephiny was a member of the Greek Amazons, and        Ephiny
 52   Eve, Xena's child by Callisto, inherited the w       Eve
 53   Hera, wife of Zeus and Queen of the Olympian g       Hera
 54   Hercules, the son of Zeus, was Greece's greate       Hercules
 55   Hope was the child of Gabrielle and the evil g       Hope
 56   Iolaus, a skilled fighter and best friend of H       Iolaus
 57   Xena and Gabrielle met Jace, Joxer's lookalike       Jace
 58   The self-proclaimed King of Assassins, Jett wa       Jett
 59   K'ao Hsin was one of the twin daughters of Lao       K'ao Hsin
 60   Leah was a virgin priestess of Hestia, and ano       Leah
 61   Lila, Gabrielle's younger sister, lived with h       Lila
 62   A powerful woman warrior, Livia was proclaimed       Livia
 63   A self-described "tramp," Meg impersonated Xen       Meg
 64   Meleager "the Mighty" was an alcoholic has-bee       Meleager
 65   M'Lila was an Egyptian woman who was sold into       M'Lila
 66   Najara was a warrior on a crusade to "do good.       Najara
 67   A young warrior with a thirst for fame, Palaem       Palaemon
 68   Pompey ruled Rome as part of a triumvirate wit       Pompey
 69   Salmoneus was an early business entrepreneur i       Salmoneus
 71   Bonus Checklist / Triptych
 72   Bonus Checklist / Triptych
 73   Base Checklist / Triptych


Footsteps of a Warrior Cards (1:4 packs)

FW1   India                                                Between the Lines
FW2   China                                                Purity
FW3   Japan                                                A Friend in Need
FW4   Egypt                                                Anthony and Cleopatra
FW5   Macedonia                                            The Xena Scrolls
FW6   North America                                        Soul Possession
FW7   North Africa                                         Legacy
FW8   Rome                                                 The God You Know
FW9   Northlands                                           The Rheingold

Amazon Warriors Cards (1:10 packs)

AW1   Amazon Nation
AW2   Amarice
AW3   Cyane
AW4   Ephiny
AW5   Gabrielle
AW6   Melosa
AW7   Varia
AW8   Velasca
AW9   Xena

Kevin Smith Tribute Cel Cards (1:20 packs)

KS1   Kevin Smith as Ares                                  The Deliverer
KS2   Kevin Smith as Iphicles                              What's in a Name (Hercules)
KS3   Kevin Smith as Ares                                  When a Man Loves a Woman (Hercules)
KS4   Kevin Smith as Ares                                  Two Men and a Baby (Hercules)
KS5   Kevin Smith as Ares                                  Chakram
KS6   Kevin Smith as Ares: God of Love                     Stranger in a Strange World (Hercules)
KS7   Kevin Smith as Ares                                  Stranger in a Strange World (Hercules)
KS8   Kevin Smith as Ares                                  Seeds of Faith
KS9   Kevin Smith as Jerry Patrick Brown                   For Those of You Just Joining Us (Hercules)

Xena Scrolls (1:40 packs)

XS1   "Oh My!" - Melinda Pappas
XS2   "Run along now boys, I don't have time to play
XS3   "Now Dance." - Janis Covington
XS4   "The Scrolls! He was right. All those years of
XS5   "I've been expecting you. Welcome to the priso
XS6   "Think Again, Ares." - Melinda/Xena

Beauty & Brawn Cel Cards (1:480 packs, numbered to 999)

BB1   Draco: Brawn
BB2   Xena: Beauty

Autograph Cards (1:40 packs)

A22   Vicky Pratt as Cyane
A23   Melinda Clarke as Velasca
A24   Alison Bruce as Melosa
A25   Jeremy Callaghan as Pompey
A26   Josephine Davison as Cleopatra
A27   Darien Takle as Cyrene
A28   Kate Elliott as Yakut
A29   Erik Thomson as Hades
A30   Meg Foster as Hera (case-topper, also listed below)
A31   Tim Thomerson as The Mighty Meleager
A32   Marie Matiko as K'ao Hsin
A32   Marie Matiko as Pao S'su
A33   Brittney Powell as Brunnhilda (album, also below)
A34   Sheeri Rappaport as Otere

   Dual-Autograph Cards

DA1   Lucy Lawless as Xena / Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle
DA2   Hudson Leick as Callisto / Renee O'Connor as Hope

"From the Archives" Costume Cards (1:20 packs)

C1    Kevin Smith as Ares (1000)                           Ten Little Warlords
C2    Argo (985)                                           A Tale of Two Muses
C3    Bruce Campbell as Autolycus (740 total)              King Of Assasins
       -- green
       -- green with sequin
       -- purple
       -- multi-color
C4    Renee O'Connor as Tyrella (930 total)                If the Shoe Fits
       -- brown dress
       -- tan apron
C5    Hudson Leick as Callisto (1000)                      The Bitter Suite
C6    Lucy Lawless as Xena (1000)                          Who's Gurkham
C7    Lucy Lawless as Xena (1000)                          The Debt
C8    Lucy Lawless as Leah (1000)                          Warrior... Priestess... Tramp
C9    Lucy Lawless as Xena (1000)                          Chariots Of War
C10   Marion Csokas as Borias (850)                        Past Imperfect
C11   Erik Thomson as Hades (1000)                         Heart of Darkness
C12   Jennifer Sky as Amarice (1000 total)                 Endgame
       -- dark brown
       -- light brown with speckles
       -- green
C13   Alex Mendoza as Lucifer (1000 total)                 Heart of Darkness
       -- silver/black
       -- red

   Dual Costume Cards

DC1   Bruce Campbell as Autolycus (900)                    Vanishing Act
DC2   Victoria Pratt as Cyane (830)                        Adventures In The Sin Trade
DC3   Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle (300)                    Kindred Spirits
DC4   Lucy Lawless as Xena - Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle (1000 total)   Fallen Angel
       -- white and red
       -- white and silver/black
DC5   Jennifer Sky as Amarice (750 total)                  Them Bones Them Bones
       -- fur and brown suede
       -- fur and tan suede
DC6   Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle - Alexandra Tydings as Aphrodite (545)   Little Problems
DC7   Renee O'Connor as Gabrielle (780 total)              Animal Attraction
       -- brown suede and tan wool
       -- brown suede and cream wool
       -- brown suede with lace-up holes and cream wool
       -- brown suede with lace-up holes and tan wool
DC8   Lucy Lawless as Xena (1000, dual)                    Destiny

   Autographed Costume Cards

AC1   Claire Stansfield as Alti (500)                      Them Bones Them Bones
AC2   Hudson Leick as Callisto (500)                       The Bitter Suite
AC3   Meighan Desmond as Discord (500)                     Takes One To Know One

Case Topper

A30   Meg Foster as Hera (exclusive autograph)

Archive Boxes

--    (Master Set except binder items; marked on outside; 25 made)
--    (Master Set except binder items; marked on inside; 25 made)

Card Album (sold separately)

--    (Binder)
--    (12 nine-pocket pages)
A33   Brittney Powell as Brunnhilda (exclusive autograph)
P3    (Ares; exclusive promo)

Uncut Sheet (available separately)

--    (9-card Amazon Warriors AW1-AW9)


P1    Winter 2002 (Xena; general distribution)
P2    (Gabrielle; Non-Sport Update)
--    Winter 2002 (Dealer sell sheet, 8-1/2" x 11")

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